Tout Wars Draft/Auction Linkfest!

This is the place we put links to the Touts writings about their teams and their leagues. (You can see the results in the Tout Wars Data section in the right nav.)

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The Tout Wars NL Auction Chatroom, May 17.

Justin Mason and his crew will be manning the chat.

You can see the draft room here.

Who’s playing in the NL this year?

Andy Behrens, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports
Brian Walton, CreativeSports2
Lenny Melnick, Lenny Melnick Fantasy Sports
Justin Mason, Friends w/ Fantasy Benefits, Fangraphs, Fantasy Alarm
Grey Albright, Razzball
Phil Hertz, BaseballHQ
Todd Zola, Mastersball
Craig Mish, SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio
Tristan Cockcroft, ESPN
Scott Wilderman, onRoto
Steve Gardner, USA Today Fantasy Sports
Derek Carty, RotoGrinders

Tout Wars Mixed Auction Chat Room 2019

Jason Collette is working the keys beginning at 3 p.m. EDT.

The draft room spreadsheet is here.

Jeff Zimmerman, Fangraphs and Fantrax
Scott Swanay, FantasyBaseballSherpa
Eric Karabell, ESPN
Michael Rathburn, Rotowire
Derek VanRiper, Rotowire
Scott Engel, Rotoballer
Brent Hershey, Baseball HQ
Zach Steinhorn, Baseball Prospectus
Tim Heaney, Rotowire
Bret Sayre, Baseball Prospectus
Ron Shandler, RonShandler.com
Scott Pianowski, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports
Al Melchior, FNTSY Radio
Ray Flowers, Fantasy Guru Elite
Gene McCaffrey, The Athletic/Wise Guy Baseball

Tout Wars AL Chat Room 2019

Join along with Justin Mason for a chat following this year’s auction. The chat should start at about 9am EDT.

The live spreadsheet is right here.

Howard Bender, Larry Schechter and Ron Shandler before the auction started.
Jeff Erickson and Chris Liss, with Justin Mason looking on.

This year’s AL members:

Patrick Davitt, Baseball HQ
Larry Schechter, Winning Fantasy Baseball
Jeff Erickson, Rotowire
Rob Leibowitz, Rotoheaven
Nando Di Fino, The Athletic
Doug Dennis, Baseball HQ
Chris Liss, Rotowire
Jason Collette, Rotowire
Colton Wolf, Fantasy Alarm
Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm
Mike Podhorzer, Fangraphs
Mike Gianella, Baseball Prospectus

Tout Head 2 Head Tonight!

The live action will be covered by a Todd Zola hosted chatroom on this page, starting at 6pm tonight (Friday, March 15) and the live spreadsheet.

SiriusXM live recorded but tape delayed coverage will be broadcast on Sunday night at 7pm.

Head 2 Head members:

Andrea LaMont, Lenny Melnick Fantasy Sports
Ryan Bloomfield, Baseball HQ
Alex Chamberlain, Rotographs
Dan Strafford, FNTSY Radio
Ralph Lifshitz, Razzball
Joe Pisapia, FNTSY Radio
Dr. Roto, Scout Fantasy
Jake Ciely, Rotoexperts (Reigning champ)
Clay Link, Rotowire
Paul Sporer, Fangraphs, ESPN
Ian Kahn, Rotowire

Tout Table: Spring Training

Welcome this week’s Tout Table. Today, we asked the Touts what they look for in spring training.

Peter Kreutzer (Ask Rotoman, Fantasy Baseball Guide, @kroyte): Spring training is all about playing time. We’ve made our assessments of talent, but do the managers agree? And were there players off the radar who emerge to cut into someone else’s PT and create their own? There always are. Those are the Spring Training stories to follow.

Tim McCullough (Baseball Prospectus, @TimTenz): I always used to be able to wait until the games began to look for a pitcher or two that nobody else was onto to emerge during the first couple of weeks. Now, I find that I need to do that during spring training because of the sheer volume of information available to all. So I spend my time viewing spring training games looking at pitchers – especially the #3-5 starters for teams that are competing for spots in the rotation. When I’m not “scouting” pitchers, I am trying to discern playing time – again, for players that are fighting for starting jobs. Since playing time is so hard to forecast, I try to figure out which players may end up with more playing time than the projection systems are forecasting.

