End Of Season Round Ups: The Touts Describe What Happened

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BaseballHQ did a five part series featuring Brent Hershey, Patrick Davitt, and Phil Hertz in the final weeks of their respective (Mixed Auc, AL, NL). Read them here. Part one | two | three | four | five.

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Doubt Wars 2019: We Have Winners

First off, no Tout Wars teams won Doubt Wars this year. (You’ll recall that Doubt Wars is the league in which players draft team using TW draft prices + $1 in the preseason, and then see how those teams measure up to real Tout War teams. You can see the stats here.

And here are the standings.


The winner is Ichiban, aka Gary Robinson.


The winner is Drunk Irishman, who goes by Brian Pursglove.


The winner is Dodgers35, with IRL moniker Robert Franklin.

Congratulations to all the winners, who should send webmaster@toutwars.com their snail mail addresses so they can get their prizes, which will include some mags and books and memberships from Rotoman, Pattonandco.com, Mastersball.com, Rotowire.com, BaseballHQ.com and BABSbaseball.com

Industry folks, if you’d like to provide some Doubt Wars prizes, please get in touch with webmaster@toutwars.com.

See you next year for another season of Doubt Wars!

We Have Tout Wars Winners 2019!

In Tout AL, Rob Leibowitz edged the team of Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton, last year’s winners, by one point.

In Tout NL, Phil Hertz opened up a decisive lead over Brian Walton in the last week.

In Tout Mixed Auction, Bret Sayre held off Scott Swanay for the title.

In Tout Mixed Draft, Ray Murphy passed Adam Ronis and Rudy Gamble, the league’s perennial winners, a few weeks ago and never looked back.

In Tout Draft and Hold’s first year, Mike Sheets rode to an easy victory. Or, if not easy, a comfortable one over the season’s last few weeks.

In Tout H2H, Ian Kahn rose from the playoff’s third seed to best Clay Link. (Edited because last year’s champ, Jake Ciely, fell to Kahn in the semi finals.)

All Tout Champions this year are first timers. Hail them for their fine seasons.

The Final Weekend with Baseball HQ

Here’s the fourth and final installment of Baseball HQ’s series documenting their chase for several Tout Wars titles.


Tout Wars Free Agency Bidding Recap – Sunday, September 22

This is the final weekly report of 2019, summarizing the top free agent bids in each of five Tout Wars leagues, with links to the detailed bidding action following our 8 p.m. ET deadline each Sunday evening. All prices are on a $1000 base.

Focus this week is on the league leaders, including at least one very interesting strategy taken.

After you scan the detail below, please join our live chat, starting at 9 p.m. ET Sunday evening, to discuss these results with Todd Zola of Mastersball and other Touts.

American League

Heading into the final period, Rob Leibowitz is on top, with Colton and the Wolfman and Patrick Davitt following, by 1.5 and 5 points, respectively.

Leibowitz is not sitting on his lead, using his final $40 to snare Cleveland slugger Jose Ramirez. The third baseman is scheduled to be activated on Tuesday, but is a risk coming back from hamate bone surgery in his hand.

Team CTW, out of cash, added Yankees utilityman Tyler Wade for $0, of course. Davitt had $22 remaining, but chose to stand pat.

Review all 9/22 AL bids here.

National League

Tristan H. Cockcroft’s $62 acquisition of Marlins’ reliever Kyle Keller was the top purchase, with the amount not coincidentally using up his entire FAAB balance, rather than reflecting the player’s current value..

The real NL news is from league leader Phil Hertz. Holding a three-point edge heading into the final week, his battleground is WHIP, where he is in the category lead, but with six others closely on his heels.

Hertz used the final bidding period to acquire seven pitchers who are out for the season for $0 each. He already has two other hurlers whose seasons are over. So his final week active roster will likely include a full complement of nine pitchers, none of whom will accrue stats, therefore protecting his current WHIP.

Review all 9/22 NL bids here.

Mixed Auction

In Mixed Auction, Bret Sayre holds a thin 1.5 point lead over Scott Swanay. Brent Hershey is 10 points off the pace.

The three contenders added a total of 10 free agents this week. The top acquisition by Sayre, who was out of cash, may be reborn Arizona outfielder Abraham Almonte ($0), back from the minors and with playing time available in the final week due to injuries.

Headlining Swanay’s additions is Cleveland’s Ramirez for $6 and Hershey nabbed returning Dodgers’ starter Rich Hill for $16. The veteran lefty is scheduled to throw just two innings on Tuesday, but if all goes well, could also take the ball in Game 162 against the Giants, ramping up his workload for the postseason.

The most expensive purchases by non-contenders were Colorado’s Garrett Hampson by Ray Flowers for $22 and red-hot Phillies’ starter Zach Eflin by Al Melchior for $15. The righty has allowed just three earned runs in his last 22 2/3 innings.

Review all 9/22 Mixed Auction bids here.

Mixed Draft

The two-way battle in Mixed Draft is between Ray Murphy and Adam Ronis, separated by 2.5 points.

Murphy split his remaining $68 of FAAB on two $34 winning bids, for Hampson and Padres starter Cal Quantrill. The latter has been struggling, with a 10.90 ERA over his most recent four starts.

Ronis had just $3 left to spend and used $2 on rookie hurler Jose Urquidy of Houston, plus for $0 picked up another rookie, Toronto left-hander Anthony Kay.

Review all 9/22 Mixed Draft bids here.

Head to Head

Clay Link and Ian Kahn are heading into week two of their finals. Between them, they acquired eight free agents this week.

Kahn was busiest, with six players added at $1 each, including a pair of catchers – St. Louis’ Yadier Molina and the Nationals’ Yan Gomes. The former plays every day and the latter has been doing so this month, as well, with Kurt Suzuki hobbled by an elbow injury.

At $0 each. Link scooped up Cardinals’ closer Carlos Martinez and hot starting pitcher Aaron Civale of Cleveland, who has a 1.53 ERA in his last three starts. Both of these players’ clubs have reasons to keep competing hard up to the end of the season.

Review all 9/22 Head to Head bids here.

Down to the Wire with Baseball HQ

Our friends at Baseball HQ are documenting their efforts to capture the title in several Tout Wars leagues. Each Monday and Friday, Patrick Davitt (AL), Phil Hertz (NL) and Brent Hershey (Mixed Auction) will share their thoughts on Baseball HQ. Here’s the link to the inaugural installment:

The Great BHQ #ToutChase19, pt. 1