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And what follows is a transcript of the chat with Jason Collette.

[Mar 14, 2:50 PM] JasonCollette: I think it’s all set — back in my hotel now
[Mar 14, 3:02 PM] JasonCollette: Joel……are you ready?
[Mar 14, 3:03 PM] JasonCollette: I SAID, ARE YOU READY????!!!!!!!
[Mar 14, 3:04 PM] DVR: LOL
[Mar 14, 3:04 PM] DVR: I got my five minutes of backwards walking in, I’m ready!
[Mar 14, 3:05 PM] rotoman: Doesn’t look like Joel’s ready!
[Mar 14, 3:05 PM] JasonCollette: Peter — do I need admin access or anything or just chat in here?
[Mar 14, 3:05 PM] DVR: Counting on you, Joel!
[Mar 14, 3:05 PM] rotoman: You can just chat and that works fine for chatting.
[Mar 14, 3:06 PM] JasonCollette: but what if I want to block DVR?
[Mar 14, 3:06 PM] JasonCollette: I mean, that guy annoys me
[Mar 14, 3:06 PM] JasonCollette: wait – is this not private? Shit
[Mar 14, 3:06 PM] JasonCollette: 🙂

[Mar 14, 3:07 PM] DVR: I’ve got an extra tab open just to annoy you in here.
[Mar 14, 3:07 PM] JasonCollette: OMG, IT’S JEN PICANTE ON THE RADIO
[Mar 14, 3:08 PM] Joel Henard: Looking forward to this. I also a draft at 4 and 730 tonight. Both now online. UGH
[Mar 14, 3:09 PM] JasonCollette: I’ve been in the hotel room all day — just ran out and grabbed some terrible pizza. If I go quiet on here, I may be dying
[Mar 14, 3:09 PM] JasonCollette: 99 cent pizza places are high quality food, yes?
[Mar 14, 3:11 PM] DVR: I’ve had pretty good luck with them.
[Mar 14, 3:12 PM] DVR: It seemed like Howard Bender had some sort of home-field advantage in the AL today.
[Mar 14, 3:12 PM] DVR: Comfortable draped in velvet at home, I guess.
[Mar 14, 3:12 PM] JasonCollette: My plan for the auction today was to not oversleep
[Mar 14, 3:13 PM] DVR: I thought I was late for the chat this morning.
[Mar 14, 3:13 PM] JasonCollette: other than that, it was to remember it was an OBP league, get a staff ace, and buy starters on good teams
[Mar 14, 3:13 PM] DVR: I really liked the Maeda price.
[Mar 14, 3:13 PM] DVR: You had a run near the mid-way point where a few things fell into place nicely.
[Mar 14, 3:13 PM] JasonCollette: have him in both labr and tout now 🙂
[Mar 14, 3:14 PM] JasonCollette: for the others reading here, is to track the auction. I’m planning on doing commentary and making jokes vs posting prices
[Mar 14, 3:15 PM] DVR: good choice….price robot wasn’t my best
[Mar 14, 3:15 PM] JasonCollette: for example, using the online auction software, I had fun doing some tricks where I entered in a whole number while others were +1’ing bids, to jump them up
[Mar 14, 3:15 PM] JasonCollette: or, if I had a strong feeling someone else was going to +1, I did it immediately which had them bust up to +2 without meaning to
[Mar 14, 3:16 PM] JasonCollette: also plan to track the player pool to see what’s out there as we get deeper into things
[Mar 14, 3:18 PM] JasonCollette: ….and they’re off. Cannot believe DVR didn’t buy trout
[Mar 14, 3:19 PM] DVR: one player auctioned, one mistake made.
[Mar 14, 3:19 PM] Callen Elslager: Batting 1.000
[Mar 14, 3:20 PM] JasonCollette: and a $55 trout win apparently broke things?
