Tout Wars AL Chatroom and Draft Board

You can follow the auction here. Listen to commentary on SiriusXM Channel 619. Reserve rounds will be on this Google Sheet. Look for the AL tab.

The auction is over but you can read the chat transcript

[Mar 14, 8:40 AM] rotoman: Good morning world.
[Mar 14, 8:41 AM] rotoman: We should be getting underway in about 20 minutes.
[Mar 14, 8:41 AM] rotoman: Derek VanRiper, your MC today, is on his way.
[Mar 14, 8:47 AM] DVR: Good Morning!
[Mar 14, 8:49 AM] rotoman: Hey Derek!
[Mar 14, 8:49 AM] B_Walton1: Looking forward to your commentary, DVR!
[Mar 14, 8:53 AM] Jay-Z: So DVR, if you were in say a 15-team mixed auction with OBP instead of AVG, what would you be willing to go on say Mike Trout?

[Mar 14, 8:54 AM] rotoman: I just made the window a little bigger. Let me know if it is too big for your screen.
[Mar 14, 8:55 AM] DVR: Great question, Jay-Z!
[Mar 14, 8:55 AM] DVR: We’ll find out around 3p ET today, right?
[Mar 14, 8:56 AM] Jay-Z: Odds are … not enough.
[Mar 14, 8:57 AM] celslagerFL: Morning
[Mar 14, 8:57 AM] DVR: Your name isn’t even a prime number ‘Guest5808’
[Mar 14, 8:58 AM] DVR: Jay-Z…the serious question is….at what point does it matter?
[Mar 14, 9:00 AM] Jay-Z: It could if everyone’s is known to know the Pitch/Hit split which was all over the place in the Tout Draft
[Mar 14, 9:00 AM] Jay-Z: Also, they seem to have forgotten it was a OBP league.
[Mar 14, 9:01 AM] rotoman: Mixed league bids are not linear. You can pay whatever you want for Trout, though obviously if you pay more you run out of money sooner. But there are enough good $1 guys it could work out.
[Mar 14, 9:01 AM] DVR: Peter’s point is what I was getting at…I think the margin for error with spending on Trout is huge.
[Mar 14, 9:02 AM] DVR: If last year’s mixed auction room is any indication, maybe we reach a new high price?
[Mar 14, 9:03 AM] Jay-Z: No three year tie at $56. He is becoming our Khris Davis.
[Mar 14, 9:04 AM] DVR: I think we were on the rise last year with aggressive stars-and-scrubs approaches though. It seems like it’s been moving that way for a few seasons…I suspect you have it measured out 🙂
[Mar 14, 9:05 AM] DVR: What’s the max you would all pay for Mike Trout in 12-team, AL-only with OBP?
[Mar 14, 9:05 AM] Jay-Z: He’s player who is healthy and in the AL so $5 boost right there
[Mar 14, 9:06 AM] Jay-Z: Probably around the mid-40’s
[Mar 14, 9:10 AM] DVR: Also very curious to see where Bregman and Altuve come in this morning. Running the AC at FanGraphs with The BAT, OBP, 4 OF…Bregman at $37.4, Altuve at $32.2. Only six players top $30 with the settings I ran, and the gap between Trout ($50.4) and Bregman is massive.
[Mar 14, 9:10 AM] Callen: Any downgrade for you with the trash can scandal?
[Mar 14, 9:13 AM] DVR: I’ve been pretty light with the downgrade in mixed leagues, but haven’t drafted/auctioned any AL-only leagues yet. Very good players cheating, are still very good players when they’re not, but slightly elevated risk from increased HBP, and I do think it’s fair to wonder how they respond to being the league’s villains now.
[Mar 14, 9:13 AM] Jay-Z: OBP sleepers
[Mar 14, 9:14 AM] DVR: Yandy!
[Mar 14, 9:15 AM] jwhits: Kershaw- any concerns he loses another tick of velocity and falls off from his excellent 2019?
[Mar 14, 9:15 AM] DVR: Probably Miggy, at this point….Kepler gets a slight bump up in this format as well…has some significant AVG limitations with pull rates and very high FB%, but at least he walks to stabilize OBP.
[Mar 14, 9:15 AM] Jay-Z: At least Tim Locastro isn’t on the Astros. His HBP% would be record setting.
[Mar 14, 9:16 AM] DVR: Verlander at $28 to Liss was the first player off the board.
[Mar 14, 9:16 AM] DVR: He just added Cole for $37.
[Mar 14, 9:16 AM] DVR: Pocket aces, eh?
[Mar 14, 9:17 AM] jwhits: How is Woodruff being treated in your drafts? As a potential ace? Solid #2? Or still unproven I jury risk?
[Mar 14, 9:17 AM] rotoman: Liss is auctioning from Europe, so he’s been awake longer than most.
[Mar 14, 9:17 AM] DVR: jwhits — I think Kershaw is a top-10 SP again, in part because of the injuries pulling down some of the options who started draft season ahead of him.
[Mar 14, 9:17 AM] DVR: Luis Robert time….
[Mar 14, 9:18 AM] rotoman: I’m guessing 20..
[Mar 14, 9:18 AM] jwhits: Thanks DVR!
[Mar 14, 9:18 AM] DVR: (I’ve seen Woodruff as more of a high-end SP2….the high stakes crowd is pretty aggressive with him because of the K potential…I think he’s legit, only a matter of staying healthy).
[Mar 14, 9:18 AM] celslagerFL: But does this late start to the season push those injured guys back into the top 10
[Mar 14, 9:18 AM] DVR: $22 on Robert to Chris Liss, who is playing by himself today, apparently.
[Mar 14, 9:19 AM] jwhits: Thanks. LOVE Woodruff.
[Mar 14, 9:19 AM] DVR: celslagerFL: Without question, the delayed start gives injured players more time to recover (Mondesi, Buxton, Clevinger, Verlander, Paxton).
[Mar 14, 9:19 AM] DVR: Shane Bieber at $30 to Erickson….
[Mar 14, 9:20 AM] rotoman: Rotowire run.
[Mar 14, 9:20 AM] DVR: At this point, given the limited information we have….do you prefer Bieber at $30 or Verlander at $28?
[Mar 14, 9:21 AM] DVR: first closer: Brad Hand to Larry Schechter at $17
[Mar 14, 9:22 AM] rotoman: If you’re looking at the draft board, the By Team and By Pick lists show the prices. The By Position grid does not.
[Mar 14, 9:22 AM] DVR: Also…..Luis Robert at $22; similar to how I feel Fernando Tatis Jr. in some ways. Exciting player, obvious reasons to like, and much more likely to end up with him in an auction setting.
[Mar 14, 9:22 AM] DVR: Larry goes back-to-back with Yordan Alvarez at $26….only Mike Trout had a higher wRC+ than Alvarez last season (min. 300 PAs)
[Mar 14, 9:23 AM] DVR: (Mike Clevinger is currently on the block)
[Mar 14, 9:23 AM] DVR: Clevinger goes to Howard “Gravy Boat” Bender for $30….
[Mar 14, 9:24 AM] rotoman: No injury discount there.
[Mar 14, 9:24 AM] DVR: Doug Dennis with an eephus nom, fires Chance Sisco into the fray….
[Mar 14, 9:24 AM] DVR: $4 to Mike Podhorzer
[Mar 14, 9:24 AM] DVR: Liss delivers a terrible pun in the chat that we all could have groaned at if the room were mic’d up.
[Mar 14, 9:24 AM] DVR: Trout is on the block….
[Mar 14, 9:25 AM] DVR: Go $50, you cowards.
[Mar 14, 9:25 AM] DVR: Yes!
[Mar 14, 9:25 AM] DVR: Collette did it — $50 on Trout!!
[Mar 14, 9:25 AM] rotoman: Collette is surely on here.
[Mar 14, 9:26 AM] DVR: And we’re going to re-wind, because Franmil Reyes was mistakenly bid up to $51….probably a typo $15? Or $1 for every homer he’ll hit in a 120-ish game season?
[Mar 14, 9:26 AM] rotoman: What? A Franmil mistake?
[Mar 14, 9:27 AM] DVR: It sounds like Mike might have been stuck trying to bid on Trout, so my typo $15 theory is shot.
[Mar 14, 9:28 AM] rotoman: They’re reopeninig Trout?
[Mar 14, 9:28 AM] DVR: Yeah, Trout will be at $51 to Mike Gianella and still on the block momentarily.
[Mar 14, 9:29 AM] DVR: Almost back….
[Mar 14, 9:30 AM] DVR: Any particularly good buys early?
[Mar 14, 9:31 AM] Guest2216: Verlander with the delayed start
[Mar 14, 9:32 AM] DVR: Liss doesn’t like his own Gerrit Cole buy….I don’t think it’s bad since it wasn’t full freight.
[Mar 14, 9:32 AM] rotoman: I agree with that.
[Mar 14, 9:33 AM] Guest2216: Are they still bidding on Trout?
[Mar 14, 9:33 AM] DVR: Mike G is trying another computer.
[Mar 14, 9:34 AM] DVR: Trout is back on the block…..
[Mar 14, 9:34 AM] DVR: and up to $53 to Gianella
[Mar 14, 9:35 AM] DVR: Sold at $53….would anybody here have gone $54?
