Who Is Winning Tout Draft & Hold 2019, Midseason Edition

At the end of May the Tout Draft & Hold race was Mike Sheets and everyone else, though there was still time for other to catch up.

June 2nd Draft & Hold standings.

A month later, however, and Sheets is adding military corners. Sheets is tightening, the race isn’t.

Draft & Hold Midseason Standings.

There is still plenty of time for one of the three challengers, or more, to make a move, and Sheets himself has small leads across the categories, so nothing is settled. Not yet.

Who Is Winning Tout Wars Draft and Hold?

The new Tout Draft and Hold league is going strong, and Mike Sheets has a small lead over Matt Modica. We’re still working toward getting a public link for the lead, but for now this most recent standings will have to suffice.

Tout Wars Draft and Hold Chat Is Up and Running

After a brief test we decided to go with Chatroll for our live blog/chat room function on the Tout Wars site this year. Feel free to join in this conversation about the Tout Wars Draft and Hold slow draft. You can read the first part of the conversation here.

The Draft Room is here.

The Chat Transcript Is Here (we’re just getting used to the software)

[Feb 18, 11:14 AM] admin: Hello world!
[Feb 18, 11:16 AM] Todd Zola: surprised the picks aren't representative of OBP
[Feb 18, 11:17 AM] admin: You talking Story?
[Feb 18, 11:17 AM] Todd Zola: https://t.co/WUFOEJLkKs
[Feb 18, 11:17 AM] Todd Zola: Harper late, Judge late
[Feb 18, 11:18 AM] admin: Harper has to be FA skittishness, no?
[Feb 18, 11:18 AM] Todd Zola: Goldie, Freeman also didn't change much'
[Feb 18, 11:18 AM] Todd Zola: yeah, likely
[Feb 18, 11:19 AM] ATCNY: Harper low down may be because he is still a FA?
[Feb 18, 11:19 AM] ATCNY: Once he signs with a team, maybe PHI … have to imagine his ADP will go up.
[Feb 18, 11:49 AM] admin: Elite starters may all be gone by the middle of the third.
[Feb 18, 12:14 PM] Tim McLeod: Morning folks!
[Feb 18, 12:15 PM] Tim McLeod: Looks like the chat function is functioning great
[Feb 18, 12:21 PM] admin: Looks like it is.
[Feb 18, 12:22 PM] Tim McLeod: How's everything in Colorado? Spring around the corner
[Feb 18, 12:22 PM] admin: Five inches of snow today. It's 11 degrees F.
[Feb 18, 12:23 PM] Tim McLeod: Hmmmm, I feel better about our weather now. Thanks!
[Feb 18, 12:23 PM] Gialde: Interesting pick of Kershaw there in the 2nd
[Feb 18, 12:23 PM] Tim McLeod: I really like what two teams have done pairing up two top-tier SP early
[Feb 18, 12:24 PM] Tim McLeod: In a Draft and Hold solid SP base is imperative I believe
[Feb 18, 12:24 PM] admin: There's only one more top tier guy left, right?
[Feb 18, 12:25 PM] Tim McLeod: Clevinger is close to that top=tier
[Feb 18, 12:25 PM] admin: Close. There are ways to play it without one of the top guys, but it's a lot tougher.
[Feb 18, 12:25 PM] Tim McLeod: Agreed
[Feb 18, 12:26 PM] Tim McLeod: Buehler has to be going soon I'd think
[Feb 18, 12:26 PM] Gialde: Buehler innings though?
[Feb 18, 12:26 PM] admin: That's also a good reason to double up. Keeps other teams from getting one of the top guys.