[Mar 14, 3:21 PM] DVR: right before we started, a couple of people dropped
[Mar 14, 3:21 PM] JasonCollette: it performed rather well for us this morning. There was an issue for Gianella early & then another with Bender later, but I thought it held up really well
[Mar 14, 3:21 PM] Mgianella: hey everyone
[Mar 14, 3:21 PM] Mgianella: i always have an issue
[Mar 14, 3:22 PM] Mgianella: my computer was 10 seconds behind. i switched computers and it was fine
[Mar 14, 3:22 PM] JasonCollette: It’s the ID-10-T error again 🙂
[Mar 14, 3:22 PM] Mgianella: lol
[Mar 14, 3:23 PM] JasonCollette: my 1B/3B/CI of Diaz/Mountcastle/Danny Santana has to be the worst thing in the history of ever
[Mar 14, 3:23 PM] JasonCollette: and that’s not Yandy Diaz 🙁
[Mar 14, 3:23 PM] BMAC: Did this just start?
[Mar 14, 3:23 PM] JasonCollette: yes, technical difficulty
[Mar 14, 3:24 PM] Mgianella: i was worried i was going to be right there with you. CO are ugly this year.
[Mar 14, 3:24 PM] BMAC: $55 Trout so far? Or more picks
[Mar 14, 3:24 PM] JasonCollette: that’s it so far
[Mar 14, 3:24 PM] BMAC: Gotcha
[Mar 14, 3:24 PM] JasonCollette: Mike — Howard says you run AOL in Bucks County off your Commodor 64
[Mar 14, 3:24 PM] Guest214: The board doesn’t show pricing does it?
[Mar 14, 3:25 PM] JasonCollette: yes it does
[Mar 14, 3:25 PM] BMAC: Will we see the rise of Clevy and Verlander? Assuming so
[Mar 14, 3:25 PM] Mgianella: This computer is four days old. I don’t know what the hell happened.
[Mar 14, 3:25 PM] JasonCollette: make sure you click the live online auction tab
[Mar 14, 3:25 PM] JasonCollette: 10 minutes –2 bids
[Mar 14, 3:25 PM] Mgianella: should start moving soon hopefully
[Mar 14, 3:26 PM] BMAC: Board is updating now… Trout/Cole
[Mar 14, 3:26 PM] Guest214: There it goes. Joe going to follow Liss and take JV too?
[Mar 14, 3:29 PM] JasonCollette: With a likelyy 4-6 week delay to the season, it should ease some workload concerns for guys. The other issue to look at is that all suspensions don’t start until the season starts, so guys like Pineda and German are going to miss more
[Mar 14, 3:31 PM] B_Walton1: If they can’t get all 162 games in, I am wondering how they deal with service time. Will affect rookies potentially.
[Mar 14, 3:31 PM] JasonCollette: I don’t see how they get all 162 in — we can’t be playing games deep into November
[Mar 14, 3:31 PM] JasonCollette: I think we get 125-130
[Mar 14, 3:32 PM] JasonCollette: Nelson Cruz has had absolutely no discount this spring despite the uncertain offseason, age, and U only status
[Mar 14, 3:32 PM] B_Walton1: Me, too, but just last night Craig Mish shared they are looking at playing through Nov if needed.
[Mar 14, 3:32 PM] DVR: It’s weird, he’s discounted in drafts, but really at all in auctions.
[Mar 14, 3:33 PM] Guest214: Derek, did you bid on Trea hitting first or third?
[Mar 14, 3:33 PM] DVR: first at this point
[Mar 14, 3:35 PM] JasonCollette: I didn’t have concerns about position depth at LABR, but perhaps it was because I already filled my corner. I’m still surprised just how quickly stuff dried up at corner.
[Mar 14, 3:35 PM] JasonCollette: wow..deGrom de$50
[Mar 14, 3:35 PM] DVR: Carty hoarded corners in NL LABR, which made it a little worse, but I was surprised by that too.
