The June 5 Tout Wars FAAB Reports Links!

Todd Zola and his merry band weigh in on this week’s pickups in all the Tout Wars leagues. Be forewarned, one goofball thought picking up Dinelson Lamet and Adam Wainwright were good ideas. As the Pink Panther once said, The Goofball? C’est moi!

Mike Gianella’s Expert League FAAB Roundup is a weekly gem. Good analysis, goodly humor, an excellent analysis of Eric Young Jr. this week, with historical context. Plus details about a man named Cactus, and another man named Anthony. This week is a particularly good one. Even if you didn’t care for baseball you might enjoy it. Though, probably not.


The May 22 FAAB Reports for Tout Wars!

Todd  Zola and the merry lads at Mastersball have the words and numbers for all the leagues and let us know what happened this week. Check it out here.

Mike Gianella’s NL and LABR reports are always full of wisdom and wit. This week’s is here.

Draft Kings Picks for Tout War Daily, From the Touts. May 19, 2017

Michael Beller got off to a nice start in Period 2 Week 1 of the four-week contest. Week 2 goes off tonight.

Here are Tout Picks for tonight’s contest:


The last time Taijuan Walker ($8,400 @SD) pitched good was April 27th vs San Diego. He gets them again tonight and I’m hoping for another 10+ KO performance.

Nolan Arenado ($5,200 @Cincinnati) and Charlie Blackmon ($5,300) against Reds rookie pitcher Bonilla, and hot hitters Jose Altuve, Jonathan Lucroy and Aaron Judge.


Luis Severino ($8,800 @Tampa Bay) has 17 Ks in 56 PAs vs. the Rays lineup, which means his expected performance range is mediocre-to-great. Which is a lot better than poor-to-mediocre.

Assuming the game is played, Brandon Crawford ($3,300 @St. Louis) has hit Michael Wacha well and he’s cheap.


Chris Sale ($13,000 @Oakland) has been on fire and he is worth paying top dollar to roster him this week. Over this past 5 starts, Sale is 3-1 with a 2.68 ERA and averaging over 7 innings pitched and 11 strikeouts per game. He pitches on the road tonight at Oakland where he owns a 2.49 ERA and 0.83 WHIP on the road this season. You must be more savvy when rostering your hitters to justify Sale’s top salary at $13,000, but he can carry your team tonight. Roster Chris Sale tonight if you want to beat Lawr Michaels in period 2, week 2 of our Tout Wars DFS contest! #BeatLawr

Chris Taylor ($3,700 vs. Miami) By rostering Chris Sale at SP, I must find hitter values and I think I have that tonight with Chris Taylor. After going 0/3 on Wednesday, he was given the day off on Thursday and rested for tonight’s game. Taylor will face left-handed pitcher, Justin Nicolino tonight. Chris Taylor is hitting .381/.500/.571 with 1 HR and 1 RBI against lefties this season. He also has a 0.923 OPS over the last 14 days. Roster Chris Taylor tonight if you want to beat Lawr Michaels in period 2, week 2 of our Tout Wars DFS contest! #BeatLawr


With the big money likely on Chris Sale, I will save $4600 by leading with Alex Wood ($8,800 vs. Miami) and field a decent offense. With a 2.27 ERA, 48 strikeouts in 35 2/3 innings and back to back double digit strikeout games, Wood is finally stepping to that long-anticipated next level. Making this play even better is the arrival of the toothless Miami offense in Dodger Stadium Friday night.

On offense, my pick of the day is scalding-hot J.D. Martinez ($4,700 vs. Texas). Over his last 25 plate appearances, the Detroit outfielder is 8-for-16, including five home runs, 11 RBI and he took nine walks to boot. There should be little contest between this Martinez and Rangers starter Nick Martinez (5.04 ERA) Friday evening.


Charlie Morton ($8,700 vs. Cleveland): Morton has slipped into the Astros groove, adding three MPH to his fastball, averaging 18.7 fantasy points per game. That means pairing him with Alex Wood gives me solid arms and big time bats. The move is also a crapshoot, as I am assuming my mates will go for Chris Sale against the Athletics, which is certainly the called for pick.  But, going against the grain Week II gives a chance to jump by my mates with a good day, and still affords two more weeks to try and rectify a potential Morton meltdown.

Lorenzo Cain ($4,100 @Minnesota): Cain is having a solid year despite those around him, averaging eight points while facing lefty Hector Santiago, who has pitched pretty well, but is indeed vulnerable to the long ball.

May 15, 2017 FAAB Reports

Mastersball weighs in with reports on all five leagues, with a complete record of bids and wisdom from Todd Zola and his crew.

Mike Gianella talks about Tout NL’s moves this week, plus comments about LABR Mixed (with some Tout info as well) and LABR AL.

May 1, 2017 FAAB Reports for Tout Wars

The Mastersball crew sifts through the week’s FAAB winners and losers in all five Tout Wars leagues every Monday.

Mike Gianella gives a closer look at the Tout NL FAAB process each week on Tuesday, as well as LABR AL and Mixed.

April 17, 2017 Tout Wars FAAB Reports

Mastersball covers all of this week’s Tout leagues transactions and LABR, too.

While Mike Gianella at Baseball Prospectus tackles Tout AL and NL, and LABR mixed (which might be a little like Tout mixed).

Week 1 FAAB Commentaries

They’ve just started playing and already there are FAAB commentaries.

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September 26 FAAB Reports!

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