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No radio coverage of this one, but the transcript of the Derek VanRiper chat below.

[Mar 15, 2:45 PM] DerekVanRiper: Hello!
[Mar 15, 2:45 PM] DerekVanRiper: I had to prep some chicken for quinoa chicken soup…exciting times here at home in Madison.
[Mar 15, 2:50 PM] KingerThePW: What time is this draft supposed to start?
[Mar 15, 2:51 PM] DerekVanRiper: 3p ET
[Mar 15, 2:54 PM] DerekVanRiper: Very curious to see how the league adjusts to the scoring settings for today.
[Mar 15, 2:54 PM] rotoman: Hi Derek, I just gave you magical moderator powers, in case you need them.
[Mar 15, 2:54 PM] DerekVanRiper: Thanks, Peter!
[Mar 15, 2:54 PM] Chamberlain: it looks like fantrax successfully imported the scoring settings, or else the similarities are but a pleasant coincidence
[Mar 15, 2:55 PM] rotoman: You may see me here later, but I’m zonked from hearing the auction call some 280 times in the last five hours.
[Mar 15, 2:55 PM] DerekVanRiper: Totally understandable
[Mar 15, 2:56 PM] Guest7477: Very interested to see how a delayed season would affect pitcher adps
[Mar 15, 2:56 PM] rotoman: You heard it about 330 times yesterday afternoon. How did you stand it?
[Mar 15, 2:56 PM] DerekVanRiper: I played music over it during the Mixed Auction
[Mar 15, 2:57 PM] DerekVanRiper: I think the going once/going twice/sold audio in every auction room can lag a little anyway, so it doesn’t help me much.
[Mar 15, 2:57 PM] rotoman: The big thing with the pitchers is the guys injured now regain their standing, depending on when you expect the games to resume.
[Mar 15, 2:57 PM] rotoman: Very wise, Derek.
[Mar 15, 2:57 PM] Guest7477: i just wonder if the end pitch count for most big arms will be like 160 ip instead of 210+

[Mar 15, 2:57 PM] DerekVanRiper: Injured Players getting healthy, and younger players with IP restrictions will be able to get closer to the workloads of veteran workhorses.
[Mar 15, 2:58 PM] rotoman: That latter however is a little dependent on how they handle the reboot of spring training whenever that is. Those are innings, too.
[Mar 15, 2:59 PM] DerekVanRiper: The other thing that might be complicating pitch usage anyway — a lot of teams are monitoring pitches and batters faced. IP might not be as much of a measuring stick as we’d like it to be.
[Mar 15, 3:01 PM] DerekVanRiper: Getting underway momentarily (appliance-induced delay)
[Mar 15, 3:02 PM] Guest7477: Andy Behrens holding everyone back huh, grandpa
[Mar 15, 3:04 PM] DerekVanRiper: Here we go……
[Mar 15, 3:04 PM] Chamberlain: moreover, it sounds like everything is on the table, including a full season that stretches into nov/dec — which would make guys on innings limits still capped? maybe?
[Mar 15, 3:05 PM] DerekVanRiper: Yeah…that’s still an option too if they get creative with locations.
[Mar 15, 3:05 PM] KingerThePW: Yeah, Boston in November would be OOOH so fun
[Mar 15, 3:05 PM] DerekVanRiper: A virtual roar as defending champion Ian Kahn throws Gerrit Cole with the first nomination.
[Mar 15, 3:06 PM] DerekVanRiper: Based on the scoring, pitchers as a whole get a pretty big bump in value.
[Mar 15, 3:06 PM] DerekVanRiper: $42 on Cole to Clay Link (2019 runner-up in this league)
[Mar 15, 3:06 PM] KingerThePW: Where can we see the list of drafters?
[Mar 15, 3:07 PM] DerekVanRiper: Another ace: deGrom goes to Alex Chamberlain for $44.
[Mar 15, 3:07 PM] KingerThePW: Never mind, found them on the online standard page
[Mar 15, 3:07 PM] DerekVanRiper: For anybody else looking for all of the picks and participants, there is a link above this window.
[Mar 15, 3:08 PM] DerekVanRiper: Acuna goes to Ryan Hallam at $47 as the first hitter off the board. Based on some of the numbers I was running earlier today, there is a case for the top hitters to cost a little less than the top pitchers, but this league presents a unique challenge.
[Mar 15, 3:09 PM] DerekVanRiper: Alex Bregman at $33 to Ariel Cohen…a pretty big discount relative to Acuna’s price. How do you all feel about that price?
[Mar 15, 3:10 PM] DerekVanRiper: This is going to shock everybody….Clay Link lands Vlad Jr. for $19.
[Mar 15, 3:11 PM] DerekVanRiper: In terms of roster construction, it will be interesting to see if anybody tries to veer away from a stars and scrubs build. It’s particularly difficult to do that in a 12-team mixed format.