[Mar 14, 9:35 AM] DVR: (Jose Berrios is on the block)
[Mar 14, 9:36 AM] DVR: Currently at $19 to Davitt
[Mar 14, 9:36 AM] DVR: Sold at $22 to Gravy Boat
[Mar 14, 9:37 AM] DVR: Berrios at $22 seems right…division is still pretty soft.
[Mar 14, 9:37 AM] DVR: (Bregman on the block….up to $37 right now — Pod)
[Mar 14, 9:37 AM] rotoman: Even in OBP $53 is too much for a Trout who can’t be expected to run much.
[Mar 14, 9:38 AM] DVR: And that’s a sell….Uncle Larry didn’t go the extra dollar, but he was there at $36, FWIW.
[Mar 14, 9:38 AM] DVR: (Devers on the block now….up to $27, Liss)
[Mar 14, 9:38 AM] DVR: Wow, $27 is the sale price on Devers
[Mar 14, 9:38 AM] DVR: Arguably, the best hitter value so far?
[Mar 14, 9:39 AM] rotoman: Not an OBP guy unless he hits .300 again.
[Mar 14, 9:39 AM] DVR: Leibowitz steals a page from Doug Dennis’ strategy napkin, nominates Austin Romine for $3…he sells for $7 to Ryan Bloomfield.
[Mar 14, 9:39 AM] Guest619: Kind of love that start for Liss
[Mar 14, 9:39 AM] rotoman: Reigning champ.
[Mar 14, 9:40 AM] DVR: (Jose Ramirez on the block…)
[Mar 14, 9:40 AM] DVR: $40 to Patrick Davitt…does the shape of Ramirez’s 2019 concern anybody at this price?
[Mar 14, 9:40 AM] rotoman: Raises hand. Nods head.
[Mar 14, 9:41 AM] DVR: (Yasmani Grandal is up.)
[Mar 14, 9:41 AM] DVR: $21 to Collette for Grandal
[Mar 14, 9:42 AM] DVR: (Gleyber Torres is up.)
[Mar 14, 9:42 AM] DVR: In a stunner, Colton/Wolf land Torres for $30.
[Mar 14, 9:43 AM] Guest619: Sarcasm?
[Mar 14, 9:43 AM] DVR: Interesting Q re: Gleyber….Sleeper and The Bust guys brought it up a while back….does his dominance against the O’s last year concern you at all, in that he was just sort of OK/pretty good against everybody else?
[Mar 14, 9:43 AM] DVR: (Corey Kluber on the block)
[Mar 14, 9:43 AM] Vermontser: Anyone know what Sirius channel number to listen?
[Mar 14, 9:43 AM] DVR: (619 — yup!)
[Mar 14, 9:43 AM] DVR: sirius 210, xm 87
[Mar 14, 9:43 AM] Vermontser: Thank you
[Mar 14, 9:43 AM] DVR: Kluber goes to Larry for $21.
[Mar 14, 9:44 AM] DVR: Berrios at $22 or Kluber at $21…any strong preferences here?
[Mar 14, 9:44 AM] DVR: (Taylor Rogers on the block.)
[Mar 14, 9:44 AM] jwhits: People are believing in the Kluber bounce back!
[Mar 14, 9:44 AM] DVR: I’m here for it….like his price a lot in snakes.
[Mar 14, 9:44 AM] Kola2221: Both good buys
[Mar 14, 9:44 AM] DVR: Taylor Rogers goes for $20 to Podhorzer.
[Mar 14, 9:45 AM] DVR: How many closers do you trust in the AL pool?
[Mar 14, 9:45 AM] DVR: (Lindor up)
[Mar 14, 9:45 AM] jwhits: Berrios still has room to grow.
[Mar 14, 9:45 AM] DVR: Erickson gets Lindor at $40
[Mar 14, 9:45 AM] Joel Henard: Good morning fellas
[Mar 14, 9:46 AM] DVR: Morning, Joel
[Mar 14, 9:46 AM] DVR: Dennis gets $1 crickets on Astudillo
[Mar 14, 9:46 AM] DVR: He’s really worried about catchers this year, I guess.
[Mar 14, 9:46 AM] DVR: (Rendon is up)
[Mar 14, 9:46 AM] jwhits: Always a great part of the auction is the crickets.
[Mar 14, 9:47 AM] Guest619: He’s only like 3 injuries away from a reliable role
[Mar 14, 9:47 AM] DVR: Howard Bender gets Rendon at $35
[Mar 14, 9:47 AM] Guest619: Gravy boat
[Mar 14, 9:47 AM] DVR: (Franmil now back up)
[Mar 14, 9:48 AM] DVR: $23 to Dennis on Franmil Reyes
[Mar 14, 9:48 AM] DVR: Feel much better about him in the AL than I did in the NL
[Mar 14, 9:48 AM] Guest619: A steal compared to $51!
[Mar 14, 9:48 AM] DVR: (Altuve up)
[Mar 14, 9:49 AM] Kola2221: Love Franmil pick
[Mar 14, 9:49 AM] DVR: Altuve sells for $28 to Gianella
[Mar 14, 9:49 AM] DVR: ~$4 less than Auction Calculator price
[Mar 14, 9:49 AM] DVR: (Matt Olson up)
[Mar 14, 9:49 AM] DVR: Olson among the players who gets a bump up in OBP being used in place of AVG.
[Mar 14, 9:50 AM] DVR: Olson goes for $33 to Gravy Boat, who is spending pretty heavily
[Mar 14, 9:50 AM] Guest619: Likes his spending like he likes his gravy
[Mar 14, 9:50 AM] DVR: (Vlad Jr. up)
[Mar 14, 9:51 AM] DVR: Whoa, Vlad Jr. goes for $24 to Doug Dennis — I like that a lot.
[Mar 14, 9:51 AM] rotoman: The Bat has Altuve stealing 15 after grabbing 6 last year. THat’s a lot of your $4, if you don’t believe the legs.
[Mar 14, 9:51 AM] DVR: Liss, hating himself for spending on both Verlander and Cole in the opening noms, said he had a hard time not bidding $25.
[Mar 14, 9:52 AM] DVR: Good point, Peter — I’d probably split the difference in terms of my SB expectations.
[Mar 14, 9:52 AM] DVR: (Donaldson up)
[Mar 14, 9:52 AM] DVR: Donaldson goes for $27 to Podhorzer.
[Mar 14, 9:52 AM] Guest619: Speed will be down a tick with all the fastballs of his quad.
[Mar 14, 9:52 AM] DVR: (DJ LeMahieu is up)
[Mar 14, 9:53 AM] rotoman: Guerrero went for $22 last year.
[Mar 14, 9:53 AM] DVR: Maybe it was hard to run with a wire on?
[Mar 14, 9:53 AM] DVR: Colton/Wolf get LeMahieu for $25…stacking Yankees?
[Mar 14, 9:53 AM] DVR: (Blake Snell on the block)
[Mar 14, 9:53 AM] rotoman: That’s the S in smart.
[Mar 14, 9:53 AM] rotoman: (Stacking, not Snell)
[Mar 14, 9:54 AM] DVR: Leibowitz lands Snell for $22…same price as Berrios.
[Mar 14, 9:55 AM] DVR: A little under projection, after Bieber and Clevinger went slightly over.
[Mar 14, 9:55 AM] celslagerFL: Big if but if he’s healthy could be a steal
[Mar 14, 9:55 AM] DVR: E-Rod just went — $17 to Bloomfield. Is this the year?
[Mar 14, 9:55 AM] DVR: Those last ~10 starts were pretty nice
[Mar 14, 9:55 AM] DVR: (Nick Anderson currently up)
[Mar 14, 9:56 AM] Guest619: Narrator: “It is Not”
[Mar 14, 9:56 AM] jwhits: That’s a lot for Erods big WHIP. Bloom is a believer.
[Mar 14, 9:56 AM] rotoman: Lots of caution in these pitchers with some question about them prices.
[Mar 14, 9:56 AM] DVR: Nick Anderson for $15 to Erickson….in that bullpen, I’m really not sure I’d go there, but in this format, plenty of value to be earned even if he’s not used like a traditional closer.
[Mar 14, 9:57 AM] DVR: (Nelson Cruz on the block)
[Mar 14, 9:57 AM] Guest8858: Will there be a spreadsheet of all the results, not just the reserves, once the auction is complete?
[Mar 14, 9:57 AM] DVR: Bloomfield gets Cruz at $29….maybe one of the few rooms where he reached an appropriate price?
[Mar 14, 9:57 AM] rotoman: There is a grid view now at the Fantrax link, which doesn’t have prices, alas. So I think we will make a spreadsheet.
[Mar 14, 9:58 AM] DVR: Doug Dennis, stuck on the catchers tab in the auction room maybe? Noms Austin Allen, who goes at $5 to Collette.
[Mar 14, 9:58 AM] DVR: (Bogaerts is up.)
[Mar 14, 9:58 AM] Guest8858: Thanks! Already following the list on Fantrax, looking forward to the final results!
[Mar 14, 9:59 AM] DVR: I like Allen as a second-catcher in this format especially….Sean Murphy is the superior defender, but Allen as a left-handed bat could carve out a larger role than expected.
[Mar 14, 9:59 AM] DVR: Steady pop everywhere in the minors too.
[Mar 14, 9:59 AM] DVR: And probably underrated as a prospect because of the Padres’ loaded system.
[Mar 14, 9:59 AM] DVR: Bogaerts sells at $29 to Erickson.
