TOUT NL: Midseason Report

Ask Rotoman is here to kick some second half butt. That’s the message the frontrunners in Tout NL, Brian Walton and Nate Ravitz, should take away from this midseason report. They should be afraid, very afraid. Kreutzer isn’t in last place any more.

Granted, this is what happens when an active participant writes the midseason report. Hopped up on a two-week run that netted him something like 20 points, and brought him out of the basement and into the middle of the pack, the so-called Rotoman is psyched up by the reemergence of Lance Berkman, the chance that Aramis Ramirez won’t be a nightmare from here on out, that the heretofore worthless but free spirited Yunel Escobar will be invigorated out from under Bobby Cox’s authoritarian and crushing breath. If all that happens, it won’t be enough.

But the reemergence of Edinson Volquez, who has looked so good during his minor league rehabs, and the continued brilliance of Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay, could be enough to get this team into running. And speaking of running, what happens if Carlos Beltran actually can run a little? Rotoman’s team gets a lot better, that’s for sure. Continue reading “TOUT NL: Midseason Report”

Midseason Poll Winners

The public has voted…

Tout AL: Jason Grey 62%, Joe Sheehan/Steve Moyer/Jeff Erickson 7% each

Tout NL: Nate Ravitz 37%, Brian Walton 24%, Scott Pianowski 20%

Tout Mix: Andy Behrens 58%, Steve Gardner 13%, Doug Dennis 11%

Good luck fellas!

TOUT Mixed: Midseason Report


How did Andy Behrens open up a 23 point lead over Doug Dennis and Steve Gardner in Tout Wars Mixed?

1) Three closers (paid for to be sure) earn him all but one point in Saves.

2) A handful of $1 starters have him leading the pack in Wins and ERA, and fourth in WHIP.

3) Classic offensive construction for shallow mixed leagues had him go stars (Adrian Gonzalez, Hanley Ramirez, Jose Reyes, Chase Utley, Kevin Youkilis) and scrubs (no other player cost more than $5).

So, how did he start? Continue reading “TOUT Mixed: Midseason Report”

TOUT AL: Mid Season Report


Then try as you may….

The Rolling Stones wrote a song about losing your girl and thinking, at first, about getting over her quickly and starting to have a great time with other girls, but then… Blue turns to grey, and you have to find her. Love isn’t so easy to put aside, it turns out, even for Jagger and Richards.

Jason Grey takes the same approach to drafting pitchers. You pledge your troth, you start it up, and then you either win, as Jason has done in Tout a couple of times (and is doing so far this year), or you look to mother’s little helper for salvation. Continue reading “TOUT AL: Mid Season Report”

Midseason Polls Open!

Look in the right nav for the midseason Tout Wars poll, and pick this year’s winners!

Preseason picks were:

AL: Matt Berry 37%, Jason Grey 14%, Mike Siano 8% (12th, 1st, 4th respectively)
NL: Nate Ravitz 23%, Tristan Cockcroft 19%, Chris Liss 10% (2nd, 9th, 13th)
MIX: Eric Mack 25%, Eric Karabell 22%, Seth Trachtman 12% (12th, 13th, 11th)

Tout AL: Patience Helps Lawr.

2009 Tout AL champ Lawr Michaels found himself in May 70 points out of first place, and counseled patience. Whether it can get him to first again, it has definitely helped not to make rash changes. Read about his upward movement at