[Mar 14, 3:36 PM] JasonCollette: I have the XM show on my phone, using my hotel tv as a second monitor, and an ironing board as my desk
[Mar 14, 3:36 PM] Callen Elslager: Quite the set up
[Mar 14, 3:37 PM] JasonCollette:
[Mar 14, 3:38 PM] Guest214: At first glance I thought that was Eno on your TV
[Mar 14, 3:38 PM] JasonCollette: lolololol
[Mar 14, 3:39 PM] JasonCollette: waiting for someone to nominate a $1 catcher. We pushed through 23 catchers before the second break thanks to Doug Dennis nominating them
[Mar 14, 3:41 PM] JasonCollette: Zimm grabbed Verlander at $32 — so not too much of a discount
[Mar 14, 3:41 PM] DVR: I thought Doug couldn’t figure out how to get off the catcher tab.
[Mar 14, 3:41 PM] JasonCollette: perfect
[Mar 14, 3:44 PM] JasonCollette: surprised nobody has yet tried to sneak someone in. Everyone has gone $24 or higher so far
[Mar 14, 3:45 PM] JasonCollette: SP so far:
[Mar 14, 3:46 PM] JasonCollette: Cole – 40, deGrom 50, Verlander 32, Scherzer 35
[Mar 14, 3:47 PM] Mgianella: had to step away for RAZZSLAM!
[Mar 14, 3:48 PM] JasonCollette: ancient Cruz at DH == $26 ; young Alvarez at DH = $28
[Mar 14, 3:48 PM] Mgianella: Cruz’s knees might be healthier…
[Mar 14, 3:49 PM] JasonCollette: exactly
[Mar 14, 3:53 PM] JasonCollette: bregman at $41 — continues the trend of Astros discounts being as real as the boogeyman
[Mar 14, 3:53 PM] JasonCollette: Turner, Bregman, Story and Lindor each $41-$45
[Mar 14, 3:56 PM] JasonCollette: 1B pool so far: Alonso 30, Goldy 29, freeman 41, rizzo 31, hoskins 23
[Mar 14, 3:57 PM] Guest214: like that hoskins upside
[Mar 14, 3:57 PM] JasonCollette: yep – especially in the OBP style. I traded for him at $21 in my NL home OBP league
[Mar 14, 3:58 PM] JasonCollette: Buehler going for only $4 more than Verlander is a nice price
[Mar 14, 3:58 PM] DVR: Regretting not going at least one more on Buehler.
[Mar 14, 3:59 PM] JasonCollette: 1st closer going – Hader at $22. Saw him going $32 in a keeper mixed auction yesterday as 2 teams had the same idea
[Mar 14, 3:59 PM] DVR: Is he among the players whose value takes a slight hit in a shortened season?
[Mar 14, 4:00 PM] JasonCollette: I think so
[Mar 14, 4:00 PM] SeattleGuy: Olson more than Judge?
[Mar 14, 4:00 PM] DVR: What the heck…Rendon for $30?
[Mar 14, 4:00 PM] Guest214: I feel like that olson price is nice
[Mar 14, 4:00 PM] JasonCollette: we know Olson will be ready on opening day
[Mar 14, 4:00 PM] JasonCollette: that’s a great buy on Rendon, even though I worry about him this year
[Mar 14, 4:01 PM] SeattleGuy: I’m wondering how the injured guys price changes with opening day getting pushed back.
[Mar 14, 4:02 PM] JasonCollette: so far, not too much
[Mar 14, 4:03 PM] SeattleGuy: Man I wish I could get into a league with the pros. None of my friends like baseball
[Mar 14, 4:04 PM] JasonCollette: get into NFBC. Most all of us in Tout/LABR are in those leagues – and many of those players could be over in this one just as well
[Mar 14, 4:05 PM] JasonCollette: Paddack $22 > Flaherty $30 IMO
[Mar 14, 4:05 PM] SeattleGuy: There’s no trading in those though, right?
[Mar 14, 4:05 PM] JasonCollette: correct – no trades
[Mar 14, 4:05 PM] SeattleGuy: Yeah that’s part of the big fun for me
[Mar 14, 4:07 PM] Guest214: yep, love paddock over JF given their two prices here
[Mar 14, 4:10 PM] JasonCollette: ozuna at $21 may be my favorite buy so far
[Mar 14, 4:12 PM] Callen Elslager: You think the Stanton price is a good one?