[Feb 18, 12:26 PM] Tim McLeod: I took him at turn last week. I'm very bullish
[Feb 18, 12:27 PM] Tim McLeod: Not concerned with innings. Got in 153 not including playoffs last year
[Feb 18, 12:27 PM] Tim McLeod: I think 180 or so
[Feb 18, 12:27 PM] Gialde: big fan Tim
[Feb 18, 12:27 PM] Gialde: and Todd
[Feb 18, 12:27 PM] admin: Yeah, not many reach 200 these days.
[Feb 18, 12:27 PM] Tim McLeod: very few
[Feb 18, 12:27 PM] Tim McLeod: Why I like Clevinger a fair bit
[Feb 18, 12:27 PM] Gialde: I just worry about LA being cautious and using 10 day DL
[Feb 18, 12:27 PM] Gialde: * IL
[Feb 18, 12:28 PM] Todd Zola: I've talked a lot this spring that while I will still take a SP early, there are ways to plan around it so I'm not forcing one.
[Feb 18, 12:28 PM] Tim McLeod: I'm still calling it DL Gialde
[Feb 18, 12:28 PM] Gialde: haha
[Feb 18, 12:28 PM] Tim McLeod: Probably always will
[Feb 18, 12:28 PM] admin: IL makes me ill. It's a football thing.
[Feb 18, 12:28 PM] Tim McLeod: agreed
[Feb 18, 12:28 PM] Tim McLeod: I always think of Illinois when I see IL
[Feb 18, 12:29 PM] admin: Hmm, nothing wrong with Illinois.
[Feb 18, 12:29 PM] Tim McLeod: Nothing at all
[Feb 18, 12:29 PM] Gialde: Too many people getting offended at dumb things. "Disabled"
[Feb 18, 12:29 PM] Todd Zola: MLB changed IL to DL because of sensitivity to disabled, yet they keep "sacrifice"
[Feb 18, 12:29 PM] Gialde: haha Todd
[Feb 18, 12:29 PM] Tim McLeod: lol
[Feb 18, 12:30 PM] Todd Zola: <>
[Feb 18, 12:30 PM] Tim McLeod: My biggest concern about going late on SP is that it forces one to a very limited group of SP as you move into middle rounds. Makes it tough
[Feb 18, 12:31 PM] Tim McLeod: still doable, just tough as 14 others fight for 2nd/3rd starters
[Feb 18, 12:31 PM] Gialde: yes and you may not be the only one in that position, so you run the risk of getting sniped in mid rounds as well
[Feb 18, 12:31 PM] Gialde: can really put you in a pickle
[Feb 18, 12:31 PM] Todd Zola: The argument for hitters is the delta among top hitters is larger than normal. You can get power late, but you're losing runs and RBI.
[Feb 18, 12:32 PM] Gialde: taking care of it early seems to be the consensus
[Feb 18, 12:32 PM] admin: The failure rate of those midlevel starters is higher, too, so you increase risk of getting nothing.
[Feb 18, 12:32 PM] Tim McLeod: and eventually the run on RP commences in 7/8
[Feb 18, 12:32 PM] Todd Zola: everyone taking SP early allows you to build a HUGE edge in batting
[Feb 18, 12:32 PM] Todd Zola: you can still manage pitching, you have to bully batting
[Feb 18, 12:32 PM] Gialde: yes but Todd hitting is much more abundant
[Feb 18, 12:32 PM] Todd Zola: not easy, but can be done
[Feb 18, 12:32 PM] Tim McLeod: If I was going late on SP probably go hevy on RP
[Feb 18, 12:32 PM] Todd Zola: no, it isn't
[Feb 18, 12:32 PM] Todd Zola: that's the key
[Feb 18, 12:33 PM] admin: The big hitters are way better than all the other hitters.
[Feb 18, 12:33 PM] Tim McLeod: Shocked that Baez fell that far
[Feb 18, 12:33 PM] Todd Zola: the drop in runs and RBI rleatibe to HR is huge as you process down teh snake
[Feb 18, 12:33 PM] Tim McLeod: definitely
[Feb 18, 12:33 PM] Todd Zola: *relative