[Mar 15, 3:11 PM] DerekVanRiper: Trout for $48 to Ralph Lifshitz (+$1 over Acuna)
[Mar 15, 3:13 PM] DerekVanRiper: Juan Soto comes in at $46 to Sporer….one other important thing to note in this scoring system; stolen bases appear to be devalued a bit. Regardless of what they’re worth, a point is a point, so I would not be surprised to see big numbers on other top-end bats who don’t run (Arenado, Freeman, J.D., etc.)
[Mar 15, 3:13 PM] DerekVanRiper: Old Man Andy Behrens scoops Scherzer at $34. $10 less than deGrom, $8 less than Cole. Good buy?
[Mar 15, 3:14 PM] KingerThePW: Yes
[Mar 15, 3:14 PM] Chamberlain: agreed
[Mar 15, 3:15 PM] DerekVanRiper: Aaron Judge goes for $20 to Chamberlain. If he were completely healthy, easily a $35+ player, and maybe he recovers with the prolonged layoff.
[Mar 15, 3:15 PM] DerekVanRiper: Clay Link has pocket aces now with Walker Buehler ($42) added to Gerrit Cole (same price).
[Mar 15, 3:17 PM] DerekVanRiper: Soto at $46 earlier, Bellinger at $43 to Ralph Lifshitz dovetails with the values I setup this morning; interesting twist though (not entirely surprising) prices are coming in a little higher than projections early.
[Mar 15, 3:18 PM] DerekVanRiper: Ryan Hallam has paired an ace (Jack Flaherty, $39) with Acuna ($47)….interesting to see that Clay Link was pushing him though. Maybe Clay is chasing a third ace?
[Mar 15, 3:19 PM] DerekVanRiper: Similar to the Scherzer at $34 discount; Alex Chamberlain ends up with Justin Verlander at $32.
[Mar 15, 3:20 PM] DerekVanRiper: Behrens now has a top-end bat (Betts, $43) to pair with Scherzer ($34).
[Mar 15, 3:21 PM] DerekVanRiper: I put this out there in the chat yesterday…Jose Ramirez ($32 to Frank Stampfl)…does the shape of his 2019 season concern you? $30+ guy in auctions, late first-rounder in snakes. Are you comfortable paying up for him?
[Mar 15, 3:23 PM] DerekVanRiper: Andrea LaMont has her first buy of the day…Josh Bell at $22. Opposite of J-Ram in that he had a monster first half last season, slowed a lot in the second half. IIRC, he was going as a top-40 player in some of the in-season drafts that the NFBC ran.
[Mar 15, 3:23 PM] DerekVanRiper: The last of the typical ‘Big Three’ bats is off the board with A.J. Mass landing Christian Yelich at $47.
[Mar 15, 3:24 PM] DerekVanRiper: There it is….a third high-priced starting pitcher for Clay Link. Jose Berrios at $28. He’s spent $112/260 on Cole, Buehler and Berrios.
[Mar 15, 3:25 PM] Chamberlain: i think we are already seeing the blurring of roto and points vlaue
[Mar 15, 3:25 PM] Chamberlain: value*
[Mar 15, 3:26 PM] DerekVanRiper: Agreed….Gleyber Torres just went for $22 to Ian Kahn, this is a very unique ecosystem for pricing, as that followed Tatis at $27 to Ryan Hallam.
[Mar 15, 3:27 PM] DerekVanRiper: Both players were significantly lower in projected value compared to typical 5×5 and other formats I’ve run software for this season.
[Mar 15, 3:28 PM] DerekVanRiper: First reliever off the board: Josh Hader at $19 to Sporer. Similar to steals, saves take a pretty big hit in this scoring system. Hader does more than the typical “closer” of course.
[Mar 15, 3:29 PM] DerekVanRiper: Sporer just struck again with Arenado at $39; pairing with Soto ($46) as the foundation of his offense.
[Mar 15, 3:29 PM] DerekVanRiper: Ian just purchased his first pitcher: Stephen Strasburg at $32. $4 more than Berrios, same price as Verlander, $7 less than Jack Flaherty for the sake of comparison.
[Mar 15, 3:30 PM] DerekVanRiper: Aroldis Chapman at $14 to Ryan Hallam a pretty good indicator of how the room is reacting to the limited value of saves in this setup.
[Mar 15, 3:32 PM] DerekVanRiper: Wow, Quad Aces now for Clay Link with Darivsh ($29) joining Berrios ($28), Buehler ($42) and Cole ($42).
[Mar 15, 3:33 PM] DerekVanRiper: Liam Gallagher’s favorite player, Trevor Story, goes to Sporer for $37.
[Mar 15, 3:34 PM] DerekVanRiper: Freddie Freeman to Behrens for $38; right in line with the Arenado at $39 price for Sporer a little earlier.
[Mar 15, 3:36 PM] DerekVanRiper: Jose Altuve at $27 to AJ Mass and Yordan Alvarez ($20) to Ralph Lifshiftz…those prices and Alex Bregman ($33) might be slightly discounted?