[Mar 14, 9:59 AM] DVR: (Gary Sanchez is up)
[Mar 14, 9:59 AM] DVR: Is anybody here dropping their values on Red Sox bats with Mookie gone?
[Mar 14, 9:59 AM] Guest619: Cut to Liss throwing anything he can find at the wall
[Mar 14, 10:00 AM] DVR: Larry Schechter lands Sanchez at $16.
[Mar 14, 10:00 AM] DVR: (Springer on the block)
[Mar 14, 10:01 AM] DVR: In the last few years, Liss has become Happy Gilmore after Happy stopped throwing putters.
[Mar 14, 10:01 AM] Guest619: Tap tap tap-aroo
[Mar 14, 10:02 AM] DVR: (The Springer sale is being slightly delayed….the auction timer might have been accidentally pushed up to 3 mins from 20 or 30 seconds. He’s likely going for $29 to Gianella.)
[Mar 14, 10:02 AM] jwhits: same price as Bogarts? Seems high in that case.
[Mar 14, 10:03 AM] rotoman: Or Bogaerts low.
[Mar 14, 10:03 AM] DVR: They’re only a few cents apart in the AC
[Mar 14, 10:03 AM] DVR: I like Bogaerts a little bit better….even if there were no sign stealing scandal, I think we’d be looking at 2019 as Springer’s career year.
[Mar 14, 10:04 AM] jwhits: Bogarts Avg / obp though…his 2019 was massive too.
[Mar 14, 10:04 AM] DVR: (dad jokes)
[Mar 14, 10:04 AM] DVR: OK…Springer officially sold at $29
[Mar 14, 10:04 AM] DVR: (Giolito now up)
[Mar 14, 10:05 AM] DVR: Giolito sells for $24 to Patrick Davitt….
[Mar 14, 10:06 AM] DVR: I’m slightly lighter than the market with Giolito….would have been in on Berrios for a couple bucks less, but probably more K ceiling with Giolito
[Mar 14, 10:06 AM] DVR: (Sal Perez up)
[Mar 14, 10:06 AM] rotoman: My prediction is that’s either a great price or a terrible one.
[Mar 14, 10:06 AM] DVR: The real question: Who is your pick to be this year’s Lucas Giolito?
[Mar 14, 10:06 AM] DVR: Bloomfield lands Salvador Perez at $12
[Mar 14, 10:06 AM] DVR: OBP drag, but pop + lineup position offset it.
[Mar 14, 10:07 AM] DVR: (Mondesi up….)
[Mar 14, 10:07 AM] rotoman: Glasnow seems like the fave. I’m not on that.
[Mar 14, 10:07 AM] DVR: Sold: $27 to Mike Podhorzer
[Mar 14, 10:07 AM] DVR: W/scarcity of steals, are you buying at that price, and just making sure you have 1-2 strong OBP sources to offset him?
[Mar 14, 10:07 AM] DVR: (Glasnow up)
[Mar 14, 10:08 AM] DVR: Erickson gets Glasnow at $23
[Mar 14, 10:08 AM] Guest619: That is a good price
[Mar 14, 10:08 AM] DVR: With expectations of a shortened season, IP risk arms are probably going to increase in price.
[Mar 14, 10:09 AM] DVR: (Charlie Morton up)
[Mar 14, 10:09 AM] DVR: Can’t wait to see the frenzy for Jesus Luzardo later.
[Mar 14, 10:09 AM] DVR: Collette buys Morton for $23.
[Mar 14, 10:09 AM] Guest619: People fanatically chasing Jesus. I’m here for it.
[Mar 14, 10:10 AM] DVR: (Carlos Santana is up)
[Mar 14, 10:10 AM] DVR: If you want terrible puns, please type into your chat window now.
[Mar 14, 10:10 AM] DVR: Doug Dennis buys Santana at $29….he’s definitely among the players whose value gets a big increase in this format.
[Mar 14, 10:10 AM] celslagerFL:
[Mar 14, 10:11 AM] Guest619:
[Mar 14, 10:11 AM] DVR: (Greinke is up.)
[Mar 14, 10:11 AM] DVR: Whoa, Greinke with a quick sell…$25 to Bloomfield.
[Mar 14, 10:11 AM] DVR: (Meadows up.)
[Mar 14, 10:12 AM] DVR: Bloomfield snatches Meadows from the jaws of the Gravy Boat at $29.
[Mar 14, 10:12 AM] DVR: Doug Dennis votes for Pedro with a $1 opening bid on Pedro Severino.
[Mar 14, 10:13 AM] DVR: Chris Liss hits +1 and gets him at $2.
[Mar 14, 10:13 AM] DVR: (Judge is up.)
[Mar 14, 10:13 AM] Guest214: What happened to Meadows?
[Mar 14, 10:13 AM] DVR: Liss gets Aaron Judge for $28.
[Mar 14, 10:14 AM] DVR: (Bloomfield got a $29 bid in on Meadows with a fraction of a second before the sold, Bender had him at $28.)
[Mar 14, 10:14 AM] DVR: (Paxton up…)
[Mar 14, 10:14 AM] DVR: Bloomfield gets James Paxton at $14.
[Mar 14, 10:14 AM] DVR: Somewhat surprised he didn’t get closer to $20.
[Mar 14, 10:14 AM] DVR: (Another closer is up….Aroldis Chapman)
[Mar 14, 10:15 AM] rotoman: Paxton depends on season start. If it’s July 1 that’s a good bet.
[Mar 14, 10:15 AM] DVR: Aroldis Chapman goes for $20 to Leibowitz.
[Mar 14, 10:15 AM] rotoman: Yes, $20 for a July start I mean.
[Mar 14, 10:15 AM] DVR: Currently $20 is the ceiling for top closers.
[Mar 14, 10:16 AM] rotoman: As it should be IMHO.
[Mar 14, 10:16 AM] DVR: Kiner-Falefa goes to Bender for $6
[Mar 14, 10:16 AM] DVR: (J.D. Martinez now on the block)
[Mar 14, 10:17 AM] DVR: J.D. Martinez goes for $33 to Collette
[Mar 14, 10:17 AM] DVR: Even with Betts gone, Martinez is one of the safest hitters in the pool, IMO
[Mar 14, 10:17 AM] DVR: Last of the projected $30+ bats to go, I believe.
[Mar 14, 10:17 AM] DVR: (R. Osuna on the block)
[Mar 14, 10:18 AM] DVR: Gianella buys Osuna for $19
[Mar 14, 10:18 AM] DVR: (The Luzardo frenzy has begun)
[Mar 14, 10:18 AM] DVR: Will he reach $20?
[Mar 14, 10:18 AM] Guest619: Jesus freaks
[Mar 14, 10:18 AM] Guest619: Yes
[Mar 14, 10:18 AM] DVR: Luzardo goes for $14 to Erickson
[Mar 14, 10:18 AM] DVR: One of the best pitching buys of the auction, so far, IMO.
[Mar 14, 10:19 AM] Guest619: I meant no.
[Mar 14, 10:19 AM] rotoman: Restrained. He went for 18 in CBS and 16 in LABR.
[Mar 14, 10:19 AM] DVR: Liss continues to publicly express his regrets about buying Verlander and Cole back to back to start the auction.
[Mar 14, 10:19 AM] DVR: (Bo Bichette is up)
[Mar 14, 10:19 AM] DVR: The entire room, realizing they let Erickson get a deal, is bidding aggressively…Bo up to $32….$33…..
[Mar 14, 10:20 AM] DVR: Patrick Davitt gets him at $33
[Mar 14, 10:20 AM] DVR: A win for Canada, really.
[Mar 14, 10:20 AM] rotoman: Home town price.
[Mar 14, 10:20 AM] DVR: (Jorge Polanco is up)
[Mar 14, 10:21 AM] Jenny Butler: Buying Cole and Verlander sounds pretty good, but if everyone can only pitch 140 inn max, the pack will catch up to the super elite
[Mar 14, 10:21 AM] DVR: ^^^^ Exactly
[Mar 14, 10:21 AM] DVR: Polanco goes for $18 to Leibowitz.
[Mar 14, 10:21 AM] DVR: (Carlos Correa is up)
[Mar 14, 10:21 AM] DVR: Undervalued in snakes, but maybe (?) full freight here?
[Mar 14, 10:21 AM] rotoman: Are innings the differentiator?
[Mar 14, 10:22 AM] DVR: Not bad — Gianella gets Correa for $19
[Mar 14, 10:22 AM] Jenny Butler: It makes someone like Luzardo a lot closer
[Mar 14, 10:22 AM] DVR: (J. Abreu up for bidding)
[Mar 14, 10:22 AM] rotoman: Definitely means there will be some surprises.
[Mar 14, 10:23 AM] DVR: Colton/Wolf get Abreu for $25.
[Mar 14, 10:23 AM] DVR: Doug Dennis noms another catcher….James McCann, for $1
[Mar 14, 10:23 AM] rotoman: But the best can also run streaks for brilliance, even more brilliance.
[Mar 14, 10:23 AM] DVR: Liss gets him at $2.
[Mar 14, 10:23 AM] DVR: (Moncada on the block)
[Mar 14, 10:24 AM] DVR: Unofficial Nickname: Red Ink
[Mar 14, 10:24 AM] DVR: Moncada goes for $27 to Colton/Wolf
[Mar 14, 10:25 AM] DVR: (Kepler on the block…mentioned him earlier as a OBP bump guy, but he has some limitations with his approach.)