[Feb 18, 12:33 PM] admin: Many more pitchers who cost nothing end up being at least mid level contributors.
[Feb 18, 12:34 PM] Gialde: ok but do you feel that delta is larger than the difference in pitchers
[Feb 18, 12:34 PM] admin: Baez a sign that OBP matters.
[Feb 18, 12:34 PM] Gialde: I think late hitters could emerge as well
[Feb 18, 12:34 PM] Todd Zola: like I said, I still want pitching early, but not forcing, say, Jose Berrios in ROund 4 to make sure I get someone
[Feb 18, 12:34 PM] Gialde: I think it's so tough to come back from pitchers who get shelled
[Feb 18, 12:34 PM] Gialde: oh well agree with you there Todd
[Feb 18, 12:34 PM] Todd Zola: everyone will get a pitcher shelled
[Feb 18, 12:34 PM] Gialde: you can't do that
[Feb 18, 12:35 PM] Gialde: I mean consistently shelled
[Feb 18, 12:35 PM] Gialde: I built a team around Robbie Ray as my ace last year lol
[Feb 18, 12:35 PM] Gialde: epic fail
[Feb 18, 12:35 PM] Tim McLeod: Dare you to try same this year, Gialde!
[Feb 18, 12:35 PM] Gialde: had to learn the hard way
[Feb 18, 12:36 PM] Todd Zola: RRay, Godley, Castillo and S Gray harpooned my 2018
[Feb 18, 12:36 PM] Gialde: sans Castiloo, I may have zero shares of the rest
[Feb 18, 12:36 PM] Tim McLeod: Yu Darvish and Taijuan Walker for me
[Feb 18, 12:36 PM] Gialde: I kind of like Castillo around the same place he went last year
[Feb 18, 12:37 PM] Tim McLeod: me too
[Feb 18, 12:37 PM] admin: Wow, Corbin's gone too. Will Boggis, Aniano and Hallam panic?
[Feb 18, 12:38 PM] Tim McLeod: we'll find out soon. all 3 in same area. Will be fun to watch
[Feb 18, 12:38 PM] admin: A one minute clock definitely increases the drama.
[Feb 18, 12:38 PM] Todd Zola: I'm supposed to be biased as draft policeman, but their scenario is what I'm referring to. All the yellow has pushed up bats.
[Feb 18, 12:38 PM] Todd Zola: *unbiased
[Feb 18, 12:38 PM] Gialde: yes Todd totally agree
[Feb 18, 12:38 PM] Gialde: diminishing returns now with SP
[Feb 18, 12:39 PM] admin: Yep.
[Feb 18, 12:39 PM] Tim McLeod: Draft slot dictates path
[Feb 18, 12:39 PM] Gialde: but…people panic
[Feb 18, 12:39 PM] Gialde: vere from plan
[Feb 18, 12:39 PM] Gialde: get emotional about runs
[Feb 18, 12:39 PM] Tim McLeod: 8-thru-12 get the SP in first or second or pass until 5th?
[Feb 18, 12:40 PM] Todd Zola: curious -- those chatting, did you register through chatroll? We're gauging if this will work for the live drafts/auctions
[Feb 18, 12:40 PM] Gialde: yes sir
[Feb 18, 12:40 PM] Tim McLeod: FB for me
[Feb 18, 12:40 PM] Todd Zola: so pretty seamless.
[Feb 18, 12:40 PM] Gialde: it's working well
[Feb 18, 12:40 PM] admin: I had 10th pick until I switched out for Boggis, and planned on (and would have) til third for a starter. But in his seat not I go hitter.
[Feb 18, 12:40 PM] Tim McLeod: and got in right smartly. No problems at all
[Feb 18, 12:40 PM] Tim McLeod: No lag at all
[Feb 18, 12:40 PM] Todd Zola: thanks, good to know
[Feb 18, 12:41 PM] Todd Zola: we really missed this during the events last season and want to be ahead of the game this time
[Feb 18, 12:41 PM] Tim McLeod: I've already done three
