Tout Wars Auction Weekend: The Results Are In!

The spreadsheet is here, with all four league’s results. (Look for the tabs on the bottom or top of the page.

Comments on the auctions by the participants:

NL: Rotoman * Liss * Gardner * Melnick * Liss on YouTube (with Erickson) * Zola * Carty * Gianella

AL: Collette * Erickson * Siano * Berry * Erickson on YouTube (with Liss) * Behrens * Leibowitz * Michaels * Shandler

Mixed: Sherpa * Cory Schwartz’s Tout Ahem Projected Standings * Mack * Schwartz * Zinkie * Flowers * Gonos * Steinhorn * Minnix * Heaney
* Davitt
By others:

AL: Faketeams

NL: Rotoworld * faketeams

Both: Faketeams Shadowdrafts AL and NL Tout

Mixed: Ryan Carey Shadowdrafts *

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