We’re Getting Ready to Rumble!

Draft dates have been set (March 26 and 28 at Citifield in Flushing NY), the slates are almost filled, Spring Training is almost here.

Check back soon for all the Tout Wars details.

3 thoughts on “We’re Getting Ready to Rumble!”

  1. One trade off of being inside the NFBC space is that we can’t have unlimited visitors this year. We’re sorry about that, though part of our decision was based on the fact that the crowds for the drafts have been small. We’re trying to arrange some guest passes to the draft (though I may be speaking out of turn, it may not be possible). If you’re interested in attending, please write to webmaster@toutwars.com, using Tout Wars Guest as the subject, and let us know which draft you would like to attend.


  2. CitiField??? Will the general public be allowed to attend as in the past? Will there be audience seating for us? I’ve attended the past several years and found the TW drafts highly informational and instructive, and hope we’ll be able to attend again this year.

  3. Now that ESPN.com has FAAB, we’ve created our own ESPN AL-only league modeled after the Tout Wars competition. Our draft day is also the 28th. We look forward to comparing results with the experts.

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