Tout Wars Mixed Draft 2019 Tonight!

Starts at 8pm ET.

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The live chat is live! Drafting commences at 8pm sharp!


[Mar 5, 6:44 PM] admin: Hey all. The chat is live. Todd Zola will be more moderator than I will because I (Rotoman) am drafting.
[Mar 5, 6:45 PM] Tim McLeod: evening Peter
[Mar 5, 6:46 PM] ToddZ: Good evening, or afternoon, check local listings
[Mar 5, 6:46 PM] Tim McLeod: Good fortunes this evening! I'll be hanging out here off and on all evening
[Mar 5, 6:47 PM] Tim McLeod: What do you think, Todd. Aaron Judge or Bryce Harper there for me at #14?
[Mar 5, 6:47 PM] admin: Definitely the gloaming here.
[Mar 5, 6:49 PM] Tim McLeod: You're forcing me to use that google thingie already, Peter?
[Mar 5, 6:49 PM] admin: My question: Why is Rudy Gamble "Ross?"
[Mar 5, 6:49 PM] Tim McLeod: I had same question
[Mar 5, 6:49 PM] ToddZ: Neither should be in OBP, we'll see
[Mar 5, 6:49 PM] admin: With the first pick for his second consecutive title.
[Mar 5, 6:51 PM] ToddZ: I'll do my best to say who's up since the board isn't showing names
[Mar 5, 6:51 PM] Tim McLeod: Thanks
[Mar 5, 6:51 PM] admin: The board is showing names now.
[Mar 5, 6:52 PM] ToddZ: I'm coming at everyone from the little room with workspace at the Pjoenix rental car return. Good times.
[Mar 5, 6:52 PM] Tim McLeod: Excellent. Will make it much easier for public to follow
[Mar 5, 6:52 PM] ToddZ: well, alighty then
[Mar 5, 6:52 PM] Tim McLeod: Still in Phoenix?
[Mar 5, 6:52 PM] ToddZ: red eye tonight
[Mar 5, 6:52 PM] Tim McLeod: nice escape for you
[Mar 5, 6:52 PM] admin: How was the game today? Any insights?
[Mar 5, 6:53 PM] ToddZ: Luzardo looked very good
[Mar 5, 6:53 PM] Guest4112: Good evening folks
[Mar 5, 6:53 PM] Tim McLeod: evening
[Mar 5, 6:53 PM] admin: Jesus.
[Mar 5, 6:54 PM] Tim McLeod: Sano isn't looking so great
[Mar 5, 6:54 PM] celslager: Evening everyone
[Mar 5, 6:54 PM] admin: Evening.
[Mar 5, 6:58 PM] admin: Two minute warning.
[Mar 5, 6:58 PM] Tim McLeod: Still missing one Tim
[Mar 5, 6:59 PM] ToddZ: the gang is all here
[Mar 5, 6:59 PM] Tim McLeod: annnnd we're off
[Mar 5, 7:00 PM] admin: Rudy is taking his time with No. 1.
[Mar 5, 7:01 PM] admin: Hmm. Autopicked Trout. Wonder if he wants that back.
[Mar 5, 7:01 PM] ToddZ: they're definitely accounting for OBP
[Mar 5, 7:02 PM] ToddZ: happy to answer questions
[Mar 5, 7:03 PM] ToddZ: acuna slid a bit
[Mar 5, 7:05 PM] ToddZ: not as pitching heavy as NFBC
[Mar 5, 7:05 PM] Tim McLeod: That should change in next 30 picks I'd think
[Mar 5, 7:09 PM] ToddZ: Michael Waldo is proxy for Anthony Perri
[Mar 5, 7:09 PM] Rick Bonitzer: sale. 22 overall? wow. considering grabbing him at 11 overall. yikes
[Mar 5, 7:09 PM] Tim McLeod: was wondering
[Mar 5, 7:09 PM] Albert Richards: Love Team with the double tap on Scherzer and Sale…
[Mar 5, 7:10 PM] ToddZ: That's typical Fantistics style
[Mar 5, 7:10 PM] celslagerFL: Was wondering how far Lindor would fall
[Mar 5, 7:10 PM] Rick Bonitzer: yeah that's ridiculous!
[Mar 5, 7:11 PM] Albert Richards: This draft is flying.. love it hate slow drafts
[Mar 5, 7:11 PM] ToddZ: Maybe a little due to OBP w/Lindor
[Mar 5, 7:11 PM] Tim McLeod: and will he run this year?