Michael Rathburn (Rotowire, @FantasyRath): Depth charts, batting order in the lineup, starting rotations; who is being overdrafted/underdrafted based on this info? Also, like Doug A said, the inury news. If a player is currently hurt, what is their status come opening day? We have seen this really come into play over the last few years on players. Velocity on pitchers not named Greinke.

Brad Johnson (Patreon/BaseballATeam, @BaseballATeam): In a general sense, I look for the obvious things – changes in velocity, athleticism, team depth charts, and the like. Anything that can upend what we knew when preparing our rankings and projections. More specifically, I’m always curious to see how teams handle logjams. The Harper signing created one in Philadelphia where a decent player in Nick Williams is probably now a trade candidate. The Yankees have some serious depth to sort through at 1B/DH. The Rockies brought in their usual collection of scrubby vets to block decent prospects. Detroit has… just kidding, Detroit’s a joke.

Doug Anderson (Fantrax, @rotodaddy): Almost everything I’m really paying attention to is health-related. Whether it’s big velocity changes or news of shoulder stuffness, those mean something. I pay no attention to stats of any kind. It’s very hard to pull anything out of stats when the competition is so varied.

Jason Collette (Rotowire, @jasoncollette): New pitches, of course. Look at how a change in repertoire turned castaways such as Wade Miley and Marco Gonzales into rosterable pitchers!

Justin Mason (Friends with Fantasy Benefits, Fangraphs, Fantasy Alarm, @JustinMasonFWFB): I am mostly looking to see that players are healthy through the spring. I also look at playing time, batting order, pitcher’s velocity and walk rates. I mostly don’t want to be too influenced by big or bad performances because it is such a small sample and the level of competition are not consistent.

Anthony Perri (Fantistics, @Anthony_Perri): Youngsters, Youngsters, Youngsters. How are the prospects doing against MLB pitching. Are they facing the top teir pitchers or coming in at the end of games, an indications that they may still be a year or two away. Stolen base attempts, are there established players looking to increase their attempts this season. Players returning from injury.

Rick Wolf (Fantasy Alarm, @RickWolf1): Every time I take the microphone with a guest or expert or GM, I ask about the Rockies and what is going to happen at 2B. Love Brendan Rodgers and have heard that he is comingsooner rather than later, but they have four guys there now that Daniel Murphy moves Ryan McMahon off of 1B. Garrett Hampson seems the favorite to start the season, but for how long?? If it is all season, he could steal 30+ bags and is worth a ton. If it is short lived as Rodgers is ready, then I want to own a piece of Brendan for this year.

Anthony Aniano (Rotoballer, @AAnianoFantasy): Every spring I look for two primary items, playing time and health. Players like Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve, Yu Darvish coming off surgery…do they look healthy and if so the production will follow. Looking for playing time could help sort some positional battles. The Mets CF situation, the Yankees IF as a whole and other all need to develop some type of clarity. Spring traing can help develop that clarity.

Ariel Cohen (CBS Sports, @ATCNY): For pitchers, I look at their velocity (except for Zack Greinke). I also look at their strikeouts vs. walks plus any new pitches they are throwing. For hitters, two things – I look at stolen base attempts and learn of any launch angle changes. Overall though, I look for health status in players who were out last year or who had offseason issues/surgery.

Michael Beller (Sports Illustrated, @MBeller): In spring training, I’m paying close attention to the health of players who were injured last year, and additions to a pitcher’s repertoire or tweak in delivery. Kris Bryant’s shoulder, Carlos Correa’s back, Corey Seager’s elbow, and on and on. That’s where I’m going to spend most of my energy. Pitchers also tell us who they want to be if they start working on something new in the spring, so we have to pay attention to that. A lot of the rest of what happens in the spring is just noise, and all of it is based on a small sample. A player’s health or a new pitch, though? That’s something from which we can draw some meaningful conclusions with just a few weeks of action.