[Mar 14, 10:25 AM] DVR: Kepler sells at $20 to Colton/Wolf
[Mar 14, 10:25 AM] DVR: Right in line with expectations, IMO, in terms of price
[Mar 14, 10:25 AM] DVR: (Stanton on the block…)
[Mar 14, 10:25 AM] Jenny Butler: Sorry I’m late to the party. How does each auction end? Does each nomination have a clock?
[Mar 14, 10:26 AM] DVR: Stanton goes at $23 to Gravy Boat
[Mar 14, 10:26 AM] DVR: Yup, each player has a 20 second countdown after being nominated
[Mar 14, 10:26 AM] DVR: it resets to 10 sec after each bid
[Mar 14, 10:27 AM] DVR: Jorge Soler goes to Colton/Wolf for $26….they’re spending a lot suddenly
[Mar 14, 10:27 AM] DVR: (Liam Hendriks on the block)
[Mar 14, 10:27 AM] Guest619: Liss should have a trade partner for Verlander in Gionella
[Mar 14, 10:27 AM] DVR: Gianella swoops in to buy at $16.
[Mar 14, 10:28 AM] DVR: (Matt Chapman up)
[Mar 14, 10:28 AM] jwhits: BO for more than Bogarts? Are things getting crazy or is that justified??
[Mar 14, 10:28 AM] Bill the Thrill: These prices are very much deflated compared to my AL-only keeper league. No inflation here whatsoever…
[Mar 14, 10:28 AM] DVR: Chapman goes for $25 to Liss
[Mar 14, 10:29 AM] DVR: (Arraez now up)
[Mar 14, 10:29 AM] DVR: I think Arraez has some similarities to Jeff McNeil….in that org especially, maybe we get a power bump?
[Mar 14, 10:29 AM] DVR: Erickson pays $13 for Arraez to find out.
[Mar 14, 10:29 AM] rotoman: That’s a lot of cheese for Colton and Wolf from the AL Central.
[Mar 14, 10:29 AM] DVR: (Eloy Jimenez is up)
[Mar 14, 10:30 AM] Jenny Butler: If you’re going to do that, the central is the place to do it
[Mar 14, 10:30 AM] DVR: Doug Dennis gets Eloy Jimenez for $24
[Mar 14, 10:30 AM] jwhits: Sorry….Bo for more than Bogarts?? Is that for real?
[Mar 14, 10:30 AM] Guest619: Was that Chapman price a bit steep? You
[Mar 14, 10:30 AM] DVR: (Justin Upton is on the block)
[Mar 14, 10:31 AM] DVR: Thought Chapman was full price
[Mar 14, 10:31 AM] DVR: Upton goes for $19 to Larry Schechter
[Mar 14, 10:31 AM] rotoman: Chapman was 25 in LABR too.
[Mar 14, 10:31 AM] DVR: (A short break for coffee, SXM interviews)
[Mar 14, 10:35 AM] DVR: Timing of nominations in auctions is important to consider.
[Mar 14, 10:36 AM] DVR: Eventually, you have a realization that there aren’t many players in a particular tier/category/position left, and you’ll end up with a little bit too much money later if you don’t pay up for somone.
[Mar 14, 10:36 AM] Guest214: Any idea if the draft is over or under total projected player cost so far?
[Mar 14, 10:37 AM] DVR: I haven’t been able to run through software while chatting, but my estimation would be that it’s pretty close to even.
[Mar 14, 10:37 AM] DVR: Just based on mix of individual overs and unders we’ve seen so far.
[Mar 14, 10:41 AM] Guest2020: Long live 4X4 Roto with OBP!
[Mar 14, 10:46 AM] DVR: In an attempt to get the bid bar visible so you can see who is up as it’s happening, and I can provide a little more analysis than play by play….
[Mar 14, 10:47 AM] Callen Elslager: I forget are you in any of the other drafts coming up
[Mar 14, 10:47 AM] DVR: I’m in the mixed auction this afternoon.
[Mar 14, 10:48 AM] DVR: Break should be wrapping momentarily
[Mar 14, 10:50 AM] Guest214: Will we be able to follow the mixed this pm?
[Mar 14, 10:51 AM] DVR: Hoping so….
[Mar 14, 10:51 AM] Joel Henard: What time is the mixed?
[Mar 14, 10:51 AM] Guest214: Likewise. Let us know, thx
[Mar 14, 10:52 AM] DVR: Ok…..I think I have the bid tracker working at the bottom of that stream
[Mar 14, 10:53 AM] DVR: I’ll chat here and try to start talking in a moment…catching up on a few things since the break
[Mar 14, 10:53 AM] DVR: Frankie Montas – $16 to Dennis
[Mar 14, 10:53 AM] DVR: E5 for $25 to Patrick Davitt
[Mar 14, 10:53 AM] DVR: Alex Avila at $2 to Erickson
[Mar 14, 10:54 AM] DVR: Lance Lynn at $19 to Rob Leibowitz
[Mar 14, 10:54 AM] DVR: Buxton to Colton/Wolf for $18
[Mar 14, 10:54 AM] DVR: Merrifield at $28 to Podhorzer
[Mar 14, 10:54 AM] DVR: Semien at $25 to Collette
[Mar 14, 10:54 AM] DVR: Lourdes Gurriel Jr. at $16 to Larry Schechter
[Mar 14, 10:54 AM] DVR: Tim Anderson at $25 to Howard Bender
[Mar 14, 10:54 AM] DVR: And now Nick Solak is on the block
[Mar 14, 10:55 AM] DVR: $12….is the price to Erickson
[Mar 14, 10:55 AM] rotoman: Solak is an interesting play.
[Mar 14, 10:55 AM] DVR: (Eddie Rosario is on the block now)
[Mar 14, 10:56 AM] DVR: Solak can play enough spots capably…the PT will be there.
[Mar 14, 10:56 AM] DVR: Calhoun’s injury might keep him out even longer than the delayed start to the season.
[Mar 14, 10:56 AM] DVR: (Mallex Smith on the block)
[Mar 14, 10:56 AM] DVR: I think he makes a lot more sense here, than in a mixed league.
[Mar 14, 10:56 AM] rotoman: Agree/
[Mar 14, 10:57 AM] DVR: (Chris Sale is up)
[Mar 14, 10:57 AM] DVR: Mallex went for $20, BTW.
[Mar 14, 10:58 AM] DVR: Chris Sale goes for $13 to Podhorzer
[Mar 14, 10:58 AM] DVR: (Benintendi up)
[Mar 14, 10:59 AM] rotoman: Twitch is working well Derek.
[Mar 14, 10:59 AM] DVR: $25 to Doug Dennis on Benintendi.
[Mar 14, 10:59 AM] DVR: $2 on Zunino on Rob Leibowitz.
[Mar 14, 11:00 AM] DVR: (Carrasco on the block)
[Mar 14, 11:00 AM] DVR: $17 on Carrasco to Larry Schechter.
[Mar 14, 11:01 AM] rotoman: That seems a good risk on Carrasco.
[Mar 14, 11:01 AM] DVR: (Sano on the block)
[Mar 14, 11:02 AM] DVR: Sano goes for $23 to Leibowitz….would you pay same/more/less for Gallo?
[Mar 14, 11:02 AM] DVR: (Yuli Gurriel now on the block)
[Mar 14, 11:02 AM] rotolady: Good Morning Fellas, and Lady 🙂
[Mar 14, 11:02 AM] rotoman: Morning Andrea
[Mar 14, 11:03 AM] DVR: Gurriel goes for $16 to Leibowitz….interesting that Kyle Tucker was getting reps at first base this spring.
[Mar 14, 11:03 AM] DVR: (Cesar Hernandez on the block right now)
[Mar 14, 11:04 AM] DVR: $14 on Hernandez to Larry Schechter….I like that buy…does a little bit of everything, cheap speed….
[Mar 14, 11:04 AM] DVR: Christian Vazquez goes for $8 to Colton/Wolf
[Mar 14, 11:04 AM] DVR: (Danny Santana is up…)
[Mar 14, 11:05 AM] DVR: Collette gets him at $14….can he play CF well enough to have a position to call his own this season?
[Mar 14, 11:06 AM] DVR: (Dylan Cease on the block)
[Mar 14, 11:06 AM] Callen Elslager: Think he can find a home at 1B possibly too?
[Mar 14, 11:06 AM] DVR: It’s a little more complicated with Todd Frazier around, but that could happen too.
[Mar 14, 11:07 AM] DVR: The Rangers have a lot moving parts.
[Mar 14, 11:07 AM] DVR: (Ryu on the block)
[Mar 14, 11:08 AM] DVR: $19 to Davitt on Ryu….fair price?
[Mar 14, 11:08 AM] DVR: (Gardner on the block)
[Mar 14, 11:08 AM] DVR: An older version of Adam Eaton?
[Mar 14, 11:08 AM] DVR: Erickson gets Gardner at $13….
[Mar 14, 11:09 AM] DVR: (Brandon Workman is up)
[Mar 14, 11:10 AM] DVR: $11 to Podhorzer on Workman…what’s the general trust level with him?
[Mar 14, 11:10 AM] DVR: (Giles on the block)
[Mar 14, 11:11 AM] rotoman: Busts the 20 ceiling.
[Mar 14, 11:11 AM] DVR: Giles goes for $22 — ceiling broken.