[Mar 14, 4:13 PM] JasonCollette: relative to what has happened so far, yes
[Mar 14, 4:13 PM] DVR: I’d love to know this is tracking with higher spending early than last year…it seems like it is.
[Mar 14, 4:13 PM] JasonCollette: sure feels like it
[Mar 14, 4:14 PM] JasonCollette: this is what happens when 13 teams go stars and scrubs
[Mar 14, 4:14 PM] JasonCollette: Zimmerman is staying out of that action
[Mar 14, 4:14 PM] Guest214: 29 castillo or 28 clev?
[Mar 14, 4:15 PM] JasonCollette: Castillo
[Mar 14, 4:15 PM] DVR: It’s much easier to bid on everybody when you’re only concentrating on one screen.
[Mar 14, 4:16 PM] JasonCollette: averaging a pick a minute with 50 picks so far
[Mar 14, 4:17 PM] DVR: I’m sure winning Paxton at $13 isn’t bad luck at all.
[Mar 14, 4:18 PM] Guest736: Clevinger is a better value than Castillo IMO, better era, whip, is upside in easier division
[Mar 14, 4:18 PM] JasonCollette: Paxton at $13 is really nice given he should be just about up to speed by the time we finally get real baseball
[Mar 14, 4:19 PM] JasonCollette: both catchers – Sanchez and Realmuto – have gone $19
[Mar 14, 4:20 PM] JasonCollette: Vlad Jr goes $1 less than Cavan Biggio. Fun times
[Mar 14, 4:22 PM] JasonCollette: DVR – would you be thrown out of the state if you didn’t roster Hiura?
[Mar 14, 4:22 PM] DVR: No question
[Mar 14, 4:24 PM] JasonCollette: 17% through the auction….57 players purchased, 288 to go
[Mar 14, 4:26 PM] JasonCollette: lol @ that back to back Nola
[Mar 14, 4:27 PM] JasonCollette: but Austin Nola in a 15 team mixed? eeesh
[Mar 14, 4:27 PM] JasonCollette: Darvish $19 = steal
[Mar 14, 4:29 PM] JasonCollette: also really like the $19 Berrios buy
[Mar 14, 4:33 PM] JasonCollette: closer prices : Hader -22, Yates -18, Osuna – 18
[Mar 14, 4:35 PM] Guest7450: NL-only auction tomorrow? Anyone know what time is starts? Thanks.
[Mar 14, 4:35 PM] JasonCollette: 9am
[Mar 14, 4:35 PM] Guest7450: 6AM PST? Yikes.
[Mar 14, 4:36 PM] JasonCollette: yup
[Mar 14, 4:40 PM] JasonCollette: Berrios at $19 vs Giolito at $24 is interesting given they’re only 10 bids apart
[Mar 14, 4:41 PM] DVR: It feels like people are starting to look into their wallets in the last 10-15 mins.
[Mar 14, 4:43 PM] JasonCollette: someone wake up Zimmerman and see if he’s going to spend
[Mar 14, 4:43 PM] Guest9349: Berrios is a great buy
[Mar 14, 4:46 PM] GuestGSUdb8: Does Kluber at 18 seem high for anyone?
[Mar 14, 4:47 PM] Guest736: Yes I like Bauer more at his price than kluber
[Mar 14, 4:47 PM] JasonCollette: does to me — but I’ve faded him rather aggressively
[Mar 14, 4:48 PM] Guest5855: Hey Jason (or any of the experts)… was wondering if any of you were doing a write-up post draft? In a first time auction and seeing what experts have to say about this would be a huge help.
[Mar 14, 4:49 PM] JasonCollette: Yes, everyone does a post-draft write-up and we usually have them linked right here off the toutwars site back to whichever site we write for
[Mar 14, 4:49 PM] Guest5855: Awesome thank you!!
