Midseason Poll Winners

The public has voted…

Tout AL: Jason Grey 62%, Joe Sheehan/Steve Moyer/Jeff Erickson 7% each

Tout NL: Nate Ravitz 37%, Brian Walton 24%, Scott Pianowski 20%

Tout Mix: Andy Behrens 58%, Steve Gardner 13%, Doug Dennis 11%

Good luck fellas!

Midseason Polls Open!

Look in the right nav for the midseason Tout Wars poll, and pick this year’s winners!

Preseason picks were:

AL: Matt Berry 37%, Jason Grey 14%, Mike Siano 8% (12th, 1st, 4th respectively)
NL: Nate Ravitz 23%, Tristan Cockcroft 19%, Chris Liss 10% (2nd, 9th, 13th)
MIX: Eric Mack 25%, Eric Karabell 22%, Seth Trachtman 12% (12th, 13th, 11th)

Tout Mixed: Blockbuster Deal

Eric Mack, Dave Gonos and Nando DiFino have pulled off a three-way deal involving nine players and a little bit of FAAB. Eric Mack invites you to vote on which side of the deal you like at CBSSports.com.