[Mar 15, 3:36 PM] Chamberlain: i thought yordan would get money off the board but it really didn’t
[Mar 15, 3:36 PM] Chamberlain: bregman looks like great value at this point
[Mar 15, 3:37 PM] DerekVanRiper: Would have figured high 30s at least for Bregman based on the other early prices. Most of his value comes from non-SB categories anyway.
[Mar 15, 3:38 PM] Chamberlain: bieber more than scherzer!!!!!
[Mar 15, 3:38 PM] DerekVanRiper: Adalberto Mondesi at $15 to Nick Pollack is the cheapest player we’ve seen so far; Trea Turner goes for $31 to AJ Mass. The thing that has surprised me most w/Turner this winter is seeing his career-high 90.3 avg EV last season.
[Mar 15, 3:38 PM] Chamberlain: we did it. we did it
[Mar 15, 3:39 PM] DerekVanRiper: A seemingly reasonably priced Francisco Lindor ($36) to Clay Link. Clay has $64 left to spend on 17 players.
[Mar 15, 3:40 PM] DerekVanRiper: Shane Bieber is fascinating to me as a pitcher who has been so much better than scouting reports and prospect analysts expected.
[Mar 15, 3:40 PM] DerekVanRiper: Is his 2019 repeatable?
[Mar 15, 3:40 PM] Tim McLeod: I agree, Derek
[Mar 15, 3:41 PM] Tim McLeod: and I believe it is, but how do we value a workhorse type starter when we might be looking at half a season of baseball?
[Mar 15, 3:41 PM] DerekVanRiper: Cleveland’s “other” ace, Mike Clevinger, goes to Frank Stampfl here for $32. Nice value.
[Mar 15, 3:42 PM] Tim McLeod: Those starters that were projected originally for 120-130 IP are now taking on a higher degree of value?
[Mar 15, 3:42 PM] DerekVanRiper: The gap narrows between the high-volume starters and the pack a bit, but if he’s going to keep something close to that 25% K-BB%, he’s a machine.
[Mar 15, 3:43 PM] DerekVanRiper: Roberto Osuna goes for $10 to AJ Mass….$4 less than Chapman. I’m not even sure I’d buy any closers in this format.
[Mar 15, 3:44 PM] Tim McLeod: I don’t think I would
[Mar 15, 3:44 PM] Chamberlain: it’s hard to know if we are still transfixed on last year’s weird format, where RPs were legit more reliable than SPs
[Mar 15, 3:45 PM] DerekVanRiper: Ian adds a second starting pitcher with Tyler Glasnow ($22) to pair with Stras ($32). The smaller the league size, the more interest in a high-ceiling starter with a somewhat troubling injury-shortened 2019?
[Mar 15, 3:46 PM] DerekVanRiper: It also helps to be a strong FAAB/waiver-wire manager if you’re going to take on added risk in a draft or auction. Having played against Ian in a few other leagues, he’s very good at churning.
[Mar 15, 3:46 PM] DerekVanRiper: German Marquez at $15 to Ariel Cohen…imagine telling fantasy baseball Twitter a year ago that we’d see that price.
[Mar 15, 3:47 PM] DerekVanRiper: J.D. Martinez to Alex for $40….great building block bat in this format.
[Mar 15, 3:48 PM] Chamberlain: a little surprised i couldn’t get him about $5 cheaper, but probably shouldn’t be
[Mar 15, 3:48 PM] DerekVanRiper: First catcher to Ralph Lifshiftz as J.T. Realmuto goes for $23…pretty close to the value I saw on him this AM; not seeing many players close to the projections yet.
[Mar 15, 3:49 PM] DerekVanRiper: Anthony Rendon at $32 to Andrea LaMont looks like a very strong buy relative to the prices we’ve had so far on the top-end hitters.
[Mar 15, 3:50 PM] DerekVanRiper: Ralph gets his first pitcher with Blake Snell at $25…$3 less than Berrios. Thoughts?
[Mar 15, 3:51 PM] DerekVanRiper: Still three of 12 teams with at least $200 to spend: Nick Pollack, Andrea Lamont & Ariel Cohen
[Mar 15, 3:51 PM] Tim McLeod: Lot of health risk
[Mar 15, 3:51 PM] Tim McLeod: do you reduce that risk when facing a shortened season?
[Mar 15, 3:51 PM] DerekVanRiper: Marcus Stroman at $15 to Ralph — this is in line with the valuation bump starting pitchers receive in the scoring system this year.
[Mar 15, 3:52 PM] DerekVanRiper: I think a shortened-season brings us more variance…and the individual and team levels.
[Mar 15, 3:53 PM] DerekVanRiper: Paul Goldschmidt for $25 to Andy Behrens is pretty interesting Josh Bell at $22 to Andrea earlier is the only other first baseman from that tier to go so far.
[Mar 15, 3:55 PM] DerekVanRiper: Ian now has his third starter…Kershaw ($29) to go with Strasburg ($32) and Glasnow ($22)
[Mar 15, 3:55 PM] DerekVanRiper: Kirby Yates ($14) to Alex, in line with the discounts on the closer pool to this point. $4-6 off seems pretty typical.
