The Tout Mixed Lineup is Set!

This year’s 15 man league:

2010 Tout Wars MIXED LEAGUE

The draft starts at 9am on March 28th. We’ll be blogging live from Citi Field. Follow it here!

4 thoughts on “The Tout Mixed Lineup is Set!”

  1. Just thought Derek Carty would like to know his $10 Jays closer is Jason and not Justin Frasor.

  2. Admin- Thanks. I’ll be following along. I never participated in a auction. I’m doing a snake draft on CBSSPORTS. I created a “anchor” draft strategy. Sort of a all or nothing approach to categories.

  3. There will be a live blog of each draft here at, just like last year, and I hope a live spreadsheet at Google Apps to follow along with (if we get the tech worked out and then it actually works). Unfortunately, we have no public option this year. Um, I mean the draft isn’t open to the public because of catering issues at Citi Field.

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