Good afternoon, Mr. Phelps

Lawr Michaels slips down into the bottomless rabbit hole of second guessingDavid-Phelps after releasing David Phelps in two leagues, including Tout AL, just before Phelps magical rise into the Yankee rotation.

April 22, 2012 Tout Wars Transactions!

You can see all four Tout Wars leagues waiver claims each Sunday night at 12:01 am. Follow the links for each link in the right nav here at When you get to the page for your league, look in the League Pages | Transaction Logs | View Bid-meister Results for all the FAABs, claims and releases for each league.

Then read the Mastersball FAAB Report, with analysis and a closer look at all the bids.

Four Leagues,’s Transaction Analysis for All of Them

Served piping hot, right here.’s Perry Van Hook shadow FAABS the NL claims this week.

Tout NLer Todd Zola and Mastersball stable mate points out in the comments that with a four slot reserve list (plus unlimited DL slots), adding random one-week pickups like Lalli often doesn’t make sense the way it might if you could stash a more talented player away.

But we encourage Perry to continue Shadow FAABing the Touts, and I’m going to offer up some Shadow Faabs for the mixed leagues going forward. It’s a fun idea.

Foleys NY: Win Tout and they name a dish after you

Foley’s Pub has become the unofficial official home of Tout Wars. It is a baseball bar, chock full of memorabilia and craft beers. They also host the annual Touts Party during Tout Wars Weekend, and put together a special menu based on last year’s champions favorite dishes (which in 2012 had a Wade Boggs’ tilt).