[Mar 15, 3:56 PM] DerekVanRiper: Jorge Soler goes for $19 to Andrea Lamont. Generally speaking, is he a player you’re buying into for 2020?
[Mar 15, 3:57 PM] DerekVanRiper: The people’s sleeper — Dinelson Lamet, also goes to Andrea for $12. A little surprised that number didn’t get pushed up a bit.
[Mar 15, 3:58 PM] DerekVanRiper: Sporer is out here stacking Rockies. Blackmon at $30 to go with Story ($37) and Arenado ($39).
[Mar 15, 3:59 PM] DerekVanRiper: Ian has another bat…Pete Alonso for $27. Curious to see how older players with similar projections are treated as we move along.
[Mar 15, 4:01 PM] DerekVanRiper: Clay Link is back in the fray with Austin Meadows at $26; $38 remaining for 16 players. I’d like to see a room of 12 Clays auctioning against each other.
[Mar 15, 4:02 PM] DerekVanRiper: Luis Robert goes for a cool $16 to Ryan Hallam.
[Mar 15, 4:02 PM] DerekVanRiper: Totally understandable why he’d be more reasonably priced here, but in straight 5×5 roto, what’s your number?
[Mar 15, 4:03 PM] DerekVanRiper: Manny Machado goes to Ian for $24…very balanced with three hitters and three pitchers so far; $104 left to spend for 17 players.
[Mar 15, 4:04 PM] DerekVanRiper: Aaron Nola goes for $24 to Andrea Lamont….IP and QS being factors here give him a little bump. Is he more 2017/2019, or 2018 this year in terms of ratios?
[Mar 15, 4:05 PM] DerekVanRiper: Back-to-back, Andrea also gets Patrick Corbin for $26.
[Mar 15, 4:06 PM] DerekVanRiper: Zack Greinke at $29, for comparison; just went to AJ Mass.
[Mar 15, 4:06 PM] DerekVanRiper: Has Ian nominated closers each of the last four turns?
[Mar 15, 4:07 PM] DerekVanRiper: Nick Pollack checks in with a $10 Brad Hand purchase.
[Mar 15, 4:07 PM] DerekVanRiper: Kenley Jansen goes for $7, despite going to Driveline this winter. AJ Mass with the buy. Cheaper than the other closers so far.
[Mar 15, 4:08 PM] Tim McLeod: Ian trying to take some money off the table?
[Mar 15, 4:08 PM] DerekVanRiper: Might just be calling timeouts…he hasn’t bought any of them.
[Mar 15, 4:09 PM] DerekVanRiper: Ian did just buy Shohei Ohtani the hitter for $10….Ohtani is two separate players in Tout Wars.
[Mar 15, 4:09 PM] Tim McLeod: is the pitcher owned yet, Derek?
[Mar 15, 4:09 PM] DerekVanRiper: (He is not.)
[Mar 15, 4:09 PM] Tim McLeod: Thanks
[Mar 15, 4:10 PM] DerekVanRiper: Ariel Cohen gets Rhys Hoskins for $18 — good bounceback buy?
[Mar 15, 4:10 PM] Tim McLeod: How much did Josh Bell go for?
[Mar 15, 4:10 PM] DerekVanRiper: 22
[Mar 15, 4:11 PM] DerekVanRiper: Matt Olson just went for $26 to Hallam….Alonso at $27 vs. Olson at $26.
[Mar 15, 4:12 PM] Tim McLeod: I think Olson could hit more HR than Alonso this year
[Mar 15, 4:12 PM] Tim McLeod: too bold?
[Mar 15, 4:12 PM] DerekVanRiper: A very odd, slow climb to $19 for Javier Baez. Old Man Behrens is at it again.
[Mar 15, 4:12 PM] DerekVanRiper: Nah, I think there are a few people out there pushing Olson as a sneaky HR leader bet.
[Mar 15, 4:13 PM] Tim McLeod: After watching Alonso in the AFL I thought SP would beat him up inside. Didn’t appear to work out that way last year
[Mar 15, 4:13 PM] DerekVanRiper: Andrea now has four SPs, Trevor Bauer just added ($25) to Corbin ($26), Nola ($24) and Lamet ($12)….a lot of IP and QS potential in that bunch.
[Mar 15, 4:13 PM] Tim McLeod: definitely
[Mar 15, 4:13 PM] Tim McLeod: I like that rotation a lot
[Mar 15, 4:14 PM] DerekVanRiper: highest priced bat — Rendon at $32. Very nice start overall; she also has Soler ($19) and Bell ($22).
[Mar 15, 4:14 PM] Tim McLeod: Agreed
[Mar 15, 4:15 PM] Chamberlain: that edwin diaz buy could be huge
[Mar 15, 4:15 PM] DerekVanRiper: Behrens, the industry’s Abe Froman, gets another Cub. $26 on Kris Bryant…he’s been fairly priced or underpriced in every room I’ve seen this season.