[Feb 18, 12:41 PM] admin: Yeah, I'm feeling like I should turn on the full version, but since we haven't hit full on the gauge maybe I'll wait.
[Feb 18, 12:41 PM] Gialde: Todd this is really, really a great thing for your listeners/fans
[Feb 18, 12:41 PM] Tim McLeod: and ready for a 4th, Todd. hint hint
[Feb 18, 12:42 PM] Gialde: I think this would catch on as word gets out
[Feb 18, 12:42 PM] Gialde: especially evenings and weekends
[Feb 18, 12:42 PM] Todd Zola: I think this would rock during Tout Daily too
[Feb 18, 12:42 PM] Gialde: yes
[Feb 18, 12:44 PM] admin: Good idea.
[Feb 18, 12:45 PM] Tim McLeod: You could even set up a couple of Draft and Holds with some open spots so the masses could get involved
[Feb 18, 12:45 PM] Tim McLeod: challenge the Tout thing
[Feb 18, 12:46 PM] Petey: Seems to be working.
[Feb 18, 12:47 PM] Todd Zola: There wasn't a ton of interest - let me see how many we would need and if those into it would do it with the proverbial "Average Joe". I'm doing some stuff for CreativeSports today. Will try to do it later.
[Feb 18, 12:48 PM] Tim McLeod: I'm definitely interested in doing another Draft and Hold, Todd
[Feb 18, 12:48 PM] Tim McLeod: gladly partake
[Feb 18, 12:48 PM] Gialde: Please count me in if you would allow it
[Feb 18, 12:48 PM] Gialde: sorry that sounded trolly
[Feb 18, 12:49 PM] Tim McLeod: and Boggis goes Vladdy
[Feb 18, 12:49 PM] admin: Risky, but he didn't blink.
[Feb 18, 12:49 PM] Tim McLeod: nope
[Feb 18, 12:49 PM] admin: I'd be up for Draft and Hold now that I'm not in Draft and Hold.
[Feb 18, 12:49 PM] Tim McLeod: I have Vladdy at #15
[Feb 18, 12:49 PM] admin: Overall?
[Feb 18, 12:49 PM] Tim McLeod: It's a lot of fun, Peter
[Feb 18, 12:49 PM] Tim McLeod: No at 3B
[Feb 18, 12:50 PM] admin: Ah, better.
[Feb 18, 12:50 PM] Tim McLeod: yeah, 2020 for me on Vladdy
[Feb 18, 12:51 PM] SteveA1976: Has the draft started?
[Feb 18, 12:51 PM] Tim McLeod: It has, near end of 3rd Round
[Feb 18, 12:51 PM] Tim McLeod: Link is available at the site
[Feb 18, 12:52 PM] SteveA1976: Thanks checking now
[Feb 18, 12:52 PM] Tim McLeod: https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/draftResultsPopup.go?leagueId=pay367rljrsn54nh&type=LIVE_ONLINE&tabId=
[Feb 18, 12:52 PM] Tim McLeod: There ya go, Steve
[Feb 18, 12:53 PM] Todd Zola: also http://bit.ly/ToutDraftHold
[Feb 18, 12:53 PM] Todd Zola: for when we're doing media
[Feb 18, 12:53 PM] rotoman: Room is upgraded to 100 capacity.
[Feb 18, 12:54 PM] Gialde: nice
[Feb 18, 12:54 PM] Gialde: would you create different chat rooms for specific drafts, or just have a static address where everyone can congregate?
[Feb 18, 12:54 PM] ATCNY: Next picks will be a little while. Aniano on a plane right now.
[Feb 18, 12:54 PM] SteveRapin: I will let Hallam know. He’s waiting patiently lol
[Feb 18, 12:55 PM] ATCNY: Said he's supposed to land just after 2 PM
[Feb 18, 12:55 PM] ATCNY: ET I think
[Feb 18, 12:55 PM] Todd Zola: sent me a note, I'll check and report to room
[Feb 18, 12:56 PM] rotoman: There will be a link on the Tout Wars page. I'm not sure exactly how they do it, but check there for updates.
[Feb 18, 12:56 PM] rotoman: Okay, back to work for me. Been fun.