[Mar 14, 11:11 AM] DVR: (Reese McGuire up)
[Mar 14, 11:11 AM] Callen Elslager: Think it’s because he was the final higher end option in this format?
[Mar 14, 11:11 AM] DVR: Danny Jansen was a better defender than expected last year.
[Mar 14, 11:12 AM] DVR: Mcguire to Davitt for $4….
[Mar 14, 11:12 AM] DVR: (Laureano on the block…)
[Mar 14, 11:12 AM] DVR: Ultimately, yes….probably the last truly trusted AL closer.
[Mar 14, 11:13 AM] DVR: $26 to Leibowitz on Ramon Laureano
[Mar 14, 11:13 AM] DVR: (Joey Gallo up)
[Mar 14, 11:13 AM] Guest214: v Sano
[Mar 14, 11:14 AM] DVR: Gallo ends up at $26 to Gianella…
[Mar 14, 11:14 AM] DVR: (Cavan Biggio on the clock)
[Mar 14, 11:14 AM] rotoman: Bichette area.
[Mar 14, 11:14 AM] DVR: Gallo at $26, Sano at $23….preference?
[Mar 14, 11:15 AM] DVR: Biggio at $29 to Doug Dennis….
[Mar 14, 11:15 AM] DVR: (Elvis Andrus on the board)
[Mar 14, 11:16 AM] DVR: $19 to Ryan Bloomfield…on Andrus
[Mar 14, 11:16 AM] DVR: Much safer playing time floor than Mallex Smith
[Mar 14, 11:16 AM] DVR: (Mitch Garver up…)
[Mar 14, 11:16 AM] DVR: Mitch Garver sold at $18 to Patrick Davitt
[Mar 14, 11:17 AM] DVR: (Sean Murphy on the block now)
[Mar 14, 11:18 AM] DVR: $8 on Murphy to Leibowitz
[Mar 14, 11:18 AM] DVR: (Aaron Civale is up)
[Mar 14, 11:18 AM] DVR: Civale goes for $7 to Howard Bender
[Mar 14, 11:19 AM] rotoman: Which Ohtani is this?
[Mar 14, 11:19 AM] DVR: PITCHER
[Mar 14, 11:19 AM] DVR: $7 to Liss for Pitcher Ohtani
[Mar 14, 11:19 AM] DVR: (Hitter Ohtani a separate player)
[Mar 14, 11:19 AM] rotoman: There will be a placeholder for the hitter Ohtani.
[Mar 14, 11:20 AM] DVR: Fascinating player at this point….
[Mar 14, 11:20 AM] DVR: (Chirinos is up)
[Mar 14, 11:20 AM] DVR: Robinson Chirinos for $8 to Larry….preference between Chirinos and Sean Murphy?
[Mar 14, 11:20 AM] DVR: (Maeda up)
[Mar 14, 11:21 AM] DVR: $13 to Collette for Maeda….very nice price.
[Mar 14, 11:21 AM] rotoman: Very nice.
[Mar 14, 11:21 AM] DVR: I thought we would see more inflation on the typical IP concerns….
[Mar 14, 11:21 AM] DVR: (Brantley is up right now)
[Mar 14, 11:22 AM] DVR: $24 to Collette on Brantley…another solid buy.
[Mar 14, 11:22 AM] DVR: (Tom Murphy on the block)
[Mar 14, 11:22 AM] DVR: what’s with the catchers today?
[Mar 14, 11:23 AM] DVR: Erickson gets Tom Murphy at $5….another Zunino type maybe?
[Mar 14, 11:23 AM] DVR: (Andrew Heaney on the board)
[Mar 14, 11:24 AM] DVR: $10 Andrew Heaney to Colton/Wolf
[Mar 14, 11:24 AM] DVR: (Odorizzi now up)
[Mar 14, 11:25 AM] DVR: $14 on Odorizzi to Collette…..
[Mar 14, 11:25 AM] DVR: I think we’re seeing a nice pocket of values here….Jason is taking advantage.
[Mar 14, 11:25 AM] DVR: (Khris Davis on the clock)
[Mar 14, 11:26 AM] DVR: $19 to Leibowitz on Khris Davis…..can we expect a bounceback to pre-2019 form?
[Mar 14, 11:26 AM] DVR: (McCullers on the block now)
[Mar 14, 11:27 AM] DVR: $10 to Colton/Wolf on McCullers….among the many players whose innings limits are becoming less of a concern
[Mar 14, 11:27 AM] DVR: (Mike Minor on the table)
[Mar 14, 11:27 AM] DVR: Minor goes for $13 to Doug Dennis
[Mar 14, 11:27 AM] DVR: (Hansel Robles on the board)
[Mar 14, 11:28 AM] DVR: Another closer that people actually trust?
[Mar 14, 11:28 AM] DVR: $15 on Robles to Bloomfield, very solid price
[Mar 14, 11:29 AM] DVR: (Yarbrough on the block)
[Mar 14, 11:29 AM] DVR: Erickson gets Yarbrough for $8.
[Mar 14, 11:30 AM] DVR: (Matthew Boyd on the bloc…)
[Mar 14, 11:30 AM] DVR: Doug Dennis gets Boyd for $16
[Mar 14, 11:30 AM] DVR: (Marco Gonzales up)
[Mar 14, 11:31 AM] DVR: Larry gets Marco Gonzalez at $7.
[Mar 14, 11:31 AM] DVR: (Danny Jansen up for bidding)
[Mar 14, 11:32 AM] DVR: $6 to Podhorzer on Danny Jansen.
[Mar 14, 11:32 AM] DVR: (Evan White on the board right now…)
[Mar 14, 11:33 AM] DVR: Evan White goes for $11 to Ryan Bloomfield
[Mar 14, 11:33 AM] DVR: (Jason Castro up)
[Mar 14, 11:34 AM] DVR: $3 on Jason Castro….one of my favorite catcher buys.
[Mar 14, 11:34 AM] DVR: (Tanaka on the board).
[Mar 14, 11:35 AM] DVR: Mike Podhorzer gets Tanaka for $13…sort of fits the range of pitchers we’ve seen over the last 30 minutes or so.
[Mar 14, 11:35 AM] DVR: (Oscar Mercado now on the block)
[Mar 14, 11:35 AM] DVR: Mike Podhorzer gets Oscar Mercado at $22
[Mar 14, 11:36 AM] DVR: (Tsutsugo is on the block)
[Mar 14, 11:37 AM] DVR: Another nice buy for Collette….$8 on Tsutsugo…
[Mar 14, 11:38 AM] DVR: It looks like we are having re-bids on Mercado and Tsutsugo because of frozen connections.
[Mar 14, 11:39 AM] DVR: It may only be Mercado going back on the block…stay tuned.
[Mar 14, 11:39 AM] DVR: (No Wander sale)
[Mar 14, 11:40 AM] DVR: Back up and running…Mercado is up
[Mar 14, 11:41 AM] DVR: bidding now at $23….
[Mar 14, 11:41 AM] DVR: Tsutsugo going back up….he is OF only here, FWIW….
[Mar 14, 11:42 AM] DVR: Liss gets Tsutsugo at $11….I think that’s still a pretty good price.
[Mar 14, 11:42 AM] DVR: (Dylan Bundy up for bids)
[Mar 14, 11:43 AM] DVR: Bundy goes for $9 to Chris Liss.
[Mar 14, 11:44 AM] DVR: (Teoscar Hernandez is up for bidding)
[Mar 14, 11:45 AM] DVR: Teoscar to Davitt for $13…..Davitt has a few Jays already
[Mar 14, 11:46 AM] DVR: (Kyle Tucker on the board)
[Mar 14, 11:46 AM] DVR: $11 on Tucker to Liss….great value there too, IMO.
[Mar 14, 11:47 AM] DVR: Michael Kopech up for a quick sale at $5 to Bloomfield.
[Mar 14, 11:47 AM] DVR: (Sean Manaea up)
[Mar 14, 11:47 AM] DVR: $10 on Manaea to Patrick Davitt….
[Mar 14, 11:48 AM] DVR: (Choo on the block)
[Mar 14, 11:49 AM] DVR: Erickson gets Choo for $19….he’s probably making the I Choo Choose you joke as we type
[Mar 14, 11:50 AM] DVR: Alex Colome goes to Patrick Davitt at $11….not one of my trust second-tier AL closers, but not a bad price either.
[Mar 14, 11:50 AM] DVR: (Hitter Ohtani coming up…)
[Mar 14, 11:50 AM] DVR: But first, C.J. Cron….
[Mar 14, 11:51 AM] DVR: $17 to Leibowitz for C.J. Cron
[Mar 14, 11:51 AM] DVR: (Roberto Perez on the clock)
[Mar 14, 11:52 AM] DVR: Quickly sold at $3 to Mike Gianella.
[Mar 14, 11:52 AM] DVR: (Jose Leclerc is up….)
[Mar 14, 11:52 AM] DVR: Leclerc vs. Colome vs. Robles….
[Mar 14, 11:52 AM] DVR: Leclerc goes for $12
[Mar 14, 11:53 AM] DVR: (Dallas Keuchel is up)
[Mar 14, 11:53 AM] DVR: Keuchel to Larry for $8….
[Mar 14, 11:54 AM] DVR: Joe Jimenez goes for $12 to Colton/Wolf
[Mar 14, 11:54 AM] DVR: Another second-tier AL closer…..