Patrick Davitt (BaseballHQ, @patrickdavitt): In the early going, I’m interested in the health and injury stories—are players with health questions getting the reps expected for where we are in the camp process? Later on, I’ll be watching the lineups to see how various job competitions seem to be shaping up, as well as continuing to monitor for health, especially in game situations. Is the 2018 injury question SP throwing his breaking pitches as often and as well? How are velocities? And as we get quite near Opening Day, I’m interested in batting orders and platoons. Mind you, my last draft is March 16th, so I watch the last two weeks of camp mostly in my capacity as an analyst and writer, although I’m also interested in firming up my Week One FAAB plans.

Seth Trachtman (Rotoworld, @sethroto): I mainly track velocity changes and skill improvement. Specifically, I look for drastic command improvement from pitchers and plate discipline improvement from hitters. I owe my 2016 AL-only title to spring training after tracking Aaron Sanchez’s command improvements and buying him, as a result.

Nando Di Fino (The Athletic, @nandodifino): I’m bascially sitting around hoping that the players I’m super-high on are good enough to keep their jobs, but quiet enough for their perceived draft and auction values to not move. Outside of that, I try not to pay attention to anything else. I think teams are getting smarter and not showing their hand as much in spring training. Pitchers work on weird pitches, batters try new stuff and just look for reps. But I will say this… the “NOTES” or “NOTEBOOK” section of bigger columns from beat writers tend to be hugely important during spring training. Little injury tweaks, manager quotes, weird new positions they’re trying out on back fields. I know it’s not the exact anwer, but study the crap out of those little throwaway sections at the bottom of columns.

Howard Bender (Fantasy Alarm, @RotobuzzGuy): I want to know who’s in the best shape of their lives! That’s always the clincher! More seriously, it’s all about depth charts, position battles in the field and projected batting orders for hitters. You have to know who’s going to see the at-bats. For pitchers, I’m looking a lot at guys who have either added a new pitch or are improving on their secondary stuff.

Michael Stein (Fantasy Judgment, @FantasyJudgment): I am mostly focused on the health of players and trends of playing time for more marginal players. I try not to overreact to injuries during spring training, but when pitchers are shut down heading into March then I am greatly concerned about their availability for Opening Day. Generally we know how most rosters will be comprised so there are a handful of position battles throughout spring training. This usually means a 4th or 5th spot in the starting rotation, back end of a bullpen, and some regular positions. I typically wait to draft catchers until late in drafts so I look to see trends on teams with an open competition behind the plate and then take a flier on one or two of them after most others have been drafted.

Ryan Bloomfield (BaseballHQ, @RyanBHQ): Position battles, by far. Playing time is the hardest thing for us to project, and this is our first shot at getting clues on how things will shake out. There is some BaseballHQ research pointing to the predictive ability of spring training SB attempts, so I’m tracking that as well in today’s speed-starved game. I couldn’t care less about production from pitchers and established hitters.

Phil Hertz (BaseballHQ, @prhz50): I look at pitchers mainly, trying to see who’s throwing strikes, getting knocked around. Also pay attention to job battles and who’s playing more.

Bret Sayre (Baseball Prospectus, @BretSayreBP): Literally nothing other than health reports and a few key positional battles, and even those things can be dicey in terms of affecting your valuations. The less I pay attention to everything else that happens in the spring, the better off I am in the auctions and drafts to come, as it’s a time of great noise and very little signal.

Jeff Boggis (Fantasy Football Empire, @JeffBoggis): What I’m looking for in Spring Training are position battles and playing time opportunity. It appears that Kansas City Catcher, Salvador Perez, will miss the entire 2019 season with damaging the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. This may now force the Royals to test the free agency market for a new catcher. Regarding starting rotation battles, it appears that Atlanta has wrapped up their 5th starting pitcher with Touki Toussaint over Mike Soroka. Soroka is experiencing soreness in his surgically-repaired right shoulder.

Ralph Lifshitz (Razzball, @ProspectJesus): While it’s always nice to scroll through stats of any kind, there’s very little to take away from Spring Training numbers. It’s been said many times, but it comes down to two things, playing time/position battles and health. This is the time of year when an injury can sidetrack the best laid plans. It’s important to know who has nagging injuries versus bumps and bruises. Buying opportunities can be had when there’s an injury overreaction as well.

