Mixed Draft Redemption Schedule

This year, for the first time, Tout Wars Mixed Draft owners will be able to redeem the draft day “price” of a player for FAAB dollars, if a player he owns goes on the Disabled List. The rule reads, in part:

If a player who was bought in the auction is placed on a major league disabled list, 7-day, 15-day or 60-day, his Tout Wars team may release him and ask his SWAT to add the player’s auction salary back to this year’s FAAB. In the Mixed Draft league, players will be given dollar values based upon the prices paid in the Mixed Auction league. For instance, the first player drafted will take the value of the most expensive player taken in auction. Similarly, the 20th player drafted will have the price of the 20th most expensive player bought in auction, regardless of position.

The Redemption Price List can be found here.