Goodbye Good Friend, Lawr Michaels

Lawr Michaels was a member of the board of Tout Wars since, like, there was a board. He has been a tireless advocate of the fantasy baseball community for a really long time. How long? He started by writing for John Benson.

He passed away today after a recent bout with illness. He died way too young.

In 2009 he won Tout Wars AL (because, if I recall correctly, his team hit an improbable eight homers on the last day), which gave him first nomination. He did something novel with it.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Good Friend, Lawr Michaels”

  1. I feel doubly bad about Lawr… first and foremost because he’s gone and secondly, because our last conversation in March did not end on a positive note.

    As others have stated, he rarely showed anger, but he did then. I was surprised and disappointed because Lawr was truly a great guy and I admired and respected him. Now, I won’t be able to tell him I’m sorry.

    There’s a life lesson here…

    If I had known he was ill, I would have reached out to him. Whoever said it’s never too late was wrong.

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