[Feb 18, 12:57 PM] SteveA1976: Like James Anderson's start. Vlad at 40 is in line with the NFBC drafts I have been in. Interested to see when Mondesi gets taken.
[Feb 18, 1:02 PM] Gialde: I have noticed Mondesi's stock is falling recently
[Feb 18, 1:02 PM] Gialde: but then I hear some people touting his batted ball metrics
[Feb 18, 1:02 PM] Gialde: so who knows
[Feb 18, 1:03 PM] SteveA1976: I rarely see him get out of 3rd in nfbc. I've done 26 nfbc this year and he rarely gets to the 50's .
[Feb 18, 1:04 PM] SteveA1976: Interested to see where Puig and Murphy go as well
[Feb 18, 1:04 PM] SteveA1976: Both with major helium in last few weeks
[Feb 18, 1:05 PM] SteveA1976: Puig went 66 in nfbc slow draft I'm in right now .
[Feb 18, 1:08 PM] ATCNY: Aniano landed
[Feb 18, 1:08 PM] ATCNY: Draft will move shortly …
[Feb 18, 1:10 PM] Gialde: That's seems high for Puig
[Feb 18, 1:11 PM] Gialde: Mondesi went 52 in a $350 league I'm doing on RT
[Feb 18, 1:11 PM] Gialde: but it's online championship, which uses OBP
[Feb 18, 1:11 PM] Gialde: so that may have played a part
[Feb 18, 1:12 PM] SteveA1976: Puig was crazy high so that's why I'm interested .
[Feb 18, 1:16 PM] rotoman: Hi all. I've started a new chat with increased capacity. I'm going to close this one out in a couple of minutes. Please sign in on the other chat. Thanks.
[Feb 18, 1:18 PM] Gialde: is this the new chatroom?
[Feb 18, 1:21 PM] Tim McLeod: I logged out of the old one
[Feb 18, 1:23 PM] Tim McLeod: I just posted on the FB Page that we were chatting so maybe it will generate some traffic
[Feb 18, 1:25 PM] Tim McLeod: How much time alloted for picks?
[Feb 18, 1:28 PM] Gialde: rotoman the old chat is perhaps embedded in the web page? might confuse people as they arrive to chat
[Feb 18, 1:29 PM] Gialde: nevermind
[Feb 18, 1:29 PM] Gialde: I reloaded page and it's gone
[Feb 18, 1:29 PM] Tim McLeod: I only have the one here
[Feb 18, 1:31 PM] Tim McLeod: Will Ryan blink?
[Feb 18, 1:31 PM] Tim McLeod: or go with the bat
[Feb 18, 1:33 PM] Gialde: I guess he could go Taillon?
[Feb 18, 1:33 PM] Gialde: pitching seems so inflated
[Feb 18, 1:34 PM] Tim McLeod: If me I'd pass on pitching and hope that Taillon or Berrios there for my next pick
[Feb 18, 1:34 PM] Gialde: Taillon or Clevinger
[Feb 18, 1:34 PM] Tim McLeod: or Clevinger
[Feb 18, 1:34 PM] Gialde: I agree Tim, but it's so inflated that you risk getting shut out
[Feb 18, 1:34 PM] Tim McLeod: He took Bellinger
[Feb 18, 1:34 PM] Gialde: hmmm
[Feb 18, 1:34 PM] Tim McLeod: Bravo, I say!
[Feb 18, 1:35 PM] Gialde: you and him are the only 2 to go hitters-only
[Feb 18, 1:35 PM] Tim McLeod: Six picks until it comes back to him. 3 solid SP options. Does he get one of them?
[Feb 18, 1:36 PM] Tim McLeod: You and him?
[Feb 18, 1:36 PM] Tim McLeod: Lost me Gialde
[Feb 18, 1:37 PM] Tim McLeod: Hey, Casey. Nice to see you join us
[Feb 18, 1:37 PM] Gialde: sorry, Boggis and Hallam
[Feb 18, 1:37 PM] Gialde: did you say you were drafting for Boggis
[Feb 18, 1:38 PM] Varneroo: Hi, Tim! Thanks for the link.
[Feb 18, 1:38 PM] Tim McLeod: No, just spectating. Mine is first week of March
[Feb 18, 1:38 PM] Gialde: ahhh ok