Mike Podhorzer (Fangraphs, @MikePodhorzer): Playing time battles, of course, as you can’t accrue fantasy value if you’re on the bench or in the minors. Batting orders, swing changes that show up in batted ball stats, and pitcher velocities all affect my projection.

Ray Flowers (Fantasy Guru Elite, @BaseballGuys): Players to stay healthy. Beyound that, I’m keeping a close eye on some position battles, including seemingly half the bullpens in baseball. I don’t know if we’re giong to get any clarity on the majority of those decisions, but I’m going to keep watching, keep the old ear to the grindstone, and hope that we can somehow descern how so many of these orgranizations are going to work the 9th inning.

Scott Swanay (FantasyBaseballSherpa, @fantasy_sherpa): I’m looking to see if any players have a dramatic spike in their walk rate during Spring Trainer – it may be nothing, or it may be a harbinger of improved plate discipline, which would make me more interested in them come draft/auction time, especially in an OBP league such as Tout. And of course particularly this year, late free agent signings that may affect playing time projections (see Williams, Nick).

Ryan Hallam (Fighting Chance Fantasy, @FightingChance): I like to watch the young kids, especially the ones who we know will have a fantasy impact to see how they do early. Vlad Guerrero, Eloy Jimenez, but also guys like Tyler O’Neill to seee if he can swat his way into playing time in the Majors. On the pitching side I definitely don’t put much stock into pitchers performance early in Spring as they are likely working on pitches or just getting work in. Maybe starting around March 20 or so results start to become more important.

D.J. Short (Rotoworld, @djshort): I pay attention to player health first and foremost. As others have said, a lot of the other things we see in spring training can just function as noise. I try to block a lot of it out, or at least not let it cloud my judgment. We’re talking about four or five weeks of games, often against minor leaguers and players who won’t make an Opening Day roster. I do believe it’s possible to overreact to health situations in spring training, but in most cases I’d rather invest in the healthy player than one who has a nagging issue or a pitcher who is lagging behind in terms of velocity.

Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus, @MikeGianella): Outside of injury news, I don’t look closely at Sptring Training until the last week or two. I’m watching for players who were hurt or returning from off-season surgery to see if they’re progressing. I like to see if hitters who have been working on a new stance or approach are still sticking to it by the last week of Spring Training and the same is true for pitchers with new pitches or increased velocity.

Mike Florio (NFL Network, @MichaelFFlorio): You do yourself a disservice if you buy into Spring results. In fact, you shouldn’t want your draft targets to have big springs becuase then their ADP will climb. Instead, what you should be looking for is changes/improvements. If you hear of a pitcher throwing a new pitch, or throwing harder, that is something to buy into. If a batter is lifting the ball there, that is something to look for. The one time you should look into results is when it comes down to playing time/positional battles.

Jeff Zimmerman (Fangraphs, The Process, @jeffwzimmerman): Most of Spring Training data is pure white noise. I do track a few items. Pitcher velocities as most start throwing hard and build up their arms to throw hard longer. Which regulars are playing on the minor league fields. These players are likely hurt and the team may put them on the DL to start the season. The lineups over the last week since teams will be setting spots for the regular season.

Tout Wars Mixed Draft 2019 Tonight!

Starts at 8pm ET.

Check out the live draft board here.

Follow along on SiriusXM, with Colton and the Wolfman, Kyle Elfrink and Ray Flowers.

The live chat is live! Drafting commences at 8pm sharp!