[Mar 5, 7:11 PM] ToddZ: a few others are pushed up a tad
[Mar 5, 7:11 PM] ToddZ: Yes, once he's healthy
[Mar 5, 7:12 PM] Albert Richards: Rhys Hoskins continues to get overdrafted…
[Mar 5, 7:12 PM] ToddZ: well,who knows, but I don't see why not
[Mar 5, 7:12 PM] Rick Bonitzer: Hoskins with 1B eligibility and Harper is desirable…
[Mar 5, 7:13 PM] ToddZ: Hoskins sneaky OPB play
[Mar 5, 7:13 PM] Tim McLeod: There goes the SP, as expected
[Mar 5, 7:13 PM] Albert Richards: Judge got pushed up too high lots of upside but too much risk for #6 overall
[Mar 5, 7:13 PM] ToddZ: What risk?
[Mar 5, 7:14 PM] Albert Richards: Injury mostly…
[Mar 5, 7:14 PM] ToddZ: fluke last season
[Mar 5, 7:14 PM] ToddZ: obp monster
[Mar 5, 7:15 PM] ToddZ: his size could lead to more hbp, but I'm not willing to penalize him unless it becomes more frequent
[Mar 5, 7:15 PM] Albert Richards: Yeah thats a good point.. I guess its really just been one season with injuries
[Mar 5, 7:17 PM] ToddZ: three teams with no SP, let the game of chicken begin
[Mar 5, 7:17 PM] Albert Richards: The pitching dries up so fast we're already at the point where its getting thin
[Mar 5, 7:17 PM] Rick Bonitzer: mondesi and bogaerts before merrifield…
[Mar 5, 7:17 PM] Tim McLeod: agreed
[Mar 5, 7:17 PM] Tim McLeod: Merrifield went 2nd rd
[Mar 5, 7:17 PM] Rick Bonitzer: yikes. redact!
[Mar 5, 7:17 PM] Rick Bonitzer: haha
[Mar 5, 7:18 PM] ToddZ: this is where I've been saying don't force a SP, pound hitting and figure pitching out, especially in a trading league
[Mar 5, 7:18 PM] Albert Richards: I do like Corbin alot this year.. definitely over Severino
[Mar 5, 7:19 PM] ToddZ: I don't want to name drop so I'll wait to see if I see someone forced
[Mar 5, 7:19 PM] ToddZ: Clevinger is bordeline
[Mar 5, 7:20 PM] Guest9558: First time i've seen Robles go before Vlad
[Mar 5, 7:21 PM] ToddZ: that's aggressive, especially if Robles hits down in the order
[Mar 5, 7:21 PM] Albert Richards: Love Realmuto I think he is looking at .285 and 25+ HR's this year….
[Mar 5, 7:21 PM] ToddZ: same with Albies
[Mar 5, 7:21 PM] Tim McLeod: I believe more in Robles than Vlad this year
[Mar 5, 7:22 PM] ToddZ: just PK without a SP
[Mar 5, 7:22 PM] celslagerFL: Think there's a chance Vlad is down in the minors longer than the two weeks
[Mar 5, 7:22 PM] Albert Richards: Sounds like Springer may be running more this year could be good value…
[Mar 5, 7:22 PM] Tim McLeod: always possible on Vlad
[Mar 5, 7:23 PM] ToddZ: it two weeks or two months, unless they really do want him to lose some lbs
[Mar 5, 7:24 PM] admin: I might have taken Severino, except the only reason he dropped to me was the MRI.
[Mar 5, 7:24 PM] Tim McLeod: Yeah, too much risk happening there for me
[Mar 5, 7:25 PM] Tim McLeod: How far does Kershaw fall?
[Mar 5, 7:25 PM] Albert Richards: Severino is off my board… not picking a pitcher that is already having injury issues starting the year
[Mar 5, 7:25 PM] ToddZ: Much less of the 2SP early, favoring those that wait
[Mar 5, 7:26 PM] Guest9558: Vlad's max pick in the TGFBI leagues was 52
[Mar 5, 7:27 PM] ToddZ: Ray, doubling down on risk. Not a bad plan, steer into that skid
[Mar 5, 7:27 PM] Albert Richards: Team 8 starts with Kershaw and Strasberg as top 2 starters… asking for trouble
[Mar 5, 7:27 PM] ToddZ: never mind, backed it out
[Mar 5, 7:32 PM] Tim McLeod: Surprised Taillon made it back to me. Happiness is
[Mar 5, 7:33 PM] ToddZ: That's fair for Tailon. He's often pushed into the 4th
[Mar 5, 7:34 PM] Tim McLeod: most i've done early to mid 4th
[Mar 5, 7:35 PM] Guest9558: E5 & Moose really pushed up
[Mar 5, 7:35 PM] Rick Bonitzer: Moose gonna get 2b eligibility?