[Mar 15, 4:15 PM] DerekVanRiper: A new low price for closers…Edwin Diaz at $6 to AJ Mass.
[Mar 15, 4:15 PM] KingerThePW: Lamont just jumping on SPs
[Mar 15, 4:16 PM] DerekVanRiper: A potential SP bargain to Frank Stampfl; Lucas Giolito at $20.
[Mar 15, 4:18 PM] DerekVanRiper: Gary Sanchez at $17 seems very reasonable; a somewhat full freight on Anthony Rizzo at $29, who like KB, is often underpriced, MO.
[Mar 15, 4:20 PM] DerekVanRiper: Keston Hiura at $19 to Sporer….probably Brewer fan bias here, but that seems like a slick buy. K% needs to come down, but his hit tool should be good enough to make that happen.
[Mar 15, 4:21 PM] DerekVanRiper: Nick Anderson pops up at $13 to AJ Mass; Taylor Rogers went for $8 a few players ago. Would you take Anderson or The Field to lead the Rays in saves this season?
[Mar 15, 4:21 PM] Joel Henard: any audio or video going on this draft? My wife is watching Frozen 2
[Mar 15, 4:22 PM] DerekVanRiper: No SXM; I didn’t start a stream for this one, but I’m typing a lot of stuff 🙂
[Mar 15, 4:22 PM] Tim McLeod: Time to get some laundry done, like a months worth. Great job, Derek!
[Mar 15, 4:22 PM] DerekVanRiper: Glad you made it back home safely, Tim!
[Mar 15, 4:23 PM] Tim McLeod: Thanks!! Me too.
[Mar 15, 4:25 PM] DerekVanRiper: Bo Bichette at $20 to AJ Mass…right in the same neighborhood as Hiura.
[Mar 15, 4:26 PM] DerekVanRiper: Any dynasty preference between Bichette and Hiura?
[Mar 15, 4:26 PM] DerekVanRiper: Ariel Cohen gets one of the best remaining SPs with Chris Paddack at $26. Still has $135 left to spend.
[Mar 15, 4:27 PM] DerekVanRiper: Victor Robles goes to Ryan Hallam for $20. $20 seems to be the line for the young, promising bats that we usually see in the Pick 50-75 overall range.
[Mar 15, 4:28 PM] DerekVanRiper: AJ Mass gets Syndergaard for $21…was 2019 the healthy floor?
[Mar 15, 4:30 PM] DerekVanRiper: Ken Giles at $5 to Ariel Cohen;
[Mar 15, 4:30 PM] DerekVanRiper: Wow, Yoan Moncada at $15 to Ian Kahn….arguably the best value buy of the day so far.
[Mar 15, 4:31 PM] DerekVanRiper: Moncada was one of the last very good players nominated in the Mixed Auction yesterday and Bret Sayre got a huge bargain there too. I think it’s just a coincidence, but is there something giving the masses pause with Moncada?
[Mar 15, 4:31 PM] DerekVanRiper: A short 15-minute break for everyone to refill beverages, etc.
[Mar 15, 4:35 PM] DerekVanRiper: Looking at the results so far, any foundations that you really like?
[Mar 15, 4:44 PM] DerekVanRiper: (We’ll be back underway here in about 30 seconds)
[Mar 15, 4:45 PM] DerekVanRiper: I believe we’re now 30% done with the auction, and probably quite a bit more than that time-wise since a lot of money has been spent.
[Mar 15, 4:46 PM] DerekVanRiper: Biggest remaining budgets: (Stampfl $149, Cohen $130, Pollack $128, Chamberlain $110)
[Mar 15, 4:47 PM] DerekVanRiper: Make that $107 for Ariel; $23 for Luis Castillo, which seems reasonable.
[Mar 15, 4:48 PM] DerekVanRiper: George Springer at $29 to Frank…added to J-Ram ($32), Bogaerts (27), Clevinger (32) and Giolito (20).
[Mar 15, 4:49 PM] DerekVanRiper: A few of the best available hitters remaining: Starling Marte, Whit Merrifield, Eloy Jimenez, Giancarlo Stanton, Max Muncy, DJ LeMahieu, Jeff McNeil, Nelson Cruz, Josh Donaldson, Eugenio Suarez
[Mar 15, 4:50 PM] DerekVanRiper: Best available pitchers: Charlie Morton, Brandon Woodruff, Mike Soroka, Corey Kluber, Frankie Montas, Jesus Luzuardo, Chris Sale, Sonny Gray
[Mar 15, 4:51 PM] DerekVanRiper: Buster Posey goes for $3 as Clay Link begins his pursuit of several inexpensive players to go with the Quad Ace + Lindor-Meadows-Vlad Jr. core
[Mar 15, 4:51 PM] DerekVanRiper: There goes Josh Donaldson for $21 to Alex Chamberlain. Could see him return $30 in this format.
