Doubt Wars NL: The Final Standings!

OY! The original post screwed up the Tout Wars draft data. The chart below is corrected and represents the official final standings.

Tristan Cockcroft, for the second year in a row, wins the race among Touts in Doubt Wars, but didn’t finish with the best draft day roster when only Tout Wars teams are considered.

The 3repeaters and Rotorooters finished well ahead of the rest of the civilian pack.

Here are the final results (actual Tout Wars teams have a gray background):

Screenshot 2014-10-01 10.52.02

Here’s a look at the 3peaters roster (click to enlarge):

Screenshot 2014-09-30 22.36.27


Screenshot 2014-09-30 22.36.42

Notably, Derek Carty’s Tout Wars team finished better than his Doubt Wars team, while Rotoman’s Doubt Wars team finished better than his Tout Wars team (no doubt because he didn’t take Edwin Jackson in Doubt).

The rest of the Doubt Wars results, plus complete standings details, will come soon.