Fantasyland, the Tout Wars Movie, Available March 19th.

fantasyland home pageThe wait is nearly over, with the announcement that Fantasyland, the movie based on Sam Walker’s bestselling book about Tout Wars, will premiere at on March 19th, just in time for the 2010 Tout Wars drafts. So get the word out. Jed Latkin stars in Fantasyland.

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2 thoughts on “Fantasyland, the Tout Wars Movie, Available March 19th.”

  1. Actually, in contrast to my blogmate, I did not think Ron Shandler came off poorly in the film. I think Jed was a bit over assertive and he even put me, a disinterested third party viewer, off at times. I think Shandler’s reaction to and comments about Jed, even if unflattering and critical, are fair and warranted. Like Shandler and others in the league attest, Jed seems like a nice guy, but is nonetheless obnoxious >> something many fantasy fans, including myself, are often guilty of. I can empathize with Jed because my style of play is very similar to his (albeit with less risk); I too try to aggressively trade early and often and I know how it can put others off and sometimes make them feel uncomfortable if you are trying to trade at the wrong times.

    My sole criticism of the film is that some of the scenes seem awful contrived. Its evident that some scenes were filmed anachronistically and it makes me question whether like Jed showing up were real or fabricated.

    Nonetheless, I did enjoy the movie. It did justice to the spirit of the novel.

  2. Way for Ron Shandler to be a dick. I realize the kid showing up to your house was not cool, but you’ve had something against “the movie star” since you saw his audition tape. When Sam Walker first was in the league, he essentially did the exact same things Jed Latkins did and you didn’t say anything about him. Wanna talk about someone who’s arrogant- look in the mirror

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