Tout Wars Mixed Draft 15 is Coming Up Soon!

You can follow it by Zoom, hosted by Jason Collette, at Zoom room 897 6009 8139. No password is required.

The draft is being covered by Colton and Wolfman on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports, though I hear the Wolfman isn’t in tonight. I’m sure Glenn will have an able co-host.

The link to the public draft room on Fantrax is here. You can see the actual draft order there.

Draft order is based on teams that finished better last year getting their choice of picks. The order of picking this year was:

Adam Ronis (1000) 2015, 2016, 2021 Mix 15 Champion
DJ Short (1000)
Shelly Verougstraete (1000)
Tim McLeod (1000) 2014 Mix 15 Champion
Tim McCullough (1000)
Seth Trachtman (1000) 2016 AL Champion
Charlie Wiegert (1000)
Ray Murphy (1000) 2019 Mix 15 Champion
Rudy Gamble (1000) 2018, 2017 Mix 15 Champion
Scott White (1000) 2020 Mix 15 Champion
Michael Beller (920)
Anthony Perri (870)
Mike Gianella (700) 2015 NL Champion, Xfer from Tout AL
Perry Van Hook (680))
AJ Mass (1000) Return to Tout

Teams that finish in the lower half of the standings one year face a FAAB penalty the next. The numbers in parens are that team’s FAAB for 2022. The penalties follow teams even if they change leagues.