[Mar 15, 4:52 PM] DerekVanRiper: #BombaSquad
[Mar 15, 4:52 PM] Chamberlain: i am only selecting players i think you will compliment me for
[Mar 15, 4:53 PM] DerekVanRiper: Good plan.
[Mar 15, 4:53 PM] DerekVanRiper: Your team is good, and there is still plenty of talent to spend on.
[Mar 15, 4:54 PM] Chamberlain: agreed on the second part; taking a wait-and-see approach because wallets are bleeding dry more quickly than the talent
[Mar 15, 4:54 PM] DerekVanRiper: Eugenio Suarez at $19 to Pollack was a nice buy as well. The interesting thing with rooms that spend up a lot early, is seeing how disciplined the teams waiting it out can be.
[Mar 15, 4:54 PM] DerekVanRiper: Jeff Zimmerman did that well yesterday, I thought (shocker).
[Mar 15, 4:54 PM] Chamberlain: that’s his wheelhouse
[Mar 15, 4:55 PM] DerekVanRiper: Starling Marte at $16…a sign of the format, really.
[Mar 15, 4:56 PM] DerekVanRiper: Andrea gets another starting pitcher; Charlie Morton at $25….six rostered already. 11 hitters and 3 pitchers to go, $62 to get there.
[Mar 15, 4:57 PM] DerekVanRiper: Woodruff at $13 to Ralph Lifshitz…similar to how I felt about the Moncada buy just before the break.
[Mar 15, 4:57 PM] DerekVanRiper: Pollack adds Zack Wheeler at 18….Wheeler at 18 — or — Woodruff at 13?
[Mar 15, 4:58 PM] DerekVanRiper: Continuing the trend of teams with money using it wisely; Sonny Gray at $13 to Pollack.
[Mar 15, 5:01 PM] DerekVanRiper: Clay Link pulled $15 out of his couch cushions during the break, added Jesus Luzardo with it. I’m not even mad, I’m impressed.
[Mar 15, 5:01 PM] DerekVanRiper: Clay now has $20 left for $14 players. I’d love to see him max bid on someone in the next few minutes and go about it with 13 $1 players.
[Mar 15, 5:02 PM] Chamberlain: don’t tempt him
[Mar 15, 5:04 PM] DerekVanRiper: Ozuna ($16) and E. Rosario ($15) to Ariel Cohen…chipping away at his total. Now at $76 for 14; Ryan Hallam scooping Matt Chapman at $16 looks good too. On the short list of max PT guys because of his defense.
[Mar 15, 5:04 PM] DerekVanRiper: Tim Anderson ($8) and Jonathan Villar ($7) if you’re just joining us; steals are wayyyyyy less of a priority in any points league, but even moreso in this one.
[Mar 15, 5:07 PM] DerekVanRiper: Carlos Santana climbing almost exclusively in $1 increments goes to Frank Stampfl at $21…a big riser in this setup.
[Mar 15, 5:09 PM] DerekVanRiper: Lynn at $15 to Ralph, Gallen at $10 to Nick Pollack as second and third-tier SPs roll in
[Mar 15, 5:11 PM] DerekVanRiper: DJ LeMahieu ($17) to Frank; always wonder how he’ll be valued compared to Jeff McNeil this season.
[Mar 15, 5:13 PM] DerekVanRiper: Max Muncy at $19 to Alex….also ends up priced similar to LeMahieu and McNeil, even though he makes that value in a different way. Flexibility is really nice, 1B/2B/3B for Muncy and LeMahieu; nice way to counteract having a UT-only player.
[Mar 15, 5:13 PM] Chamberlain: are you foreshadowing my acquisition of a UT-only player
[Mar 15, 5:14 PM] DerekVanRiper: I think you did that a bit earlier 🙂
[Mar 15, 5:14 PM] Chamberlain: 😉
[Mar 15, 5:14 PM] Chamberlain: i would NEVER!
[Mar 15, 5:14 PM] DerekVanRiper: Chris Sale at $7 to Ian Kahn….why not at that price?
[Mar 15, 5:16 PM] Chamberlain: heyooooooo
[Mar 15, 5:16 PM] DerekVanRiper: Mitch Garver at $9 to Sporer looks nice, more PT this year with Castro gone, Underlying numbers (as they were for most Minnesota bats) were really good last year.
[Mar 15, 5:16 PM] DerekVanRiper: And there it is….$16 on Cruz.
[Mar 15, 5:16 PM] DerekVanRiper: For Alex.
[Mar 15, 5:17 PM] DerekVanRiper: Another catcher bargain…Grandal goes to Ariel for $12.
[Mar 15, 5:18 PM] Chamberlain: i like benny here
[Mar 15, 5:18 PM] DerekVanRiper: $9 for Beintendi, definitely. Another buy for Ariel.
[Mar 15, 5:19 PM] DerekVanRiper: Three in a row, as he adds E-Rod too. ($10)
[Mar 15, 5:20 PM] DerekVanRiper: Bargain City at this point, given the amount of money spent already…..