[Mar 5, 6:44 PM] admin: Hey all. The chat is live. Todd Zola will be more moderator than I will because I (Rotoman) am drafting.
[Mar 5, 6:45 PM] Tim McLeod: evening Peter
[Mar 5, 6:46 PM] ToddZ: Good evening, or afternoon, check local listings
[Mar 5, 6:46 PM] Tim McLeod: Good fortunes this evening! I'll be hanging out here off and on all evening
[Mar 5, 6:47 PM] Tim McLeod: What do you think, Todd. Aaron Judge or Bryce Harper there for me at #14?
[Mar 5, 6:47 PM] admin: Definitely the gloaming here.
[Mar 5, 6:49 PM] Tim McLeod: You're forcing me to use that google thingie already, Peter?
[Mar 5, 6:49 PM] admin: My question: Why is Rudy Gamble "Ross?"
[Mar 5, 6:49 PM] Tim McLeod: I had same question
[Mar 5, 6:49 PM] ToddZ: Neither should be in OBP, we'll see
[Mar 5, 6:49 PM] admin: With the first pick for his second consecutive title.
[Mar 5, 6:51 PM] ToddZ: I'll do my best to say who's up since the board isn't showing names
[Mar 5, 6:51 PM] Tim McLeod: Thanks
[Mar 5, 6:51 PM] admin: The board is showing names now.
[Mar 5, 6:52 PM] ToddZ: I'm coming at everyone from the little room with workspace at the Pjoenix rental car return. Good times.
[Mar 5, 6:52 PM] Tim McLeod: Excellent. Will make it much easier for public to follow
[Mar 5, 6:52 PM] ToddZ: well, alighty then
[Mar 5, 6:52 PM] Tim McLeod: Still in Phoenix?
[Mar 5, 6:52 PM] ToddZ: red eye tonight
[Mar 5, 6:52 PM] Tim McLeod: nice escape for you
[Mar 5, 6:52 PM] admin: How was the game today? Any insights?
[Mar 5, 6:53 PM] ToddZ: Luzardo looked very good
[Mar 5, 6:53 PM] Guest4112: Good evening folks
[Mar 5, 6:53 PM] Tim McLeod: evening
[Mar 5, 6:53 PM] admin: Jesus.
[Mar 5, 6:54 PM] Tim McLeod: Sano isn't looking so great
[Mar 5, 6:54 PM] celslager: Evening everyone
[Mar 5, 6:54 PM] admin: Evening.
[Mar 5, 6:58 PM] admin: Two minute warning.
[Mar 5, 6:58 PM] Tim McLeod: Still missing one Tim
[Mar 5, 6:59 PM] ToddZ: the gang is all here
[Mar 5, 6:59 PM] Tim McLeod: annnnd we're off
[Mar 5, 7:00 PM] admin: Rudy is taking his time with No. 1.
[Mar 5, 7:01 PM] admin: Hmm. Autopicked Trout. Wonder if he wants that back.
[Mar 5, 7:01 PM] ToddZ: they're definitely accounting for OBP
[Mar 5, 7:02 PM] ToddZ: happy to answer questions
[Mar 5, 7:03 PM] ToddZ: acuna slid a bit
[Mar 5, 7:05 PM] ToddZ: not as pitching heavy as NFBC
[Mar 5, 7:05 PM] Tim McLeod: That should change in next 30 picks I'd think
[Mar 5, 7:09 PM] ToddZ: Michael Waldo is proxy for Anthony Perri
[Mar 5, 7:09 PM] Rick Bonitzer: sale. 22 overall? wow. considering grabbing him at 11 overall. yikes
[Mar 5, 7:09 PM] Tim McLeod: was wondering
[Mar 5, 7:09 PM] Albert Richards: Love Team with the double tap on Scherzer and Sale…
[Mar 5, 7:10 PM] ToddZ: That's typical Fantistics style
[Mar 5, 7:10 PM] celslagerFL: Was wondering how far Lindor would fall
[Mar 5, 7:10 PM] Rick Bonitzer: yeah that's ridiculous!
[Mar 5, 7:11 PM] Albert Richards: This draft is flying.. love it hate slow drafts
[Mar 5, 7:11 PM] ToddZ: Maybe a little due to OBP w/Lindor
[Mar 5, 7:11 PM] Tim McLeod: and will he run this year?
[Mar 5, 7:11 PM] ToddZ: a few others are pushed up a tad
[Mar 5, 7:11 PM] ToddZ: Yes, once he's healthy
[Mar 5, 7:12 PM] Albert Richards: Rhys Hoskins continues to get overdrafted…
