Tout Mixed Round by Round

2011 Tout Wars NL Round by RoundFantasy sports are engines of information. There are inputs, what the players do, and there are outputs, how us players anticipate what is going to happen. The player who best understands the information flow wins. That’s all there is to it.

But as we all know, separating real information from the static is a challenge. Not least so because our data are pretty limited. For a game based on stats and numbers, most of the records of what actually happened from year to year have gone the way of digital dust. They’re not out there any more. And this is exactly the sort of stuff that might help us understand better the way the games we play work.

Toz, of, was in the room for last Saturday’s Tout Mixed auction, and offers up a round by round record of all that went down. This is raw data, we don’t know what can be made of it, except that we need more.

Toz also did the .

If you have someone collecting similar data in your auction, please pass it along.