[Mar 15, 5:21 PM] Chamberlain: i am compelled to comment on everyone, but you’re right, it’s just value galore
[Mar 15, 5:21 PM] DerekVanRiper: J. Abreu ($15) to Mass, Julio Urias to Ian ($7), A. Rosario ($4) to Hallam.
[Mar 15, 5:24 PM] DerekVanRiper: After a long battle between Andrea, Ian and Alex…Kyle Schwarber goes to Alex for $17.
[Mar 15, 5:25 PM] DerekVanRiper: Carlos Martinez for $6 to Nick Pollack; Corey Kluber for $10 to Ian….can Kluber go back to being pre-2019 Klubot?
[Mar 15, 5:26 PM] DerekVanRiper: Two teams down to single-digit max bids (Hallam and Clay)
[Mar 15, 5:28 PM] Chamberlain: down to about $400 for about 140 players
[Mar 15, 5:28 PM] DerekVanRiper: Carlos Correa goes to Ralph for $10….Neris at $6 to Pollack, Edman at $4 to AJ prior to that.
[Mar 15, 5:28 PM] DerekVanRiper: Mostly $5 and under now.
[Mar 15, 5:29 PM] DerekVanRiper: Clay snuck in there with a $7 bid on Boyd, but Ariel pushed it to $8 for the sale.
[Mar 15, 5:30 PM] DerekVanRiper: Even in the wild west that is this auction, Corey Seager ($9) in the same range as Correa ($10)…if you can only have one, who do you prefer?
[Mar 15, 5:31 PM] DerekVanRiper: Aaron Civale to Clay for $5, still has a max bid > $1 (3, for now)
[Mar 15, 5:33 PM] DerekVanRiper: Soroka at $13 is nice, especially in a league where the relative value of Ks is lightened up (Stampfl on that purchase)
[Mar 15, 5:36 PM] DerekVanRiper: Everybody is under $50 left.
[Mar 15, 5:36 PM] DerekVanRiper: I lost my chat history. Accidentally closed this tab, apologies if I didn’t acknowledge something from the last minute or two.
[Mar 15, 5:36 PM] Chamberlain: you’re good
[Mar 15, 5:37 PM] Chamberlain: pham $11, carrasco $6, mercado $5 — hard not to keep drooling
[Mar 15, 5:38 PM] DerekVanRiper: It would be cool if there was an auction sheet/program that just pulled money off a player at the bottom end of the pool every time people overpaid early.
[Mar 15, 5:38 PM] DerekVanRiper: Fried at $8 to Ariel; Jorge Polanco at $8, also to Ariel.
[Mar 15, 5:38 PM] Chamberlain: i keep dynamic values in my spreadsheet and have watched everyone plummet as we overbid early on
[Mar 15, 5:40 PM] DerekVanRiper: The RotoWire software has an inflation button that makes adjustments for you too….just watching those numbers slide while money flies early would be a fun visual.
[Mar 15, 5:41 PM] DerekVanRiper: Montas at $6 (Stampfl), Contreras at $6 (Ian) and Voit at $5 (Sporer) among the recent buys all very cheap.
[Mar 15, 5:41 PM] DerekVanRiper: At this point, it’s easy to see that Clay’s early spending isn’t going to have a negative impact on his roster.
[Mar 15, 5:42 PM] DerekVanRiper: An abundance of talent remaining, all cheap.
[Mar 15, 5:43 PM] DerekVanRiper: Moose Tacos, $12, Chamberlain
[Mar 15, 5:43 PM] Chamberlain: i actually don’t think i like that one much, just because of how cheap everyone else has been!
[Mar 15, 5:44 PM] Chamberlain: significantly less leverage via max bid now
[Mar 15, 5:44 PM] DerekVanRiper: Fewer times you can get to $3-5
[Mar 15, 5:44 PM] DerekVanRiper: it still might not make a big difference
[Mar 15, 5:44 PM] Chamberlain: if i got him at that price an hour and a half ago, i would’ve done a fist pump, so, eh!
[Mar 15, 5:44 PM] DerekVanRiper: maybe a little more impact on you with 13 spots left to fill though…you and Clay tied with the most to cover.
[Mar 15, 5:46 PM] DerekVanRiper: Would you have rather had Jeff McNeil for $10? (the price was $9 to Mass)
[Mar 15, 5:46 PM] Chamberlain: i like moose more for $12
[Mar 15, 5:46 PM] DerekVanRiper: Kyle Hendricks for $6 when Soroka was $13 like 20 minutes ago is pretty sweet.
[Mar 15, 5:46 PM] DerekVanRiper: Khris Davis for $3 is always sweet.
[Mar 15, 5:46 PM] Chamberlain: but we’re splitting hairs and the flexibility would be nice right now
[Mar 15, 5:47 PM] Chamberlain: davis at $3 is like cruz for free last year. unreal
[Mar 15, 5:47 PM] DerekVanRiper: Brantley at $7, LOL (Pollack)
[Mar 15, 5:49 PM] DerekVanRiper: $1 Diego Castillo….I like him as the dart for non-Anderson people in the Tampa Bay bullpen.