[Feb 18, 1:38 PM] Tim McLeod: I'd already own Mondesi twice, lol
[Feb 18, 1:39 PM] Tim McLeod: yw, Casey
[Feb 18, 1:39 PM] Tim McLeod: This draft function works very smoothly
[Feb 18, 1:39 PM] Gialde: what would you say is the sweet spot for Mondesi and what's the soonest you'd consider him (in a vacuum, assuming you could have any spot in order)
[Feb 18, 1:40 PM] Tim McLeod: soonest the turn, 30/31. The lastest he'll most likely go is 7/8 picks into 4th Round
[Feb 18, 1:40 PM] Gialde: OK
[Feb 18, 1:41 PM] Gialde: so you're on board with him adjusting and keeping contact rate up
[Feb 18, 1:41 PM] Tim McLeod: If I was a betting man, he'd be a good fit at the wheel
[Feb 18, 1:41 PM] Tim McLeod: 240 BA, 310 OBP, 15 HR 40+ thefts
[Feb 18, 1:43 PM] Gialde: I just wish he was a little later. Still scares me a bit.
[Feb 18, 1:43 PM] Tim McLeod: I think the speed is there so that minimizes the risk factor
[Feb 18, 1:43 PM] Tim McLeod: I really like the Merrifield pick a lot.
[Feb 18, 1:43 PM] Varneroo: Do you think you can get a similar stat line from Villar several rounds later?
[Feb 18, 1:44 PM] Tim McLeod: 2B/OF eligible a huge bonus
[Feb 18, 1:44 PM] Tim McLeod: It's possible, Casey.
[Feb 18, 1:45 PM] Tim McLeod: I'm very curious to see where both go
[Feb 18, 1:45 PM] Tim McLeod: and I'm thinking in next 15-20 picks
[Feb 18, 1:46 PM] Varneroo: Honestly, I’ve been focusing on power OF early and targeting Gordon & Peraza for my MI in the middle rounds for speed.
[Feb 18, 1:46 PM] Tim McLeod: Some teams have no speed at all
[Feb 18, 1:46 PM] Tim McLeod: Alex?
[Feb 18, 1:46 PM] Tim McLeod: just kidding
[Feb 18, 1:46 PM] Tim McLeod: I like Peraza a lot for speed also and Rosario
[Feb 18, 1:47 PM] Tim McLeod: Hampson could bring you 30+ also
[Feb 18, 1:48 PM] Gialde: yes I like all 3
[Feb 18, 1:48 PM] Gialde: Peraza is kind of like Mondesi
[Feb 18, 1:48 PM] Tim McLeod: The MI is full of options
[Feb 18, 1:48 PM] Gialde: improved lineup too
[Feb 18, 1:48 PM] Tim McLeod: yes
[Feb 18, 1:49 PM] Varneroo: Good hitter, improved lineup, I’ll be targeting Peraza a lot this season.
[Feb 18, 1:50 PM] Tim McLeod: This round will be huge for several teams. Tough decisions for many
[Feb 18, 1:51 PM] Varneroo: How do you feel with starting your rotation off with Flaherty or Clevinger, Tim? Too risky?
[Feb 18, 1:52 PM] Tim McLeod: I think it forces you to move on a second SP right away, but I'm not against that type of move
[Feb 18, 1:53 PM] Tim McLeod: I've done that with Clevinger in at least one D and H
[Feb 18, 1:53 PM] Tim McLeod: I think it was Taillon and Clevenger?
[Feb 18, 1:56 PM] Tim McLeod: What is the max time between picks?
[Feb 18, 1:58 PM] Tim McLeod: Joey Votto at #45
[Feb 18, 1:59 PM] Tim McLeod: Rendon, with the first pick of the 4th Round
[Feb 18, 2:00 PM] Tim McLeod: Mr. Anderson just locked up the OBP category
[Feb 18, 2:01 PM] Tim McLeod: Votto and Judge are huge, plus Rendon no slouch
[Feb 18, 2:05 PM] Gialde: is this OBP or AVG?
[Feb 18, 2:05 PM] Tim McLeod: Tout uses OBP
[Feb 18, 2:05 PM] Gialde: oh!
[Feb 18, 2:05 PM] Gialde: sweet
[Feb 18, 2:07 PM] Tim McLeod: I love the fact that Tout has moved to OBP. Actually, more than half my Leagues have now switched to OBP
