Down To The Wire: The Tout Wars Mixed Draft Pennant Race

Mike Podhorzer has been in the lead for most of the year, but last week he fell behind Tom Kessenich temporarily, and has been chased by Gene McCaffrey, too. Today, after a monster week, Podhorzer is three points ahead of Kessenich, and 13 ahead of McCaffrey. He knows what his team has to do:

What has to go right for you to win?

Run support! My starting pitchers’ bullpens not blowing leads! It really just comes down to the almighty win. The category is so tightly bunched that at the moment, only seven wins separates 5th place and 12th. And only 4 wins stands between me and an additional 4 1/2 points. Of course, my team needs to also continue hitting the long ball and stealing the occasional base. I don’t ask for much, really.

 What could go wrong that would cause you to lose?

My starting pitcher’s team getting shut out…the horror! Blown saves costing my starter the win. Poor middle reliever work. A team-wide power slump. A sudden lack of interest in stealing second base. Any of these scenarios could cause me to miss out on winning and getting doused with that imaginary Yoo-Hoo shower.

Tom Kessenich is atop that large bunch in the Wins category, where seven teams are within five wins of one another. He only has one point up, however, while Podhorzer has 2.5 potential points going down. But the two have potential up and down scenarios most categories. If Podhorzer has a good week he’s going to be hard to catch, but if he stumbles Kessenich could roar right past.

For Gene McCaffrey, everything has to go right, starting with his team’s feet:

I need steals, and I need to grab a few pitching points without losing anything I have. Gardner went down, so I picked up Gose and Dee Gordon. Either can win it for me but they need to get to 1st base, ya know?