[Mar 15, 5:50 PM] DerekVanRiper: Nobody has reached the $1 max bid threshold, yet. Andrea and Frank quietly maneuvering for the hammer.
[Mar 15, 5:51 PM] Chamberlain: i’m desperately trying to find players who i think those hammer-havin’ folks might want to hammer for
[Mar 15, 5:52 PM] DerekVanRiper: If this were Mario Kart, you would be looking for a banana peel.
[Mar 15, 5:52 PM] Chamberlain: i think you
[Mar 15, 5:52 PM] Chamberlain: are assuming i am somewhere in front, where i am probably getting a red shell because i am so far behind
[Mar 15, 5:52 PM] DerekVanRiper: There goes one….$13 for Castellanos
[Mar 15, 5:52 PM] DerekVanRiper: Touche
[Mar 15, 5:54 PM] DerekVanRiper: David Price goes for $5 to Frank; love his setup in Los Angeles.
[Mar 15, 5:56 PM] Chamberlain: wow, andujar. of course it
[Mar 15, 5:56 PM] Chamberlain: is clay!
[Mar 15, 5:56 PM] DerekVanRiper: $1 Andujar. Amazing.
[Mar 15, 5:56 PM] DerekVanRiper: I think he would have pushed to $3 there, FWIW.
[Mar 15, 5:57 PM] DerekVanRiper: AJ Mass down to four $1 players.
[Mar 15, 5:57 PM] Chamberlain: so i accidentally price enforced on lourdes and almost had a heart attack
[Mar 15, 5:57 PM] Chamberlain: although at $4 i could have done worse. but…… not in the plan!
[Mar 15, 5:57 PM] DerekVanRiper: LOL
[Mar 15, 5:58 PM] DerekVanRiper: dollars are precious at this point
[Mar 15, 5:58 PM] DerekVanRiper: Old Man Behrens is a crafty vet, opens Narvaez at $2, gets him at $2.
[Mar 15, 5:58 PM] DerekVanRiper: Ramon Laureano at $5….this auction (and yesterday’s Mixed) has me wondering if we need to re-shape our tools for roster building.
[Mar 15, 6:00 PM] DerekVanRiper: Sean Manaea for $2 to Hallam closes out this portion; one last break before we finish it up.
[Mar 15, 6:09 PM] DerekVanRiper: How’s everybody feeling?
[Mar 15, 6:16 PM] Chamberlain: i love where i’m at but taking aaron judge at a discount so early changed the trajectory of how much of a hammer i do (or currently do not) have
[Mar 15, 6:16 PM] Chamberlain: i haven’t had a ton of time to pore over everyone’s teams yet
[Mar 15, 6:17 PM] DerekVanRiper: Welcome to the $5 James Paxton portion of the auction; Solak at $1, Yadi at $2 the other buys since we started back up.
[Mar 15, 6:17 PM] DerekVanRiper: All teams under $20.
[Mar 15, 6:19 PM] DerekVanRiper: $4 Maeda to Alex, $3 J-Up to Ian, $3 Akiyama to Andrea
[Mar 15, 6:19 PM] DerekVanRiper: Pollack has the highest max bid ($9).
[Mar 15, 6:19 PM] DerekVanRiper: $2 Cutch…
[Mar 15, 6:22 PM] DerekVanRiper: Obviously, it’s a sea of nice players at nice prices at this point. Thank You to everyone who has been following along and chiming in this weekend. Any other thoughts or questions as this wraps up?
[Mar 15, 6:24 PM] DerekVanRiper: Miguel Sano at $3…in a league where power output drives so much of the hitter value.
[Mar 15, 6:25 PM] DerekVanRiper: Clay will have 11 $1 players after going to $3 on Choo.
[Mar 15, 6:27 PM] Chamberlain: that killed me; i’ve been eyeing choo all draft
[Mar 15, 6:27 PM] Chamberlain: i wasn’t sure if clay would go over the top for his final bucks
[Mar 15, 6:27 PM] DerekVanRiper: thought he might string a few $2s in there
[Mar 15, 6:31 PM] DerekVanRiper: $1 Didi should play nicely.
[Mar 15, 6:31 PM] DerekVanRiper: $4 Justin Turner to Andrea is a nice pickup as well.
[Mar 15, 6:34 PM] DerekVanRiper: Luke Weaver at $3 to Nick Pollack stands out here as well.
[Mar 15, 6:36 PM] DerekVanRiper: I’m going to sign off shortly, thanks again for engaging, folks. Good luck — and stay safe out there!
[Mar 15, 6:36 PM] Chamberlain: you too, derek. take care, and thanks for hosting
[Mar 15, 6:39 PM] DerekVanRiper: The final comment is: Byron Buxton for $1. Unreal. Give Frank the title now.