Tout Daily: Showdown Time!


Friday night is the final tilt of Phase 1 of the Tout Daily at FanDuel contest.

While any number of teams could finish first and pass the current leaders, the more teams a team has to pass seriously diminishes their chances of finishing in the top 3, each of whom will receive a ticket for the August 28th championship. Read all the rules for Tout Daily here.

Going into the final week, here are your TOUT DAILY leaders:

Screenshot 2015-04-30 20.22.50

If Craig Mish were to score our highest total so far, 66, he would finish the week with 178. To knock him from the championships, three of our top eight would need to top 46. It could happen, but it will be tough.

Follow all the action Friday night at FanDuel, by clicking the link:

Adam Ronis is This Week’s Tout Daily Leader!

aronneworlhedRonis also won the Week 3 of Phase 1 contest, edging Tristan Cockcroft, who bounced back after two very soft weeks. You can see all the results right here.

Ronis feasted on Gerrit Cole’s fine game versus Arizona and Anthony Rizzo’s monster game in Cincinnati, and generally good performances across the board.

Cockcroft also rode Rizzo’s mashing, as well as Michael Pineda’s excellent tilt versus the Mets.

After three weeks of Phase 1, no team has finished in the money (Top 10) more than two times.

16 teams have yet to finish in the Top 10 once.

The Top 3 finishers in the four-week Phase 1 will get tickets to the Tout Daily championships on August 28th. Ronis, week 1 winner Scott Pianowski, and Jake Ciely are currently in the top three positions. See the complete leaderboard here.

Here’s Ronis’s winning squad:

Screenshot 2015-04-25 10.14.42



Tout Daily: No one could catch Pianowski.

mbellerMichael Beller gave it the best shot, landing atop this week’s Tout Daily by Fanduel standings, riding big games from Max Scherzer, Russell Martin and Alex Rodriguez. But Pianowski remains atop the leaderboard after two weeks of play.

Three players, Jake Cieley, Chris Liss and Charlie Wiegert, have finished in the Top 10 in each of game’s first two weeks. Scott Engel has the second best total halfway through Phase 1.

How did Beller do it?

Screenshot 2015-04-18 09.20.21

Can Anybody Catch Scott Pianowski?




Find out tonight, as 36 Touts chase the leader, in this week’s installment of Tout Daily presented by Fanduel!

And get a preview of who Lawr Michaels is picking at

Tout Daily: Week 1 Results

Scott-Pianowski-YahooScott Pianowski (Mixed Auction) kicked butt in the first week of the Tout Daily contest, besting Gene McCaffrey’s (Tout NL) squad by 10.75 points. How’d he do it?

Piano scored big with Oakland’s Drew Pomeranz (17 points), and Miami’s Dee Gordon (12.5) points, and Giancarlo Stanton (10.75 points).

McCaffrey got a fine game out of San Diego’s Brandon Morrow (yes, both leaders went low end on their starting pitching) (14 points), got a monster from the Reds Joey Votto (16.75 points), and a fine game mostly in extra innings from the Red Sox Xander Bogaerts (7 points).

For his success, Pianowski gets $60 added to his FanDuel account, while McCaffrey adds $48 to his. And the two are the leaders in week one of the four week race for eligibility in Phase One of the championship contest, which is to run in late August.

Other first week money winners were: Scott Engel ($42, Mixed Auction), Jake Ciely ($36, Tout X), Patrick Mayo ($30, Tout X), Lenny Melnick ($24, Tout NL), Rob Leibowitz ($18, Tout AL), Chris Liss ($18, Tout AL), Charlie Wiegert ($12, Mixed Draft) and Rob Murphy ($12, Mixed Draft). You can find the full results of Week 1 here.

Here is the running LEADERBOARD. Bookmark it!

Week 2 of Phase 1 comes next Friday, April 17th. Go Touts!

Here’s this week’s winning roster. Could you have done better? (click to enlarge)

Screenshot 2015-04-11 21.46.41

Getting Ready for Tout Daily


The first Tout Wars Daily game, hosted by FanDuel, begins this Friday.

So far  32 34 36 Tout Wars members have signed up.

Each (plus any others who sign up tonight) will receive an invitation tomorrow to the Friday game, then pick nine-member teams against a salary cap for Friday play.

We’ll have all the weekly results here, plus analysis of that week’s winner, and the Year to Date Leaderboard, each week all season long at

The Touts are playing for $6,000 in prizes this year, plus the chance to be crowned Tout Wars Daily Champion 2015.

Please stay tuned!


Beat Zola and Rotoman on Opening Day!

Screenshot 2015-03-20 08.57.31We’re counting down the days to Opening Day, and so is FanDuel. To help promote the Tout Wars Daily game, presented by FanDuel this year, FanDuel is offering a special game on Opening Day.

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Introducing Tout Wars Daily!

Screenshot 2015-03-20 08.57.31This baseball season, Tout Wars is partnering with FanDuel for a season-long contest open to the touts in all five Tout Wars leagues. Cash prizes are involved. Rules and many more details to follow after Tout Weekend.

In the meantime, sign up to compete against Tout Wars experts Todd Zola and Rotoman in one-day fantasy baseball on FanDuel on Opening Day. It’s just $5 to enter and you can win up to $100. Enter now!