The Touts Talk About Their Drafts!

The (spreadsheet) with auction results is here. Use the tabs for each league.

Steve Gardner wrote a general piece about Tout Weekend. Jake Ceily with lessons learned from the Tout auctions. Howard Bender on strategy, and Sporer and Zinkie at Tout.

Tout Mixed Draft:  Gonos | Gamble | Ronis | White | Murphy (baseballHQ subscribers only)

Tout Head 2 Head: Bender | Ciely | Link | Bell (by Mason) | Kreutzer

Tout AL: Leibowitz | Erickson | Liss | Davitt | Michaels

Tout Mixed Auction: Zimmerman (previews Replacement Level | Player evaluations | Final Standings | League Tendencies) | Flowers | Zinkie and Steinhorn | Shandler | Melchior | VanRiper | Heaney/VanRiper Podcast | Sayre | Pianowski | Swanay

Tout NL: Gianella | Albright | Behrens | Cockcroft | Gardner | Walton

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