[Mar 5, 7:12 PM] ToddZ: well,who knows, but I don't see why not
[Mar 5, 7:12 PM] Rick Bonitzer: Hoskins with 1B eligibility and Harper is desirable…
[Mar 5, 7:13 PM] ToddZ: Hoskins sneaky OPB play
[Mar 5, 7:13 PM] Tim McLeod: There goes the SP, as expected
[Mar 5, 7:13 PM] Albert Richards: Judge got pushed up too high lots of upside but too much risk for #6 overall
[Mar 5, 7:13 PM] ToddZ: What risk?
[Mar 5, 7:14 PM] Albert Richards: Injury mostly…
[Mar 5, 7:14 PM] ToddZ: fluke last season
[Mar 5, 7:14 PM] ToddZ: obp monster
[Mar 5, 7:15 PM] ToddZ: his size could lead to more hbp, but I'm not willing to penalize him unless it becomes more frequent
[Mar 5, 7:15 PM] Albert Richards: Yeah thats a good point.. I guess its really just been one season with injuries
[Mar 5, 7:17 PM] ToddZ: three teams with no SP, let the game of chicken begin
[Mar 5, 7:17 PM] Albert Richards: The pitching dries up so fast we're already at the point where its getting thin
[Mar 5, 7:17 PM] Rick Bonitzer: mondesi and bogaerts before merrifield…
[Mar 5, 7:17 PM] Tim McLeod: agreed
[Mar 5, 7:17 PM] Tim McLeod: Merrifield went 2nd rd
[Mar 5, 7:17 PM] Rick Bonitzer: yikes. redact!
[Mar 5, 7:17 PM] Rick Bonitzer: haha
[Mar 5, 7:18 PM] ToddZ: this is where I've been saying don't force a SP, pound hitting and figure pitching out, especially in a trading league
[Mar 5, 7:18 PM] Albert Richards: I do like Corbin alot this year.. definitely over Severino
[Mar 5, 7:19 PM] ToddZ: I don't want to name drop so I'll wait to see if I see someone forced
[Mar 5, 7:19 PM] ToddZ: Clevinger is bordeline
[Mar 5, 7:20 PM] Guest9558: First time i've seen Robles go before Vlad
[Mar 5, 7:21 PM] ToddZ: that's aggressive, especially if Robles hits down in the order
[Mar 5, 7:21 PM] Albert Richards: Love Realmuto I think he is looking at .285 and 25+ HR's this year….
[Mar 5, 7:21 PM] ToddZ: same with Albies
[Mar 5, 7:21 PM] Tim McLeod: I believe more in Robles than Vlad this year
[Mar 5, 7:22 PM] ToddZ: just PK without a SP
[Mar 5, 7:22 PM] celslagerFL: Think there's a chance Vlad is down in the minors longer than the two weeks
[Mar 5, 7:22 PM] Albert Richards: Sounds like Springer may be running more this year could be good value…
[Mar 5, 7:22 PM] Tim McLeod: always possible on Vlad
[Mar 5, 7:23 PM] ToddZ: it two weeks or two months, unless they really do want him to lose some lbs
[Mar 5, 7:24 PM] admin: I might have taken Severino, except the only reason he dropped to me was the MRI.
[Mar 5, 7:24 PM] Tim McLeod: Yeah, too much risk happening there for me
[Mar 5, 7:25 PM] Tim McLeod: How far does Kershaw fall?
[Mar 5, 7:25 PM] Albert Richards: Severino is off my board… not picking a pitcher that is already having injury issues starting the year
[Mar 5, 7:25 PM] ToddZ: Much less of the 2SP early, favoring those that wait
[Mar 5, 7:26 PM] Guest9558: Vlad's max pick in the TGFBI leagues was 52
[Mar 5, 7:27 PM] ToddZ: Ray, doubling down on risk. Not a bad plan, steer into that skid
[Mar 5, 7:27 PM] Albert Richards: Team 8 starts with Kershaw and Strasberg as top 2 starters… asking for trouble
[Mar 5, 7:27 PM] ToddZ: never mind, backed it out
[Mar 5, 7:32 PM] Tim McLeod: Surprised Taillon made it back to me. Happiness is
[Mar 5, 7:33 PM] ToddZ: That's fair for Tailon. He's often pushed into the 4th
