6 thoughts on “Doubt Wars 2021 Signup is Now!”

  1. Swingman…interesting. I’m in the mixed league though so no swinging for me, correct?

  2. Tout Wars AL and NL uses a Swingman position. So 4 OF, 1 UT, and 1 SW who can be either a hitter (any position) or a pitcher. Let’s teams decide each week whether there are better hitters or pitchers on waivers.

  3. Tout Wars uses a Swingman in the AL and NL leagues. Four outfielders, one UT, and a SW who can be either a Pitcher or a Hitter. You decide!

  4. the onRoto page says 14 hitters + 9 pitchers OR 13 hitters + 10 pitchers. I’m confused. If we do 13 hitters, is it the utility position that is dropped?

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