DRAFT PREP: Know Your League!

By Nick Shlain, special to toutwars.com

Each auction is unique, and none more so (if something can be more unique, at all) than the CBSsports Analysts Auctions. CBSsports’ holds their auctions in mid-February, before the start of spring training, and the onslaught of news about players that come with that. Perhaps because of that the CBS analysts draft has some other qualities of note.

Roto Think Tank’s Mike Gianella (rotothinktank.blogspot.com), a former CBS Analsyts champion (2009 AL, 2010 NL) and third place finisher in 2010 Tout Wars, was kind enough to correspond with me about this year’s auction.
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FAAB Rules! Or, the Rules of FAAB.

Mike Gianella takes a look at how the Tout FAAB rules played a part in how Tout teams bid on the Biggest Day of the Year!

To add some context, we implemented the rule change for the transaction period following the ML interleague trading deadline because we wanted teams to be able to bid more than they had in their budget, including contingent bids. The Aug 2 rules allowed that.

In every other Tout Wars week, teams aren’t allowed to bid, for their main bid plus contingent bids, more than they have, total.

What is interesting is that in every other week of the year, nobody notices the contingent bid restriction. Also of note is that some owners this year asked us to simplify the rules and play like other leagues play.

I’m interested in hearing about how other leagues play. In the variety of leagues I play in there is a variety of ways FAAB or Waiver Dollars are dealt with. I’m of the opinion that whatever you all decide upon is fine, but there is a real virtue to restricting the total bids any team can make, actual and contingent, to the total amount of FAAB (Waiver Dollars) they have.

Why? I think it’s more strategic. Mid tier teams can strategize and capitalize on their analysis of other team’s needs. In a system that allows teams to stack contingent bids using all their available Waiver Dollars, mid level teams don’t have a chance.

But it’s okay if think they don’t deserve a chance. I agree to disagree.

Embracing Volatility

Tout AL participant Rob Leibowitz has seen his third place team turn into an eighth place team in just a month, and takes a look at what strategies are available to him (and other fantasy players) to regain ground. This is part of a weekly series of articlesfrom Mastersball.com about Tout Wars AL, NL and Mixed.

TOUT AL: Mid Season Report


Then try as you may….

The Rolling Stones wrote a song about losing your girl and thinking, at first, about getting over her quickly and starting to have a great time with other girls, but then… Blue turns to grey, and you have to find her. Love isn’t so easy to put aside, it turns out, even for Jagger and Richards.

Jason Grey takes the same approach to drafting pitchers. You pledge your troth, you start it up, and then you either win, as Jason has done in Tout a couple of times (and is doing so far this year), or you look to mother’s little helper for salvation. Continue reading “TOUT AL: Mid Season Report”

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NL Leader Talks but Doesn’t Brag

Brian Walton is doing just fine in NL Tout. He’s got a comfortable, if not insurmountable, lead, and he’s playing the game very well.

Although he doesn’t write about his fantasy teams much, at midseason he took a breath and gave a peak at what is going on in his head. Not surprisingly, his rooting interests often conflict.