[Mar 14, 11:55 AM] DVR: Jimenez at $12, Leclerc at $12, Colome at $11…Robles may be on his own $15….but where do you go in that group?
[Mar 14, 11:55 AM] DVR: (Austin Nola on the block)
[Mar 14, 11:55 AM] DVR: Austin Nola goes for $1 to the Gravy Boat
[Mar 14, 11:55 AM] DVR: (Hunter Dozier is on the board)
[Mar 14, 11:56 AM] DVR: Any concerns about Dozier in last year’s breakout?
[Mar 14, 11:56 AM] DVR: Dozier goes for $15 to Ryan Bloomfield…seems reasonable.
[Mar 14, 11:56 AM] DVR: (Nomar Mazara is up)
[Mar 14, 11:57 AM] rotoman: Nola no longer a catcher doesn’t stir up much interest.
[Mar 14, 11:57 AM] DVR: $11 on Nomar Mazara to Mike Gianella
[Mar 14, 11:57 AM] DVR: (Schoop on the board)
[Mar 14, 11:58 AM] DVR: $13 to Bloomfield for Jonathan Schoop
[Mar 14, 11:58 AM] DVR: safe PT, solid lineup position
[Mar 14, 11:58 AM] rotoman: Derek, on Twitter Colton is asking if you’re proud of them for their McCullers buy. What’s that about?
[Mar 14, 11:59 AM] DVR: (Jose Urquidy on the block)
[Mar 14, 11:59 AM] DVR: I think McCullers was a problem player if the full 162 schedule was going to happen, but without it, where his limited IP comes from is less of a concern.
[Mar 14, 11:59 AM] rotoman: Gotcha.
[Mar 14, 11:59 AM] DVR: Urquidy goes to Doug Dennis for $11
[Mar 14, 12:00 PM] DVR: Luke Voit is up on the board….
[Mar 14, 12:00 PM] DVR: Just two different players pre/post injury last year.
[Mar 14, 12:00 PM] DVR: I’m buying the pre-injury production as something he can do.
[Mar 14, 12:01 PM] DVR: Larry gets Voit for $17
[Mar 14, 12:02 PM] DVR: (Josh James now on the board…)
[Mar 14, 12:03 PM] DVR: Davitt gets James for $7…..James at $7 vs. Urquidy at $11?
[Mar 14, 12:03 PM] Guest214: Urquidy all day
[Mar 14, 12:03 PM] DVR: (Niko Goodrum is on the block)
[Mar 14, 12:04 PM] DVR: $15 to Leibowitz on Niko Goodrum….one more year of regular PT?
[Mar 14, 12:05 PM] DVR: Martin Maldonado nom’d by Doug Dennis, sold to Doug for $1.
[Mar 14, 12:05 PM] DVR: (Ian Kennedy is up)
[Mar 14, 12:06 PM] DVR: Colton/Wolf get him for $13…..right in that range we’ve been seeing for this cluster of closers.
[Mar 14, 12:06 PM] DVR: (Domingo Santana is up)
[Mar 14, 12:06 PM] DVR: Weird that Santana has a job and Puig doesn’t?
[Mar 14, 12:07 PM] DVR: Collette gets Domingo Santana for $17
[Mar 14, 12:07 PM] DVR: (Mychal Givens on the board)
[Mar 14, 12:08 PM] DVR: Givens goes for $9 to Patrick Davitt….
[Mar 14, 12:08 PM] rotoman: In LABR Santana went for $6.
[Mar 14, 12:08 PM] DVR: (Kyle Higashioka on the board)
[Mar 14, 12:09 PM] DVR: $1 crickets on Higashioka for Howard Bender.
[Mar 14, 12:09 PM] DVR: (Grichuk on the board)
[Mar 14, 12:10 PM] DVR: $13 to Ryan Bloomfield for Grichuk
[Mar 14, 12:10 PM] DVR: (Ji-Man Choi on the board)
[Mar 14, 12:11 PM] DVR: Choi goes to Patrick Davitt at $14
[Mar 14, 12:11 PM] DVR: (Yonny Chirinos on the block)
[Mar 14, 12:12 PM] DVR: Chirinos goes for $10 to Doug Dennis
[Mar 14, 12:12 PM] DVR: (Chad Green on the block right now)
[Mar 14, 12:12 PM] DVR: Collette gets Chad Green for $4.
[Mar 14, 12:13 PM] DVR: (Odor on the clock)
[Mar 14, 12:14 PM] DVR: Larry wins Odor at $15….
[Mar 14, 12:14 PM] DVR: Liss suggests that Larry might be tanking OBP?
[Mar 14, 12:14 PM] DVR: (Hunter Harvey on the board now)
[Mar 14, 12:14 PM] DVR: Harvey goes $4 to Chris Liss
[Mar 14, 12:14 PM] DVR: (Simmons is on the board)
[Mar 14, 12:15 PM] DVR: $11 to Bloomfield on Andrelton Simmons.
[Mar 14, 12:15 PM] DVR: Media Timeout….for SXM interviews, coffee refills….etc.
[Mar 14, 12:15 PM] rotoman: Larry has Yordan Alvarez.
[Mar 14, 12:17 PM] DVR: Pulling up Larry’s roster on the stream…..
[Mar 14, 12:19 PM] Guest2365: Rotoman, will Doubt Wars being going live this week?
[Mar 14, 12:25 PM] rotoman: I was just thinking about that. Does it make sense to Doubt this week? Or the week before the games begin?
[Mar 14, 12:26 PM] Todd Zola: Checking in from the room. Things going pretty well, A couple early glitched, not unexpected, but overall it’s fine
[Mar 14, 12:26 PM] rotoman: Brisk pace, apart from the glitches.
[Mar 14, 12:27 PM] rotoman: Derek’s Twitch is a big plus.
[Mar 14, 12:28 PM] Guest2365: I suggest now, while this auction is fresh
[Mar 14, 12:29 PM] rotoman: Interesting.
[Mar 14, 12:31 PM] DVR: back up and running…Matt Magill is the nom…..
[Mar 14, 12:31 PM] DVR: Collette gets Magill at $4….
[Mar 14, 12:31 PM] DVR: (Jonathan Holder on the block)
[Mar 14, 12:32 PM] DVR: Just kidding…’s Ohtani……
[Mar 14, 12:32 PM] rotoman: That’s a Place Holder.
[Mar 14, 12:32 PM] DVR: Jonathan Holder is the Placeholder for Shohei Ohtani
[Mar 14, 12:32 PM] Callen Elslager: Makes more sense
[Mar 14, 12:33 PM] DVR: Hitter Ohtani goes for $14 to Podhorzer
[Mar 14, 12:33 PM] DVR: (Yandy Diaz on the block)
[Mar 14, 12:33 PM] DVR: (They’re going to reset Ohtani’s placeholder)
[Mar 14, 12:34 PM] rotoman: Bryan Holaday?
[Mar 14, 12:36 PM] DVR: slight delay while the reset happens
[Mar 14, 12:36 PM] DVR: Buffering….
[Mar 14, 12:37 PM] DVR: Sandber Pimentel = Hitter Ohtani….
[Mar 14, 12:37 PM] DVR: $14 to Podhorzer is the price….
[Mar 14, 12:37 PM] DVR: (Yandy Diaz is on the block)
[Mar 14, 12:38 PM] DVR: Mike Podhorzer gets Yandy Diaz for $13….
[Mar 14, 12:38 PM] DVR: (Jo Adell on the block)
[Mar 14, 12:39 PM] rotoman: The problem is that Fantrax page re-sorts to the top of the screen.
[Mar 14, 12:41 PM] rotoman: What are the service time implications to the late start? Service days or prorated?
[Mar 14, 12:42 PM] DVR: Adell goes back on the board and sells at $9 to Howard Bender
[Mar 14, 12:42 PM] rotoman: Ferocious.
[Mar 14, 12:42 PM] DVR: (Kyle Seager on the block now)
[Mar 14, 12:42 PM] rotoman: I think the grid page is best.
[Mar 14, 12:43 PM] DVR: Kyle Seager goes to Larry for $12
[Mar 14, 12:43 PM] DVR: (Willy Adames on the board)
[Mar 14, 12:44 PM] DVR: Doug Dennis gets Willy Adames for $13….
[Mar 14, 12:44 PM] DVR: (A.J. Puk on the board)
[Mar 14, 12:44 PM] DVR: Leibowitz gets A.J. Puk for $5.
[Mar 14, 12:45 PM] DVR: (Gio Urshela on the block)
[Mar 14, 12:46 PM] DVR: Gianella gets Urshela for $8….$7 less than Hunter Dozier….interesting.
[Mar 14, 12:46 PM] DVR: (Jordan Montgomery on the board)
[Mar 14, 12:46 PM] DVR: Collette gets Montgomery for $6
[Mar 14, 12:47 PM] rotoman: In my BA lists I have Dozier and Urshela the same price, but Urshela walks less.
[Mar 14, 12:47 PM] DVR: (Mitch Moreland on the clock)
[Mar 14, 12:48 PM] DVR: Moreland goes for $6 to Larry….
[Mar 14, 12:48 PM] DVR: (Michael Pineda on the clock)
[Mar 14, 12:48 PM] DVR: Pineda goes for $3 to Bender
[Mar 14, 12:48 PM] DVR: (David Fletcher is up)
[Mar 14, 12:50 PM] DVR: $7 to Bender
[Mar 14, 12:50 PM] DVR: (Yoshi Hirano just went for $7 to Doug Dennis)
[Mar 14, 12:50 PM] DVR: (Brandon Lowe is on the board now)
[Mar 14, 12:51 PM] DVR: Liss gets B. Lowe at $14….
