Mastersball FAAB Report July 28, 2014

As they do every week, the masters at compile and annotate an authoritative report on the week’s bidding in all four Tout Wars Leagues.

This week? Lots of bidding in the NL, where three full time players arrived from the AL.

Friday Edition: Mastersball FAAB Report, July 18, 2014

This year, for the first time, Tout Wars moved it’s transaction deadlines during the All Star break to Friday, with the FAAB Bidmeister running at Midnight on Thursday.

Although announced back in January, this led to some confusion (which Todd and Perry take on in their parts of the Mastersball FAAB Report) and some spirited opposition to the change in FAABing from a couple of owners.

The change was proposed for a few years running by the TW NL’s Phil Hertz, and adopted this past offseason. I think we all thought, Why not? It means that the week’s moves can be made after any information coming over the break has been processed.

The opposition seems mostly to be about making the break a real break, part of Week 17, not an extension of Week 16. There will be offseason discussion, but absent widespread opposition, it is likely to stay where it is.

Not so the FAAB redemption procedures. What we learned today was that the NL and Mixed Auction leagues have been releasing DL players immediately and then awarding the releasing owner his FAAB for the second Sunday FAAB run following the release. In TW AL, it turns out, released players have been held along with the FAAB until the second Sunday FAAB run following.

I doubt this has made any difference, since the reason teams release their DL players is because they’re either sad they ever bought them in the first place or they’re out for a long time. But that isn’t true before our Noon on July 17th deadline this year. At that point, the value of the redemption is cut in half (with odd totals rounded down). It was that deadline that put Phil Hertz on a point of decision.

After trying to deal Votto, unsuccessfully, he decided to redeem him. Phil gets $38 FAAB, which gets him up into the top group (not counting Gianella, who is out of this world), and Votto became a free agent. The fun thing is that no one knows if Votto is going to get back, or when. Bryan Price, his manager, seems to be saying he expects him back in a month, but when he got hurt again earlier this summer, going on the DL for the second time, there was speculation he wouldn’t get back at all.

For a team like mine, desperate for at bats and not in position to pick off any big guys who come over in the interleague trading, a bold play might help if Votto comes back at any point, and won’t likely hurt if he calls it a day at some point. But I hope not to find out if that part is true.

The June 23 Tout Wars FAAB report, from

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The June 16, 2014 FAAB Report

Todd Zola, Rob Leibowitz, Brian Walton, Zach Steinhorn, and Perry Van Hook explain and analyze the week’s FAAB bidding in each of the four Tout Wars leagues. Informative and fun, especially if you’re aware that there are $0 bids allowed in all TW leagues.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Gregory Polanco’s Promotion *and weren’t afraid to ask

By Peter Kreutzer,

For weeks there has been a lot of chatter about the Pirates uberprospect, Gregory Polanco.

When would he be called up? Why isn’t he being called up? How can a struggling team choose to save money rather than bring up their best prospect? Plus, WHEN WILL HE BE CALLED UP!?!? Dammit.

And then, just as sudden as can be, when the Pirates second baseman suffered an appendicitis on Monday, the world knew. Polanco was coming!

Screenshot 2014-06-11 15.38.28

Pirates fans rejoiced, baseball fans were excited, and fantasy baseball players who had taken Polanco on reserve got giddy. One of those was ESPN’s Tristan Cockcroft, Polanco’s owner in Tout Wars NL. Continue reading “Everything You Wanted to Know About Gregory Polanco’s Promotion *and weren’t afraid to ask”

This Week’s BidMeister Report for Tout Wars! May 19, 2014 provides personal and in depth coverage of all the FAAB moves made in the four Tout Wars leagues, this week and every week! Who bid what, and sometimes why.

(Bidmeister is the software that administers each week’s FAAB auctions at