[Mar 5, 7:36 PM] Tim McLeod: looks like it
[Mar 5, 7:36 PM] celslagerFL: Id assume so
[Mar 5, 7:36 PM] ToddZ: actually, to where they belong. They're not sexy enough for the NFBC and some of these guys go by their rank and not ADP (as they should)
[Mar 5, 7:37 PM] ToddZ: Great pace, I'll make my flight 🙂
[Mar 5, 7:38 PM] Guest9558: I keep forgetting that 2nd base possibility for Moose. Gotta remember that for my own drafts
[Mar 5, 7:38 PM] Tim McLeod: This group doesn't waste no time
[Mar 5, 7:39 PM] ToddZ: To be honest, 3B weaker than second, but still nice to have flexibility
[Mar 5, 7:39 PM] ToddZ: though maybe not in OBP
[Mar 5, 7:40 PM] ScottGilroy: Why no team names on the top?
[Mar 5, 7:40 PM] ToddZ: refresh, they're there
[Mar 5, 7:40 PM] Sporer: Was wondering the same, Scott
[Mar 5, 7:41 PM] ToddZ:
[Mar 5, 7:41 PM] ToddZ: maybe they changed the link when they added names
[Mar 5, 7:41 PM] ScottGilroy: Reloaded but still not there
[Mar 5, 7:41 PM] Sporer: can't use the plain link
[Mar 5, 7:42 PM] Sporer: and still no names on public unforunately
[Mar 5, 7:42 PM] ToddZ: maybe only visible to those in room -- I think someone in the roon told me they're there and didn't realize public is not there
[Mar 5, 7:44 PM] ToddZ: The NFBC drafts with public links prefer not to have some participants be known, fearing sniping in other drafts
[Mar 5, 7:44 PM] ScottGilroy: Sevt still goes in thr 3rd
[Mar 5, 7:44 PM] Tim McLeod: Hey, Scott. How you doing
[Mar 5, 7:44 PM] ScottGilroy: Hello Tim
[Mar 5, 7:44 PM] ToddZ: I think someone in the room was unaware the pbulic isn't viewable and reported "I can see them"
[Mar 5, 7:45 PM] ScottGilroy: Nice draft so far your speed,a power guy and 2 acrs
[Mar 5, 7:46 PM] ScottGilroy: I love Conforto this year
[Mar 5, 7:48 PM] ScottGilroy: How much do we see Severino drop in drafts?
[Mar 5, 7:51 PM] Tim McLeod: Thanks, Scott. So far so good
[Mar 5, 7:52 PM] Tim McLeod: Love Conforto also
[Mar 5, 7:59 PM] ToddZ: winker could crush obp leagues
[Mar 5, 7:59 PM] Tim McLeod: was hoping he might slide
[Mar 5, 8:04 PM] ToddZ: either I disconnected or its quiet in here
[Mar 5, 8:04 PM] ToddZ: or maybe both
[Mar 5, 8:06 PM] ToddZ: don't be shy
[Mar 5, 8:08 PM] ToddZ: anyone listening on SXM? I don't want to push the limit of the fee wifi
[Mar 5, 8:08 PM] Rick Bonitzer: yeah. it's good coverage
[Mar 5, 8:09 PM] celslagerFL: Yeah its going well
[Mar 5, 8:09 PM] ToddZ: or better yet, anyone listen to NL LABR and catch my "Peter Brady" act, hitting puberty while being auctioneer? It was quite funny, and embarrassing. Voice kept cracking.
[Mar 5, 8:10 PM] celslagerFL: LABR are next to listen when I have 5 free hours
[Mar 5, 8:15 PM] Guest9558: Wow, with Mondesi, Robles, Peraza & Hampson RUNTMC is in full effect
[Mar 5, 8:16 PM] ToddZ: Hopefully Tim realizes Zinkie isn't in this league
[Mar 5, 8:20 PM] ToddZ: mid round pitching targets likely being sniped left and right here
[Mar 5, 8:21 PM] Tim McLeod: LOL
[Mar 5, 8:21 PM] Tim McLeod: I have $590 in FAAB due to my stellar finish last year. I have to buy and gamble on some callups
[Mar 5, 8:21 PM] Tim McLeod: can't buy em
[Mar 5, 8:30 PM] ToddZ: 3 hr pace, pretty swift
[Mar 5, 8:30 PM] admin: Good point.