[Mar 14, 12:51 PM] DVR: (Miggy on the board right now)
[Mar 14, 12:52 PM] DVR: $10 to Liss for Miggy (stunner)
[Mar 14, 12:52 PM] DVR: Maikel Franco just went for $1 to Colton/Wolf….weird.
[Mar 14, 12:53 PM] DVR: Baltimore’s Chris Davis for $1….crickets for Bender on that nomination.
[Mar 14, 12:53 PM] DVR: (Michael Chavis now on the board)
[Mar 14, 12:54 PM] DVR: Michael Chavis goes for $7 to Gianella….
[Mar 14, 12:54 PM] DVR: (J.A. Happ is on the board)
[Mar 14, 12:54 PM] rotoman: Wow on Chavis.
[Mar 14, 12:54 PM] DVR: Everybody is under $50 left budget-wise
[Mar 14, 12:55 PM] DVR: It’s strange, because people didn’t seem to be overspending early on.
[Mar 14, 12:55 PM] DVR: Happ goes to Bender for $5…
[Mar 14, 12:55 PM] DVR: (Teheran on the block)
[Mar 14, 12:55 PM] DVR: $5 to Leibowitz on Teheran.
[Mar 14, 12:55 PM] DVR: (Andujar on the block)
[Mar 14, 12:56 PM] DVR: $12 on Andujar is a nice buy to Collette, IMO
[Mar 14, 12:57 PM] rotoman: Andujar was only 9 in LABR.
[Mar 14, 12:57 PM] Guest2365: online auctions using auction software can be difficult, you have to juggle two screens
[Mar 14, 12:57 PM] DVR: Injury news a little worse on teammates since then?
[Mar 14, 12:57 PM] DVR: Larry gets Ryan Pressly for $3 (opened him at $1)
[Mar 14, 12:57 PM] DVR: (John Means up for bids)
[Mar 14, 12:58 PM] DVR: Liss pays $4 USD for John Means.
[Mar 14, 12:59 PM] DVR: Matt Shoemaker goes to Ryan Bloomfield for $4…..
[Mar 14, 12:59 PM] DVR: Diego Castillo goes for $3 to Howard Bender
[Mar 14, 1:00 PM] DVR: Dennis buys Haniger for $5….
[Mar 14, 1:00 PM] DVR: (Eovaldi up)
[Mar 14, 1:00 PM] DVR: Collette gets Eovaldi for $3….
[Mar 14, 1:00 PM] DVR: Any preferences here between Eovaldi, Shoemaker, and Means?
[Mar 14, 1:00 PM] DVR: (Vogelback on the board now)
[Mar 14, 1:00 PM] Guest8506: 3 seems pretty cheap for Eovaldi
[Mar 14, 1:01 PM] DVR: Agreed
[Mar 14, 1:01 PM] DVR: Vogelbach for $7 to Davitt…..
[Mar 14, 1:01 PM] DVR: (Shed Long on the block…)
[Mar 14, 1:02 PM] DVR: Gravy Boat buys Shed Long for $8.
[Mar 14, 1:02 PM] DVR: (Nick Madrigal up on the block)
[Mar 14, 1:03 PM] DVR: Collette gets Madrigal for $12….a very polarizing player to say the least?
[Mar 14, 1:03 PM] DVR: (Reynaldo Lopez is on the block)
[Mar 14, 1:04 PM] DVR: Lopez goes for $5….Bloomfield on the buy
[Mar 14, 1:04 PM] DVR: (Dee Gordon on the block)
[Mar 14, 1:04 PM] Guest8506: 12 seems like a hedge that Collette needed to take. He’s got Danny Santana as his other major speed guy.
[Mar 14, 1:04 PM] DVR: Gianella gets him at $7… speed comes with plenty of risk, but that one looks like one worth taking.
[Mar 14, 1:04 PM] rotoman: Not enough power or speed to get too excited. about Madrigal.
[Mar 14, 1:05 PM] rotoman: Not much risk at $7 for Gordon.
[Mar 14, 1:05 PM] DVR: Aaron Bummer goes for $3 to Patrick Davitt.
[Mar 14, 1:05 PM] DVR: One of my favorite non-closer relievers…..
[Mar 14, 1:06 PM] DVR: (Matt Barnes nominated)
[Mar 14, 1:06 PM] DVR: Larry noms at $2, gets Barnes at $2….
[Mar 14, 1:06 PM] DVR: (Fiers up)
[Mar 14, 1:07 PM] DVR: Larry gets Fiers at $3.
[Mar 14, 1:07 PM] Guest214: This sucker gonna fire back up?
[Mar 14, 1:07 PM] DVR: (it’s still going)
[Mar 14, 1:07 PM] Guest214: Sorry was frozen
[Mar 14, 1:08 PM] DVR: (Canha on the board)
[Mar 14, 1:08 PM] DVR: Canha goes for $16 to Mike Gianella…..
[Mar 14, 1:08 PM] Joel Henard: Big Canha fan but cannot he repeat
[Mar 14, 1:08 PM] DVR: .396 OBP last season!
[Mar 14, 1:08 PM] DVR: Even if you’re regressing him quite a bit, the big question is whether he continues to play a lot against righties….
[Mar 14, 1:09 PM] DVR: Nate Pearson goes for $3 to Liss….
[Mar 14, 1:09 PM] DVR: Alex Verdugo….goes for $9 to Bender….enough of an injury discount?
[Mar 14, 1:10 PM] DVR: (Renato Nunez up)
[Mar 14, 1:11 PM] DVR: Nunez goes to Podhorzer for $11….
[Mar 14, 1:11 PM] DVR: (Santander up)
[Mar 14, 1:12 PM] DVR: $4 to Podhorzer on Santander
[Mar 14, 1:12 PM] DVR: $4 Kiermaier to Leibowitz
[Mar 14, 1:12 PM] DVR: (Hunter Renfroe up)
[Mar 14, 1:13 PM] DVR: $8 on Renfroe to Podhorzer….nice, late power gamble?
[Mar 14, 1:13 PM] DVR: (Karinchak on the board)….
[Mar 14, 1:14 PM] Todd Zola: Very evenly spread on max bids, keeping more in the bidding at this point of an auction than usual
[Mar 14, 1:14 PM] DVR: Bender gets Karinchak $2…..
[Mar 14, 1:14 PM] DVR: (J.P. Crawford on the board)
[Mar 14, 1:14 PM] DVR: Crawford goes for $6 to Colton/Wolf — is this it for him, or is there still another lev el?
[Mar 14, 1:14 PM] DVR: (Petit on the board)
[Mar 14, 1:15 PM] DVR: Petit goes to Bloomfield for $2…solid staff filler
[Mar 14, 1:15 PM] DVR: (Junis up)
[Mar 14, 1:15 PM] DVR: Schechter gets Junis for $3….
[Mar 14, 1:16 PM] DVR: (Domingo German nom’d)
[Mar 14, 1:16 PM] DVR: German goes for $2 to Colton/Wolf
[Mar 14, 1:17 PM] DVR: Cameron Maybin goes to Leibowitz for $7…sneaky skills improvements last year
[Mar 14, 1:17 PM] DVR: (Tauchman up)
[Mar 14, 1:18 PM] DVR: Tauchman goes to Collette for $8….
[Mar 14, 1:18 PM] DVR: (Willie Calhoun up)
[Mar 14, 1:19 PM] DVR: Calhoun for $9 to Podhorzer
[Mar 14, 1:19 PM] DVR: (Chris Bassitt is up)
[Mar 14, 1:19 PM] DVR: Collette gets Bassitt for $2….
[Mar 14, 1:19 PM] Todd Zola: LOVE that
[Mar 14, 1:19 PM] DVR: (Margot up)
[Mar 14, 1:20 PM] DVR: Margot at $5 to Liss…..
[Mar 14, 1:20 PM] DVR: (Kikuchi on the board) anybody see bounce back potential there…..
[Mar 14, 1:20 PM] DVR: Liss gets Kikuchi for $3….
[Mar 14, 1:20 PM] DVR: (Austin Hays up)
[Mar 14, 1:21 PM] DVR: $6 on Hays to Davitt…I think there is more to be excited about with him than Margot at $5
[Mar 14, 1:22 PM] DVR: Mostly PT driven, but a nice buy
[Mar 14, 1:22 PM] DVR: Kyle Gibson goes for $4 to Colton/Wolf
[Mar 14, 1:22 PM] DVR: The Rangers have had a lot of success in recent offseasons finding value in the SP market….can they do it again with Gibson?
[Mar 14, 1:23 PM] DVR: JaCoby Jones goes for $5 to Gianella….
[Mar 14, 1:23 PM] DVR: (Sergio Romo nom’d for $1)
[Mar 14, 1:23 PM] DVR: Sold for $1 to Gianella….
[Mar 14, 1:23 PM] DVR: (JBJ on the board)
[Mar 14, 1:24 PM] DVR: Bloomfield gets JBJ for $6….I’d put him in the same bucket as Hays, within this group out of outfielders….
[Mar 14, 1:24 PM] DVR: (Brendan McKay on the board)
[Mar 14, 1:24 PM] DVR: He goes for $4 to Mike Podhorzer….
