Traders Go Wild in Tout Wars Mixed Auction! Steinhorn Still Leads!

Screenshot 2015-06-09 13.48.52Prompted by Fred Zinkie’s Tweet, a look at the Tout Wars Mixed Auction trades of the past week.

The first trade (actually before the big 8) was classic hitting for pitching.

Al Melchior gets: Matt Carpenter StL from Scott Pianowski
Scott Pianowski gets: James McCann Det and Jacob DeGrom NYM from Al Melchior
Accepted by all parties at 2:30 PM on 05/28/2015.

Trading season usually starts about two months into the season. Melchior now needed a catcher. So he dealt.

Al Melchior gets: Carlos Perez LAA from Paul Singman
Paul Singman gets: Nick Castellanos Det from Al Melchior
Accepted by all parties at 4:21 PM on 05/28/2015.

More hitting for Melchior for more pitching.

Al Melchior gets: Mark Teixeira NYY from David Gonos
David Gonos gets: Dallas Keuchel Hou from Al Melchior
Accepted by all parties at 1:18 PM on 05/31/2015.

Maybe we should take a look at the standings on May 31. You can see today’s standings here.

Screenshot 2015-06-09 15.14.16

The team in last place in Runs and next to last in homers, adds Teixeira and Carpenter, giving up two arms from his league-leading pitching staff. How good is the staff now?

His starters include Chris Sale, Carlos Carrasco, Trevor Bauer and the youngsters, Eduardo Rodriguez and Lance McCullers. Might still be plenty good.

Fred Zinkie is usually the action trader in this league. He starts off with a small one.

Fred Zinkie gets: Danny Santana Min from Paul Singman
Paul Singman gets: 3 FAAB dollars from Fred Zinkie
Accepted by all parties at 2:30 PM on 06/01/2015.

Then, loosened up, he goes bigger.

Cory Schwartz gets: Jason Heyward StL from Fred Zinkie
Fred Zinkie gets: Kole Calhoun LAA from Cory Schwartz
Accepted by all parties at 2:10 PM on 06/03/2015.

Cory Schwartz then puts together a righteous threeway.

Cory Schwartz gets: Brandon Belt SF from Nando DiFino
Scott Pianowski gets: Andre Ethier LAD and Yonder Alonso SD and 1 FAAB dollars from Cory Schwartz. And 2 FAAB dollars from Nando DiFino
Nando DiFino gets: Avisail Garcia CWS from Scott Pianowski and Rougned Odor Tex from Cory Schwartz
Accepted by all parties at 11:04 AM on 06/05/2015.

Nando DiFino lures away a top prospect for a former ace.

Nando DiFino gets: Carlos Correa Hou from Joe Pisapia
Joe Pisapia gets: Justin Verlander Det from Nando DiFino
Accepted by all parties at 1:13 PM on 06/07/2015.

Closing the circle, Nando and Fred find common ground.

Fred Zinkie gets: Alex Rodriguez NYY from Nando DiFino
Nando DiFino gets: Wil Myers SD from Fred Zinkie
Accepted by all parties at 6:12 PM on 06/07/2015.

Scott Pianowski returns, introducing Tim Heaney to the dance.

Scott Pianowski gets: Dexter Fowler ChC from Tim Heaney
Tim Heaney gets: Billy Hamilton Cin from Scott Pianowski
Accepted by all parties at 5:21 PM on 06/07/2015.

It’s good to remember this is an OBP league when evaluating that one.

Now Pianowski and DiFino rejigger. Those 3 FAAB are the ones Pianowski picked up in the earlier deal with Nando and Cory.

Scott Pianowski gets: Salvador Perez KC from Nando DiFino
Nando DiFino gets: James McCann Det and Martin Prado Mia and 3 FAAB dollars from Scott Pianowski
Accepted by all parties at 6:14 PM on 06/07/2015.

More players move through Zinkie, as he sells low.

Ray Flowers gets: Mike Fiers Mil, Christian Yelich Mia, Drew Hutchison Tor and 2 FAAB dollars from Fred Zinkie
Fred Zinkie gets: David DeJesus TB and Starling Marte Pit from Ray Flowers
Accepted by all parties at 9:08 PM on 06/07/2015.

And finally, a small one for a big catcher, at least in the future.

Ray Flowers gets: 4 FAAB dollars from David Gonos
David Gonos gets: Blake Swihart Bos from Ray Flowers
Accepted by all parties at 2:14 PM on 06/08/2015.

What’s the final tally?

Al Melchior gets Matt Carpenter, Mark Teixeira and Carlos Perez, giving up James McCann, Jacob DeGrom, Dallas Keuchel, and Nick Castellanos.