[Mar 5, 8:35 PM] ToddZ: Ray stacking Astros. Good ploy.
[Mar 5, 8:36 PM] Tim McLeod: Just flying tonight
[Mar 5, 8:36 PM] ToddZ: I should start predicting Greg's pcks (pssst, I can see his Q)
[Mar 5, 8:38 PM] ToddZ: taking a red eys is not optimal for trying to sleep off a head cold
[Mar 5, 8:41 PM] admin: Hanging out in a car rental lounge doesn't help either, probably.
[Mar 5, 8:43 PM] ToddZ: I'm actually pretty secluded. There's a small room in the Hertz section with a couple table/workspaces. I made sure it wasnt hertz only and then parked myself at the desk like thing
[Mar 5, 8:43 PM] ToddZ: free wifi
[Mar 5, 8:43 PM] ToddZ: and overpriced water
[Mar 5, 8:45 PM] admin: Can water be too expensive in Phoenix?
[Mar 5, 8:48 PM] ToddZ: I was just surprised they're charging airport prices here. I planned on getting some when I filled car with gas but the traffic lights were out at 44th and Van Buren -- and that Shell's pumps weren't working, so I scrambled to find a station and it slipped my mind. The intersection looked like something out of the 20s with nicer cars.
[Mar 5, 8:48 PM] admin: Blackout?
[Mar 5, 8:49 PM] admin: I've had Andrelton Simmons on top of my queue for the last hour. Thanks Scott White.
[Mar 5, 8:49 PM] admin: I'm up on SiriusXM to explain my team in 10 minutes.
[Mar 5, 8:51 PM] ToddZ: must have been, at least for a few blocks. There was a cop at the next intersection, couldn't believe there wasn't one before. i was convinced I'd be calling you saying I got in a wreck
[Mar 5, 8:55 PM] ToddZ: We'll have this room open for the March 15-17 weekend auctions. The rosters will be on viewable Google Docs with the Tout's name up top
[Mar 5, 8:55 PM] ToddZ: H2H Friday evening
[Mar 5, 8:55 PM] ToddZ: AL Sat 9 am et
[Mar 5, 8:56 PM] ToddZ: Mixed Sat 3 PM ET
[Mar 5, 8:56 PM] ToddZ: NL Sun 10 AM ET
[Mar 5, 8:59 PM] ToddZ: we'll also use the room for Tout Daily so we can gather here and cuss each other out
[Mar 5, 9:00 PM] Tim McLeod: busy weekend. Gonna miss running into you guys this year
[Mar 5, 9:02 PM] ToddZ: looking forward to having it spread out again
[Mar 5, 9:02 PM] ToddZ: hoping weather cooperates
[Mar 5, 9:06 PM] ToddZ: we'll also be hosting Tout chats here in season
[Mar 5, 9:30 PM] admin: Who has the best team Todd?
[Mar 5, 9:31 PM] ToddZ: no idea -- haven't been tracking that closely
[Mar 5, 9:32 PM] Tim McLeod: You need some SB, Peter?
[Mar 5, 9:33 PM] admin: I'm selling steals!
[Mar 5, 9:36 PM] ToddZ: quick glance I like Ray's squad
[Mar 5, 9:36 PM] ToddZ: but obviously who knows
[Mar 5, 9:39 PM] ToddZ: how long is the broadcast, ending 11 or 12 et?
[Mar 5, 9:41 PM] Tim McLeod: Cross Peter Kreutzer off the list
[Mar 5, 9:41 PM] Tim McLeod: No trades for us this year
[Mar 5, 9:42 PM] Tim McLeod: Thanks, Todd. Great job!
[Mar 5, 9:42 PM] Tim McLeod: Have a good flight
[Mar 5, 9:43 PM] ToddZ: thanks
[Mar 5, 9:43 PM] celslagerFL: Good drafting
[Mar 5, 9:45 PM] admin: Could be a dogfight Tim.
[Mar 5, 9:52 PM] admin: Thanks Todd! Have a good trip home.