[Mar 14, 1:25 PM] DVR: (Jake Fraley on the board)….
[Mar 14, 1:25 PM] DVR: Fraley = $5 to Bloomfield
[Mar 14, 1:25 PM] DVR: R. Montero to Dennis for $1.
[Mar 14, 1:26 PM] DVR: (La Stella on the block)
[Mar 14, 1:26 PM] DVR: Davitt gets La Stella for $10.
[Mar 14, 1:27 PM] DVR: (Tellez on the board)
[Mar 14, 1:27 PM] DVR: Tellez goes for $5 to Erickson…
[Mar 14, 1:28 PM] DVR: $1 buy for Colton/Wolf: Deshields
[Mar 14, 1:28 PM] DVR: (Brad Keller up)
[Mar 14, 1:28 PM] DVR: Keller goes to Leibowitz for $2….
[Mar 14, 1:29 PM] DVR: (Puig nom’d)
[Mar 14, 1:29 PM] DVR: Collette gets Puig for $3….
[Mar 14, 1:29 PM] DVR: (Mancini on the board)
[Mar 14, 1:30 PM] DVR: He goes to Podhorzer for $6….get well soon, Trey
[Mar 14, 1:30 PM] DVR: Rich Hill for $1 gets crickets (Podhorzer)
[Mar 14, 1:31 PM] DVR: (Trevor May is up)
[Mar 14, 1:31 PM] DVR: He goes for $1 to Gianella.
[Mar 14, 1:32 PM] DVR: Alex Gordon goes for $3 to Larry….
[Mar 14, 1:32 PM] DVR: Hanser Alberto to Erickson for $4…..
[Mar 14, 1:32 PM] DVR: (Travis Shaw on the board)
[Mar 14, 1:33 PM] DVR: Who do you like better this season: Tellez or Shaw?
[Mar 14, 1:34 PM] DVR: Victor Reyes goes for $3
[Mar 14, 1:34 PM] DVR: (Dennis)
[Mar 14, 1:34 PM] DVR: Jose Peraza to Liss for $5…..
[Mar 14, 1:34 PM] DVR: Peraza at $5 or Dee Gordon at $7?
[Mar 14, 1:34 PM] Callen Elslager: Guessing Shaw hits higher in the order so I’ll go him
[Mar 14, 1:35 PM] DVR: Collette gets Mountcastle for $2 after nom’ing him at $2
[Mar 14, 1:35 PM] DVR: (Trevor Rosenthal up)
[Mar 14, 1:35 PM] DVR: $1 to Colton/Wolf
[Mar 14, 1:35 PM] DVR: Tony Kemp goes to Bender for $2….big-side platoon 2B in OAK?
[Mar 14, 1:36 PM] DVR: Leibowitz quickly gets Jorge Mateo at $2….interesting late speed dart.
[Mar 14, 1:38 PM] DVR: Kevin Pillar is going to be the player….
[Mar 14, 1:39 PM] DVR: Pillar $4 to Colton/Wolf
[Mar 14, 1:39 PM] rotoman: That’s got to be an impact pick, right?
[Mar 14, 1:39 PM] DVR: Casey Mize goes for $2 to Howard Bender….have to wonder if the Tigers are re-thinking the debut plans for their young pitchers this season?
[Mar 14, 1:40 PM] DVR: Collin McHugh goes for $1 to Mike Gianella…..
[Mar 14, 1:41 PM] DVR: Jose Iglesias for $1 to Larry…plenty of PT for him in that infield.
[Mar 14, 1:41 PM] DVR: Albert Pujols goes to Jeff Erickson for $3….
[Mar 14, 1:41 PM] DVR: Todd Frazier now on the board
[Mar 14, 1:42 PM] DVR: $6 to Larry for Frazier….
[Mar 14, 1:42 PM] DVR: Nicky Lopez goes for $1 to Doug Dennis….can he hit the ball harder in 2020?
[Mar 14, 1:43 PM] DVR: Doug also gets Leury Garcia for $2…..
[Mar 14, 1:43 PM] DVR: Doug gets Marwin Gonzalez for $2
[Mar 14, 1:43 PM] DVR: Jordan Lyles gets pushed from $1 to $4 by Howard Bender for a sale.
[Mar 14, 1:44 PM] DVR: (Bo Altobelli is a placeholder for Bender, who is done until reserves)
[Mar 14, 1:45 PM] DVR: Rob Leibowitz gets Spencer Turnbull for $2.
[Mar 14, 1:46 PM] DVR: Clint Frazier to Patrick Davitt for $1….not bad
[Mar 14, 1:46 PM] DVR: Patrick Sandoval to Podhorzer for $1
[Mar 14, 1:47 PM] DVR: Jeimer Candelario to Gianella for $3…..
[Mar 14, 1:47 PM] DVR: (Austin Brice is a filler for Larry’s roster, he’s done until reserves)
[Mar 14, 1:47 PM] DVR: As the endgame unfolds….whose roster(s) stand out to you?
[Mar 14, 1:48 PM] DVR: (Ford – $1, Erickson)
[Mar 14, 1:48 PM] DVR: Jose Martinez to Doug Dennis for $2…interesting buy.
[Mar 14, 1:48 PM] DVR: Michael Fulmer….$1 to Doug Dennis.
[Mar 14, 1:49 PM] DVR: Homer Bailey for $1 to Liss….if you’re buying the Twins’ org philosophy with pitching, why not?
[Mar 14, 1:49 PM] DVR: Myles Straw to Collette for $2.
[Mar 14, 1:49 PM] Joel Henard: I love everything about Collettes team
[Mar 14, 1:49 PM] DVR: Justus Sheffield to Colton/Wolf….
[Mar 14, 1:50 PM] DVR: (for $1)
[Mar 14, 1:50 PM] DVR: Justin Dunn for $1 to Leibowitz
[Mar 14, 1:50 PM] DVR: (Wander Franco)
[Mar 14, 1:50 PM] DVR: What are the odds that Franco debuts in 2020?
[Mar 14, 1:50 PM] DVR: opened at $2, sold at $2 to Leibowitz
[Mar 14, 1:51 PM] DVR: Griffin Canning goes for $1 to Podhorzer
[Mar 14, 1:51 PM] DVR: Britton to Gianella for $1…..
[Mar 14, 1:52 PM] DVR: Ottavino to Gianella for $2…..
[Mar 14, 1:52 PM] DVR: Piscotty to Bloomfield for $1….
[Mar 14, 1:52 PM] DVR: Felix Pena to Doug for $3…..
[Mar 14, 1:53 PM] DVR: Aaron Hicks for $1 to Liss
[Mar 14, 1:53 PM] DVR: Aledmys Diaz for $1 to Collette…..
[Mar 14, 1:53 PM] DVR: Luis Severino (as a placeholder) to Colton/Wolf
[Mar 14, 1:54 PM] DVR: $2 for Loaisiga to Leibowitz….
[Mar 14, 1:55 PM] DVR: Kyle Lewis to Davitt for $1…..
[Mar 14, 1:55 PM] DVR: Taijuan Walker goes to Podhorzer for $1….
[Mar 14, 1:55 PM] DVR: Nick Wittgren for $2 to Gianella….
[Mar 14, 1:56 PM] Joel Henard: Please do DVR.
[Mar 14, 1:56 PM] rotoman: 3pm is right for mixed auction.
[Mar 14, 1:56 PM] DVR: Jarred Kelenic — Erickson for $1….
[Mar 14, 1:56 PM] Joel Henard: Oh did not know you were in it.
[Mar 14, 1:56 PM] Joel Henard: Thats to muhc
[Mar 14, 1:56 PM] rotoman: Chat here with Jason Collette.
[Mar 14, 1:57 PM] DVR: Nate Lowe for $1 to Bloomfield….
[Mar 14, 1:57 PM] DVR: Luis Pena is a filler for Doug Dennis
[Mar 14, 1:57 PM] Joel Henard: I have enjoyed you DVR. Great job
[Mar 14, 1:58 PM] DVR: Franklin Barreto to Liss for $1….another nice endgame buy
[Mar 14, 1:58 PM] DVR: Severano Hernandez = Collette filler.
[Mar 14, 1:59 PM] DVR: Gio Gonzalez goes to Davitt for $1
[Mar 14, 2:00 PM] DVR: Ryan O’Hearn for $1 to Podhorzer….the Royals seem to like him, but I can’t quite figure it out.
[Mar 14, 2:00 PM] DVR: Tyler Duffey goes to Erickson for $1.
[Mar 14, 2:01 PM] DVR: Colin Poche for $1 to Bloomfield
[Mar 14, 2:01 PM] DVR: Matt Manning for $1 to Davitt
[Mar 14, 2:03 PM] DVR: Jose Alvarado for $1, why not
[Mar 14, 2:04 PM] DVR: Willi Castro for $1 to Davitt…I love it
[Mar 14, 2:05 PM] DVR: Plesac to Erickson for $1….
[Mar 14, 2:06 PM] DVR: I’m going to step out for a bit with reserves going on — hit the link above the chat window to follow at those get going.
[Mar 14, 2:09 PM] Guest214: Thank you Derek. Let us know about Mixed this pm, yhx
[Mar 14, 2:13 PM] DVR: 3p ET start
[Mar 14, 2:13 PM] DVR: Jason Collette will be here for a chat during Mixed

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