[Mar 14, 4:49 PM] JasonCollette: I’m hoping to have mine done by Tuesday
[Mar 14, 4:49 PM] Mgianella: i think Bret and I will be both doing one for our leagues at Baseball Prospectus
[Mar 14, 4:50 PM] JasonCollette: breaktime — will be back shortly afgter 5 ET. Need to go get a snack
[Mar 14, 5:05 PM] Guest9349: was curious to see Woodruffs price
[Mar 14, 5:06 PM] Guest9349: 20 seems great
[Mar 14, 5:06 PM] JasonCollette: pretty good price
[Mar 14, 5:07 PM] Guest9349: Thor Woodruff Glasnow Berrios a tight cluster for me
[Mar 14, 5:08 PM] DVR: I thought everybody loved Robert?
[Mar 14, 5:09 PM] JasonCollette: right?
[Mar 14, 5:12 PM] JasonCollette: Mike – possible for you take over the NL chat tomorrow? I’m really hoping/needing to get home
[Mar 14, 5:16 PM] JasonCollette: Sale for $9 — or a dollar per start
[Mar 14, 5:17 PM] DVR: Don’t let me bid anymore.
[Mar 14, 5:17 PM] DVR: I could do the early chat (NL) too if that helps…if someone can take the H2H one?
[Mar 14, 5:17 PM] JasonCollette: spend your time getting guys into the queue
[Mar 14, 5:18 PM] JasonCollette: I’m just trying to get home – been away since Monday afternoon. I just saw a ton of Delta crew roll into my hotel and they look very worried so I’m concerned they’re going to get some folks grounded tomorrow or Monday
[Mar 14, 5:19 PM] DVR: Consider it covered either way
[Mar 14, 5:21 PM] JasonCollette: thanks. Just sent out a big reply to the group as well
[Mar 14, 5:22 PM] JasonCollette: auction 30% over
[Mar 14, 5:25 PM] Guest7450: Cole for $40 seems like real bargain compared to other SP prices. Just early auction tentativeness or do experts have some doubt about him this year?
[Mar 14, 5:26 PM] JasonCollette: either a few people are waiting on The Franimal, or he’s goingn to go cheap
[Mar 14, 5:27 PM] JasonCollette: re Cole: people really have this aversion to paying over 40 for a pitcher
[Mar 14, 5:27 PM] JasonCollette: best guys on the board IMO:
[Mar 14, 5:27 PM] JasonCollette: C: Garver
[Mar 14, 5:27 PM] DVR: Felt like deGrom was more of the outlier, in the early pitchers though
[Mar 14, 5:28 PM] JasonCollette: 1B: Encarnacion, 2B: McNeil, 3B: Donaldson, SS: Semien, OF: Franimal/Pham, SP: Gray, CL: Giles
[Mar 14, 5:28 PM] Guest7450: So DeGrom was high, not Cole low?
[Mar 14, 5:28 PM] JasonCollette: Cole fairly priced
[Mar 14, 5:29 PM] JasonCollette: and then Garver goes $17 and Pham goes $25
[Mar 14, 5:32 PM] JasonCollette: it’s bad out there people:
[Mar 14, 5:33 PM] JasonCollette: closer run of Rogers $16, Diaz $12, Anderson $11
[Mar 14, 5:33 PM] DVR: Very hard to let Moncada go at 18….great buy for Bret
[Mar 14, 5:34 PM] DVR: thought one of the few teams with a lot of money left could push that a bit more
[Mar 14, 5:35 PM] JasonCollette: I’m not tracking money – just scratching dudes out of the player pool
[Mar 14, 5:36 PM] DVR: EK & Jay-Z have over $100 left
[Mar 14, 5:37 PM] JasonCollette: looking at By Team view now
[Mar 14, 5:41 PM] JasonCollette: I like these recent closer buys
[Mar 14, 5:42 PM] JasonCollette: DVR — Murphy is picking up the NL chat
[Mar 14, 5:42 PM] Guest8752: Does Anderson seem like good value or is that his typical value?
[Mar 14, 5:42 PM] DVR: Nice — glad someone could do it
[Mar 14, 5:43 PM] JasonCollette: anderson is fairly priced — Diaz, if he gets back to Seattle form, is going to be a steal
[Mar 14, 5:43 PM] Guest5855: castellanos at $17 seems low?
