Who Is Winning Tout Daily? UPDATE: Derek Carty

It is almost midnight. Here is the top 10 in tonight’s Championship match:

It’s all Todd Zola and Derek Carty tonight, as it has been all season. We’ll update with the final results in the morning.

UPDATE: Derek Carty is Tout Wars champion.

At midnight Carty emailed the league: Man, we’ve really got a sweat going on here. Can we end the games now and just call it?

Todd Zola replied: No.

It was that close between the three teams of Zola’s and two of Carty’s, but when the evening was done Carty had held on. Here are the final standings (and Carty is already working on the sandwich that will be named after in at the Foley’s NY dinner on Tout Weekend 2018).

2 thoughts on “Who Is Winning Tout Daily? UPDATE: Derek Carty”

  1. I’m sorry if I didn’t reply. Or maybe I did, I don’t know how these are stored. In any case, Tout Daily is a contest. During the season team’s that won weekly “games” won tickets to the finals. Some players won multiple times, so they had multiple tickets. Those were the rules.

  2. How does 1 player have 3 teams and 1 player have 2 teams in ANY FANTASY League? That’s ridiculous!! I have been Commissioner of a Roto League for 31 years, NO LEAGUE would allow that.

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