Announcing the 2016 Tout Wars Mixed Draft Lineup

Adam Ronis returns to defend his 2015 crown, with Rudy Gamble champing at the bit for a rematch. They are joined by Tout Wars newcomer Stacie Stern, who is general manager of Head to Head sports and a regular on SiriusXM radio (SiriusXM will carry the Draft live on Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton’s March 8 show at 8pm), and three Touts from last year’s inaugural Tout X league, Patrick Mayo, Craig Mish, and Tim McCullough.

2016 Tout Wars MIXED DRAFT

Tout Wars mandates that each year’s draft order is determined by last year’s finish. Since draft picks are not necessarily valued in the order they come, owners are polled for their preferences of pick. The draft order is not yet set, players are listed in the selection order of picks:

Adam Ronis (1000) 2015 Mixed Draft Champion
Rudy Gamble (1000)
Patrick Mayo (1000) Transfer from Tout X
Perry Van Hook (1000)
Tim McLeod (1000) 2014 Mixed Draft Champion
Craig Mish (1000) Transfer from Tout X
Greg Ambrosius (1000)
Eno Sarris (1000)
Ray Murphy (990)
Tom Kessenich (910)
Charlie Wiegert (790)
Tim McCullough (1000) Transfer from Tout X
Anthony Perri (740)
Rick Wilton (490)
Stacie Stern (1000) New to Tout Wars