[Feb 18, 2:07 PM] Gialde: I joined RT Sports 350s specifically to play OBP and SV+HLD
[Feb 18, 2:08 PM] Tim McLeod: Excellent.
[Feb 18, 2:08 PM] Gialde: I'd like to see NFBC add some
[Feb 18, 2:09 PM] Tim McLeod: I think with the increase in bullpen usage the middle-reliever is deserving of additional recognition in our game
[Feb 18, 2:09 PM] Tim McLeod: Holds aren't perfect, but in the absence of a better option, works for me
[Feb 18, 2:09 PM] Gialde: what do you think about Andrew Heaney this year?
[Feb 18, 2:10 PM] Gialde: considering him at pick 170, so risk is low of course
[Feb 18, 2:10 PM] Tim McLeod: I rather like him. As a #3 starter, has my attention.
[Feb 18, 2:10 PM] Gialde: 12 team, the RT format we just talked about
[Feb 18, 2:10 PM] Tim McLeod: Have seen him going in the 150-170 range
[Feb 18, 2:11 PM] Tim McLeod: I play mostly 15-team Mixed
[Feb 18, 2:11 PM] Gialde: would you take him or Jimmy Nelson
[Feb 18, 2:11 PM] Tim McLeod: Heaney
[Feb 18, 2:11 PM] Gialde: ok
[Feb 18, 2:11 PM] Tim McLeod: not close
[Feb 18, 2:11 PM] Gialde: ok
[Feb 18, 2:11 PM] Tim McLeod: Do we truly know how the shoulder will hold up?
[Feb 18, 2:11 PM] Gialde: right
[Feb 18, 2:11 PM] Gialde: ok what about Alex Reyes-STL?
[Feb 18, 2:12 PM] Gialde: surely he makes the rotation sooner or later
[Feb 18, 2:13 PM] Tim McLeod: lots of risk, lots of reward. Someone has to get hurt to get him in the rotation? The Cards could use him out of the pen this year
[Feb 18, 2:13 PM] Gialde: damn…that's what I thought you'd say…sigh
[Feb 18, 2:15 PM] Tim McLeod: Right now is CarMart, Flaherty, Mikolas, Wacha, and Wainwright?
[Feb 18, 2:15 PM] Gialde: yes…sadly
[Feb 18, 2:15 PM] Gialde: Wainwright….
[Feb 18, 2:15 PM] Tim McLeod: maybe Gomber also
[Feb 18, 2:16 PM] Gialde: I think Gomber and PonceDeLeon start at AAA
[Feb 18, 2:16 PM] Gialde: so they can stay stretched out
[Feb 18, 2:16 PM] Tim McLeod: quite possible
[Feb 18, 2:16 PM] Tim McLeod: I really don't think the Cards rush Reyes. There is no reason
[Feb 18, 2:16 PM] Gialde: ok if I keep asking stuff or is this super annoying
[Feb 18, 2:17 PM] Gialde: be honest
[Feb 18, 2:17 PM] Tim McLeod: Not a problem
[Feb 18, 2:17 PM] Tim McLeod: Just hanging out for a bit and then back to work
[Feb 18, 2:17 PM] Gialde: ok…thoughts on Colin McHugh
[Feb 18, 2:18 PM] Gialde: I listen to you and Rich religiously
[Feb 18, 2:18 PM] Tim McLeod: Thanks for your support. Much appreciated. We did two need Podcasts this morning
[Feb 18, 2:19 PM] Tim McLeod: I like McHugh as a 5th SP, remembering that Whitley will need a home by the break
[Feb 18, 2:20 PM] Tim McLeod: barring injury, one of James, Miley, or McHugh won't be in the plans for 2nd half
[Feb 18, 2:20 PM] Tim McLeod: They also could resign Keuchel
[Feb 18, 2:20 PM] Tim McLeod: Lots of potential moving parts in Houston
[Feb 18, 2:21 PM] Gialde: you think James breaks camp in rotation?
[Feb 18, 2:21 PM] Tim McLeod: Yes
[Feb 18, 2:21 PM] Gialde: ok
[Feb 18, 2:21 PM] Gialde: I could easily see Miley faltering
[Feb 18, 2:21 PM] Gialde: to make room for Whitley