[Mar 14, 5:43 PM] JasonCollette: sure does
[Mar 14, 5:46 PM] Guest9349: like the archie price
[Mar 14, 5:47 PM] JasonCollette: love the Giles price myself
[Mar 14, 5:48 PM] Guest9349: that too
[Mar 14, 5:50 PM] Guest8752: Odor at 3, very nice
[Mar 14, 5:51 PM] JasonCollette: rather volatile range with both Odor and Schoop. Rosario at $10 is the safer play, but the first two definitely can pay off big
[Mar 14, 5:59 PM] Mgianella: One of the Rangers beats told me Odor has a very short leash in terms of PT.
[Mar 14, 5:59 PM] DVR: PeteWebernonsense.gif
[Mar 14, 5:59 PM] JasonCollette: They want to get Solak’s bat in the lineup as much as possible and they’d like to hide it at second base
[Mar 14, 6:00 PM] JasonCollette: there so many pitchers I like still sitting out there just begging to be taken
[Mar 14, 6:00 PM] JasonCollette: Franimal for $11 ==== thievery
[Mar 14, 6:00 PM] Guest9349: so cheap
[Mar 14, 6:01 PM] GuestGSUdb8: wow too cheap
[Mar 14, 6:01 PM] Mgianella: i didn’t see the odor price before i commented…that’s fine
[Mar 14, 6:06 PM] JasonCollette: mercado at $10 is a really nice buy in the OF if he’s 100% healthy on the wrist
[Mar 14, 6:07 PM] JasonCollette: overall, lots of good pitching still out there. 1B and SS starting to get thin
[Mar 14, 6:07 PM] JasonCollette: Buxton really.gif?
[Mar 14, 6:09 PM] Guest9349: DVR is a Buxton addict
[Mar 14, 6:09 PM] JasonCollette: too much time with Liss
[Mar 14, 6:09 PM] JasonCollette: who also bought him in AL
[Mar 14, 6:09 PM] DVR: I’m in complete control of this situation.
[Mar 14, 6:10 PM] Guest9349: sure sure
[Mar 14, 6:10 PM] JasonCollette:
[Mar 14, 6:13 PM] Guest9349: Robles at 9 reaffirms my love of Archie at 6
[Mar 14, 6:14 PM] Mgianella: i weaned myself off of Buxton
[Mar 14, 6:15 PM] DVR: this team is going to break my heart
[Mar 14, 6:16 PM] JasonCollette: go get Brian Anderson and fix it
[Mar 14, 6:16 PM] DVR: the glue guy
[Mar 14, 6:16 PM] DVR: even has a glue guy name
[Mar 14, 6:17 PM] JasonCollette: and Avi…, i’m jealous of mix league depth/upside
[Mar 14, 6:17 PM] JasonCollette: I HAD TO DRAFT RYAN MOUNTCASTLE
[Mar 14, 6:17 PM] Guest9349: I just wrapped an NL and was thrilled with Jaylin Davis
[Mar 14, 6:17 PM] DVR: it affords so much leeway to spend like an idiot
[Mar 14, 6:20 PM] JasonCollette: I have Aledmys Diaz, Ryan Mountcastle, and Myles Straw as starters — and Diaz was my only $1 player as my final guy.
[Mar 14, 6:22 PM] Guest9349: I forget mid draft that the NL hitter pool is shallow compared to the AL and my hitter depth is trash
[Mar 14, 6:22 PM] Guest9349: 6$ URIAS wow
[Mar 14, 6:23 PM] JasonCollette: we’re now over the half-way mark of this thing
[Mar 14, 6:23 PM] JasonCollette: pitchers still out there I’d take at $6: Odorizzi, Boyd, Weaver, Maeda, Musgrove
[Mar 14, 6:24 PM] GuestGSUdb8: Choo at 8 I like that
[Mar 14, 6:25 PM] JasonCollette: Adam Eaton sitting out there wondering what’s wrong with him
[Mar 14, 6:26 PM] JasonCollette: this is the part of a mixed auction where I’ve found myself targeting guys and passing up on bargains and then overspending on that guy because someone else was doing the same damn thing
[Mar 14, 6:27 PM] JasonCollette: my point being, there’s a few guys still there that shouldn’t be right now, so wondering when we see that surprise double-digit buy given the last 12 guys have all been single-digit buys
[Mar 14, 6:27 PM] Guest214: $7 Maeda! There you go DVR
[Mar 14, 6:33 PM] JasonCollette: oh lawdy, we have 22 catchers still to be taken in this thing??!!
