Tout Wars AL lineup is set…

The twelve teams of Tout Wars AL are set. One big change this year. Sam Walker, author of Fantasyland, has decided to move on with his two Tout Wars titles.

Taking his place is the estimable Rob Leibowitz, of, a long time Tout Wars vet who played last year in the NL league.

The rest of lineup includes 2009 champion Lawr Michaels, second place finisher Mike Siano, third place finisher Ron Shandler, and Jeff Erickson, Joe Sheehan, Jason Grey, Steve Moyer, Matthew Berry, Jason Collette, Rick Wolf/Glen Colton, and Dean Peterson.

The AL auction will be held at 4 pm on Friday, March 26th.

The event will be live blogged. We’re working on getting some unfortunately limited number of guest passes. If you’re interested, please write to, with Tout Wars Guest in the subject, and which draft you would like to attend.

The history is updated

Those hungry for Tout Wars history  can head over to the history page, where the final standings and league records are all posted. Some day we’ll get all the draft results and full final standings posted (and remember, if you have any Tout Wars data that you think might be of interest, please send it to

We’re Getting Ready to Rumble!

Draft dates have been set (March 26 and 28 at Citifield in Flushing NY), the slates are almost filled, Spring Training is almost here.

Check back soon for all the Tout Wars details. and Merge!

Tout Wars 2009 juggernaught, home of AL champion Lawr Michaels and NL champion Brian Walton, have merged with, a fantasy industry stalwart. The new entity will be called

Read the press release here: Mastersball Creativesports Press Release 2009 (doc file).

The winners!

There is more to be said about the Tout Wars winners than will be said in this post. You can read some of it in The Fantasy Baseball Guide 2010. Surely Lawr and Brian will write about it at, and Chris will write about it at The fact is this:


AL: Lawr  Michaels,

NL: Brian Walton,

Mixed: Chris Liss,

Mike Siano-Lawr Michaels Smackdown, er, conversation here.

It’s a dogfight in AL Tout, and the dogs are’s Mike Siano and’s Lawr Michaels. Rare is the day that both don’t spend some time in first place. Both will be blogging here, their darkest deepest thoughts. Maybe even murderous thoughts, now that I think about it. Follow the evidence here.

Lawr’s Weekly Hot Sheet in a Pennant Race

Lawr Michaels, of, and Mike Siano, of, are in a neck and neck race to win Tout Wars AL this year. Lawr writes in this column about thinking, too little and too much, while trying to do the right things to win.