[Feb 18, 2:22 PM] Tim McLeod: and unless he fails early and often, I think he's there for the long haul
[Feb 18, 2:22 PM] Tim McLeod: very possible on Miley
[Feb 18, 2:22 PM] Gialde: ok
[Feb 18, 2:22 PM] Gialde: really honored to talk with you
[Feb 18, 2:23 PM] Tim McLeod: The one thing we do know is that Houston won't hesitate to upgrade their rotation at any point in time and they have the Minor League chips to do just that
[Feb 18, 2:23 PM] Tim McLeod: My pleasure, Gialde!
[Feb 18, 2:29 PM] Tim McLeod: Nice to see you back in the room, ATCNY
[Feb 18, 2:30 PM] Tim McLeod: Back-to-back speedsters in Marte and Pham
[Feb 18, 2:30 PM] Tim McLeod: Will it be feast or phamin for Tommy in 2019?
[Feb 18, 2:31 PM] Gialde: he is super streaky
[Feb 18, 2:35 PM] Tim McLeod: that he is, but he should be happy this year with winning his arbitration hearing. He sure wasn't with the Cards
[Feb 18, 2:36 PM] Gialde: sad but true
[Feb 18, 2:39 PM] Tim McLeod: Okay, it has been fun chatting and getting to know you Gialde, but back to work for me. Have yourself a great 2019 Fantasy season!! Later folks….
[Feb 18, 2:40 PM] Gialde: Thanks Tim!
[Feb 18, 5:11 PM] rotoman: Slow drafting makes for a lot of down time. Time to do work.
[Feb 18, 5:25 PM] Guest4117Havoc: Gentlemen !
[Feb 18, 6:38 PM] rotoman: First reliever off the board.
[Feb 18, 8:43 PM] Ryan Hallam: Sorry I’m late to this party
[Feb 18, 9:08 PM] stevenswan1984: Love the start for florio and james anderson
[Feb 18, 10:47 PM] rotolady: Rotolady was here
[Feb 18, 11:18 PM] rotoman: Four rounds done today, everyone has a pitcher or two, except for Boggis. And if Vlad is worth the 40th pick, he's got a lot of hitting stats.
[Feb 19, 11:38 AM] Gialde: Machado to SD!
[Feb 21, 11:49 AM] rotoman: Checking in during Round 12. Jeff Boggis has one starter at this point.
[Feb 21, 11:51 AM] rotoman: And so many pitchers have gone that there are still useful hitters, like Luke Voit and Ramón Laureano coming out.
[Feb 21, 11:52 AM] rotoman: Two teams, Harrison and Stein, have just two starters, but they took both theirs before Boggis took his first.
[Feb 21, 6:21 PM] AnthonyAniano: Hi everyone…
[Feb 22, 10:07 AM] Ken: You said through round 12 Boggis has one starter - are we sure CMart is even a starteR?
[Feb 22, 4:16 PM] Guest8102: When is the NL auction
[Feb 23, 8:17 AM] Tim McLeod: Alex Wood feels like a great buy in Rd !6
[Feb 23, 12:47 PM] rotoman: NL Auction is Sunday morning March 17 @ 10am ET.
[Feb 23, 12:49 PM] rotoman: Good point about Carlos Martinez. His health is far from a sure thing after a year with fewer than 120 innings.
[Feb 23, 4:33 PM] rotoman: Boggis has now added Jose Quintana and Kyle Freeland, and has four relievers.
[Mar 2, 8:22 AM] Tim McLeod: We're now at the interesting stage of the program, where teams attempt to toss a dart or two in the hope of striking gold. Which of the two Tampa Bay Lowes will in fact be a high in 2019?

Tout Wars Draft and Hold is Underway!

You can follow the action here, at Fantrax.

SiriusXM will be following the 50 round slow draft over the next days or weeks.

Coming soon here, a chatroom we’re testing out for coverage of the Tout drafts and auctions.