Scott Pianowski gets Jacob DeGrom, Andre Ethier, Yonder Alonso, Dexter Fowler, and Salvador Perez, for Matt Carpenter, Avisail Garcia, Billy Hamilton, and Martin Prado.

Paul Singman got Nick Castellanos and 3 FAAB for Carlos Perez and Danny Santana.

David Gonos gets Dallas Keuchel and Blake Swihart for Mark Teixeira and 4 fAAB.

Fred Zinkie gets Danny Santana, Kole Calhoun, Alex Rodriguez, David DeJesus and Starling Marte and gives up 5 FAAB, Jason Heyward, Wil Myers, Mike Fiers, Christian Yelich, and Drew Hutchison.

Cory Schwarts gets Jason Heyward, and Brandon Belt for Kole Calhoun, Andre Ethier, Yonder Alonso, Rougned Odor, and 1 FAAB.

Nando DiFino gets Avisail Garcia, Rougned Odor, Carlos Correa, Wil Myers, James McCann, Martin Prado and 1 FAAB for Salvado Perez, Alex Rodriguez, Justin Verlander, and Brandon Belt.

Joe Pisapia gets Justin Verlander and gives Carlos Correa.

Tim Heaney gets Billy Hamilton and gives Dexter Fowler.

Ray Flowers gets Mike Fiers, Christian Yelich, Drew Hutchison and 6 FAAB for David Dejesus, Blake Swihart and Starling Marte.

All Shandler for All Schechter Trade Update!

Friday’s big news became a big snooze over the weekend, as Larry went up by four and a half points on Saturday and withdrew, then fell back into a dead heat on Sunday. Larry said it was like the Universe speaking that the time is right, but at that point Shandler wasn’t so sure.

By the time the two reconnected on it the midnight trading deadline had passed, and the two will have until next Sunday to come to an agreement.

Today, before Tuesday’s games, Schechter leads Shandler by two games. Here are their rosters:

Screenshot 2014-08-19 12.31.23

Screenshot 2014-08-19 12.31.52

Breaking News! All Shandler for All Schechter Trade?

The wires started rumbling earlier today. With Glenn Colton and Rick Wolf’s Tout Wars AL team lapping the field more times than, um, Mario Andretti, Larry Schechter proposed to Ron Shandler—one point and place behind him in the standings—a swap of their entire teams. Ron says he rejected the proposal as ridiculous, but then found the possibilities gnawed at him.

He’ll explain why he liked the deal, whether or not he does it, later, I’m sure. One of his reasons, however, was surely the possibility of turning things upside down, and having something novel to write about.

Support for a deal from members of the LLC and some tout owners has been immediate. Larry tweated:

Fred Zinkie, not a shy one when it comes to trading tweated back:

Ron is thinking about it. Tweet your views @ronshandler @LarrySchechter @toutwars @kroyte!

To Make A Trade: Michaels and Erickson Swap in Tout AL

Lawr gave up Perkins and Rodeney for Carlos Santana, with some other bits involved. Lawr wrote it up, quoting from Jeff’s extensive analysis.

This past week in Tout NL Rotoman traded Rafael Soriano to Brian Walton for Eric Young Jr, using a similar calculation. (Not many points to lose in Saves, Rotoman said to himself, and a lot of need for a hitter and steals particularly. Plus the next three guys ahead of Brian in saves are ahead of Rotoman in the standings.)

The bottom line is that at this time of year the value of closers is diminished, because at least a few teams have no need for them, and a few others can’t afford to swap anything away. But finding a good match is an an important part of maximizing your team’s points.

Fred Zinkie Makes a Trade! Scott Pianowski Writes About It!

Actually, Spianow wrote a story over at Yahoo! explaining why he sold low on Shin Soo Choo, by trading him to Jeff Erickson in the Yahoo Friends and Family League and to Fred Zinkie in Tout Wars Mixed Auction. So the headline here could have been:

Pianowski: Ah Choo!

Or ScottP: The Shin Soo Also Sets.

But we chose to go with the Dog Bites Man hed, though it would seem to foreclose on us using it again. Because Zinkie will make another trade. He also promises us his thinking about taking on a bum like Choo later, after he handles some personal business.

In the meantime, enjoy Scott’s Closing Time piece. There really is something good called Selling Low.

UPDATE: Fred’s angle.

TOUT NL Trade (and more): Hertz So Good.

Phil Hertz made another trade this week, swapping Julio Teheran to league leader Tristan Cockcroft for $24 FAAB (after which Tristan still had more FAAB than anyone). But before that deal Phil wrote about his flurry of pitching trades in USA Today. You can read that here.