[Mar 5, 7:34 PM] Tim McLeod: most i've done early to mid 4th
[Mar 5, 7:35 PM] Guest9558: E5 & Moose really pushed up
[Mar 5, 7:35 PM] Rick Bonitzer: Moose gonna get 2b eligibility?
[Mar 5, 7:36 PM] Tim McLeod: looks like it
[Mar 5, 7:36 PM] celslagerFL: Id assume so
[Mar 5, 7:36 PM] ToddZ: actually, to where they belong. They're not sexy enough for the NFBC and some of these guys go by their rank and not ADP (as they should)
[Mar 5, 7:37 PM] ToddZ: Great pace, I'll make my flight 🙂
[Mar 5, 7:38 PM] Guest9558: I keep forgetting that 2nd base possibility for Moose. Gotta remember that for my own drafts
[Mar 5, 7:38 PM] Tim McLeod: This group doesn't waste no time
[Mar 5, 7:39 PM] ToddZ: To be honest, 3B weaker than second, but still nice to have flexibility
[Mar 5, 7:39 PM] ToddZ: though maybe not in OBP
[Mar 5, 7:40 PM] ScottGilroy: Why no team names on the top?
[Mar 5, 7:40 PM] ToddZ: refresh, they're there
[Mar 5, 7:40 PM] Sporer: Was wondering the same, Scott
[Mar 5, 7:41 PM] ToddZ: https://draft.shgn.com/nfc/plain/dp/473/grid
[Mar 5, 7:41 PM] ToddZ: maybe they changed the link when they added names
[Mar 5, 7:41 PM] ScottGilroy: Reloaded but still not there
[Mar 5, 7:41 PM] Sporer: can't use the plain link
[Mar 5, 7:42 PM] Sporer: and still no names on public unforunately
[Mar 5, 7:42 PM] ToddZ: maybe only visible to those in room -- I think someone in the roon told me they're there and didn't realize public is not there
[Mar 5, 7:44 PM] ToddZ: The NFBC drafts with public links prefer not to have some participants be known, fearing sniping in other drafts
[Mar 5, 7:44 PM] ScottGilroy: Sevt still goes in thr 3rd
[Mar 5, 7:44 PM] Tim McLeod: Hey, Scott. How you doing
[Mar 5, 7:44 PM] ScottGilroy: Hello Tim
[Mar 5, 7:44 PM] ToddZ: I think someone in the room was unaware the pbulic isn't viewable and reported "I can see them"
[Mar 5, 7:45 PM] ScottGilroy: Nice draft so far Tim.got your speed,a power guy and 2 acrs
[Mar 5, 7:46 PM] ScottGilroy: I love Conforto this year
[Mar 5, 7:48 PM] ScottGilroy: How much do we see Severino drop in drafts?
[Mar 5, 7:51 PM] Tim McLeod: Thanks, Scott. So far so good
[Mar 5, 7:52 PM] Tim McLeod: Love Conforto also
[Mar 5, 7:59 PM] ToddZ: winker could crush obp leagues
[Mar 5, 7:59 PM] Tim McLeod: was hoping he might slide
[Mar 5, 8:04 PM] ToddZ: either I disconnected or its quiet in here
[Mar 5, 8:04 PM] ToddZ: or maybe both
[Mar 5, 8:06 PM] ToddZ: don't be shy
[Mar 5, 8:08 PM] ToddZ: anyone listening on SXM? I don't want to push the limit of the fee wifi
[Mar 5, 8:08 PM] Rick Bonitzer: yeah. it's good coverage
[Mar 5, 8:09 PM] celslagerFL: Yeah its going well
[Mar 5, 8:09 PM] ToddZ: or better yet, anyone listen to NL LABR and catch my "Peter Brady" act, hitting puberty while being auctioneer? It was quite funny, and embarrassing. Voice kept cracking.
[Mar 5, 8:10 PM] celslagerFL: LABR are next to listen when I have 5 free hours
[Mar 5, 8:15 PM] Guest9558: Wow, with Mondesi, Robles, Peraza & Hampson RUNTMC is in full effect
[Mar 5, 8:16 PM] ToddZ: Hopefully Tim realizes Zinkie isn't in this league
[Mar 5, 8:20 PM] ToddZ: mid round pitching targets likely being sniped left and right here
[Mar 5, 8:21 PM] Tim McLeod: LOL