[Mar 14, 6:34 PM] Guest8752: Is this 2 catcher league?
[Mar 14, 6:34 PM] JasonCollette: yes
[Mar 14, 6:34 PM] JasonCollette: they must now be on a break….I’m taking one as well
[Mar 14, 6:39 PM] DVR: apologies, we’re back at :45 after
[Mar 14, 6:52 PM] JasonCollette: this run of Keller, James, Boyd and Musgrove has allt he feels for me
[Mar 14, 6:52 PM] Guest9349: nice Avi
[Mar 14, 6:56 PM] JasonCollette: Jose LeClerc really just hanging out there waiting to be plucked on the cheap
[Mar 14, 6:58 PM] Guest9349: 5 for leclerc is nice
[Mar 14, 7:00 PM] JasonCollette: 141 players left….yikes
[Mar 14, 7:03 PM] Guest8752: Jimenez… Yikes
[Mar 14, 7:04 PM] JasonCollette: Corey Dickerson is going to hit cleanup in Miami — and is still out there. Brian Anderson may be one of the better hitters out there — still out there. So much late value here
[Mar 14, 7:06 PM] JasonCollette: i haven’t done anything but straight drafts in mixed leagues for a long time now , but I may need to change that up
[Mar 14, 7:07 PM] RayHQ: hi gang
[Mar 14, 7:08 PM] JasonCollette: welcome to nearly hour 4 of the fun
[Mar 14, 7:10 PM] RayHQ: just testing my account for tomorrow AM 🙂
[Mar 14, 7:11 PM] JasonCollette: 🙂
[Mar 14, 7:11 PM] JasonCollette: thanks again
[Mar 14, 7:11 PM] Guest9349: nice kingery price
[Mar 14, 7:12 PM] RayHQ: no prob at all
[Mar 14, 7:12 PM] JasonCollette: Segura and his skills is going to be a nice buy for someone
[Mar 14, 7:13 PM] Guest9349: true
[Mar 14, 7:16 PM] JasonCollette: CJ Cron and Grichuk are 2 potential 30+ homer bats collecting flies right now
[Mar 14, 7:21 PM] Guest733: Tucker for 3 could be fantastic value (obviously needs to play)
[Mar 14, 7:22 PM] JasonCollette: only takes one beanball that knocks a houston OF out for a bit
[Mar 14, 7:25 PM] DVR: This team is absolutely going to break my heart.
[Mar 14, 7:25 PM] DVR: If there was any doubt earlier, that has been erased.
[Mar 14, 7:26 PM] JasonCollette: lol
[Mar 14, 7:27 PM] JasonCollette: the online auction dynamic was really tough to deal with today, as someone who has done hundreds live and maybe 2 online in my playing history
[Mar 14, 7:31 PM] DVR: sort of like difference between live/online poker
[Mar 14, 7:32 PM] DVR: this room plays a bit like the Steak League…so I think that helped me a bit
[Mar 14, 7:39 PM] JasonCollette: given it’s only 1-2 picks the rest of the way, I’m going to bow out. I need to find some dinner before they shut places down. Thanks for hanging out.
[Mar 14, 8:06 PM] Guest9349: DVR eno might require you draft a certain DET hurler
[Mar 14, 8:07 PM] Todd Zola: Has to be a record number of $1 layers
[Mar 14, 8:07 PM] Todd Zola: or players
[Mar 14, 8:07 PM] Todd Zola: Just silly
[Mar 14, 8:08 PM] Guest9349: hour 5 of the draft