[Mar 5, 8:21 PM] Tim McLeod: I have $590 in FAAB due to my stellar finish last year. I have to buy and gamble on some callups
[Mar 5, 8:21 PM] Tim McLeod: can't buy em
[Mar 5, 8:30 PM] ToddZ: 3 hr pace, pretty swift
[Mar 5, 8:30 PM] admin: Good point.
[Mar 5, 8:35 PM] ToddZ: Ray stacking Astros. Good ploy.
[Mar 5, 8:36 PM] Tim McLeod: Just flying tonight
[Mar 5, 8:36 PM] ToddZ: I should start predicting Greg's pcks (pssst, I can see his Q)
[Mar 5, 8:38 PM] ToddZ: taking a red eys is not optimal for trying to sleep off a head cold
[Mar 5, 8:41 PM] admin: Hanging out in a car rental lounge doesn't help either, probably.
[Mar 5, 8:43 PM] ToddZ: I'm actually pretty secluded. There's a small room in the Hertz section with a couple table/workspaces. I made sure it wasnt hertz only and then parked myself at the desk like thing
[Mar 5, 8:43 PM] ToddZ: free wifi
[Mar 5, 8:43 PM] ToddZ: and overpriced water
[Mar 5, 8:45 PM] admin: Can water be too expensive in Phoenix?
[Mar 5, 8:48 PM] ToddZ: I was just surprised they're charging airport prices here. I planned on getting some when I filled car with gas but the traffic lights were out at 44th and Van Buren -- and that Shell's pumps weren't working, so I scrambled to find a station and it slipped my mind. The intersection looked like something out of the 20s with nicer cars.
[Mar 5, 8:48 PM] admin: Blackout?
[Mar 5, 8:49 PM] admin: I've had Andrelton Simmons on top of my queue for the last hour. Thanks Scott White.
[Mar 5, 8:49 PM] admin: I'm up on SiriusXM to explain my team in 10 minutes.
[Mar 5, 8:51 PM] ToddZ: must have been, at least for a few blocks. There was a cop at the next intersection, couldn't believe there wasn't one before. i was convinced I'd be calling you saying I got in a wreck
[Mar 5, 8:55 PM] ToddZ: We'll have this room open for the March 15-17 weekend auctions. The rosters will be on viewable Google Docs with the Tout's name up top
[Mar 5, 8:55 PM] ToddZ: H2H Friday evening
[Mar 5, 8:55 PM] ToddZ: AL Sat 9 am et
[Mar 5, 8:56 PM] ToddZ: Mixed Sat 3 PM ET
[Mar 5, 8:56 PM] ToddZ: NL Sun 10 AM ET
[Mar 5, 8:59 PM] ToddZ: we'll also use the room for Tout Daily so we can gather here and cuss each other out
[Mar 5, 9:00 PM] Tim McLeod: busy weekend. Gonna miss running into you guys this year
[Mar 5, 9:02 PM] ToddZ: looking forward to having it spread out again
[Mar 5, 9:02 PM] ToddZ: hoping weather cooperates
[Mar 5, 9:06 PM] ToddZ: we'll also be hosting Tout chats here in season
[Mar 5, 9:30 PM] admin: Who has the best team Todd?
[Mar 5, 9:31 PM] ToddZ: no idea -- haven't been tracking that closely
[Mar 5, 9:32 PM] Tim McLeod: You need some SB, Peter?
[Mar 5, 9:33 PM] admin: I'm selling steals!
[Mar 5, 9:36 PM] ToddZ: quick glance I like Ray's squad
[Mar 5, 9:36 PM] ToddZ: but obviously who knows
[Mar 5, 9:39 PM] ToddZ: how long is the broadcast, ending 11 or 12 et?
[Mar 5, 9:41 PM] Tim McLeod: Cross Peter Kreutzer off the list
[Mar 5, 9:41 PM] Tim McLeod: No trades for us this year
[Mar 5, 9:42 PM] Tim McLeod: Thanks, Todd. Great job!
[Mar 5, 9:42 PM] Tim McLeod: Have a good flight
[Mar 5, 9:43 PM] ToddZ: thanks
[Mar 5, 9:43 PM] celslagerFL: Good drafting
[Mar 5, 9:45 PM] admin: Could be a dogfight Tim.
[Mar 5, 9:52 PM] admin: Thanks Todd! Have a good trip home.