We’ve Got Doubt Wars Winners Here!

Yes, with the end of the Tout Wars season comes the end of Doubt Wars, the game where people buy the players bought in Tout Wars (+$1) and try to put together better teams.

Only one team, The Good Doctor in the Mixed League, was able to beat the Tout Champ this year. The Good Doctor did it with a pitching staff that included Trevor Bauer, Gerrit Cole, Patrick Corbin, Justin Verlander, Blake Snell, Charlie Morton, Blake Treinen, Brad Boxberger, and Sean Doolittle. Wow!

The Good Doctor is Robert Mirshak, and he edged Tout Champ Tim Heaney’s team, which finished second.

In Doubt NL the top three teams beat the top civilian, Splinters. Steve Gardner, Tristan Cockcroft and Grey Albright repeating their order of finish, with the Splinters just behind Albright. The Splinters is Warner Lewis.

Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton, Tout AL champs, trounced the AJ Puks, who finished second with the top civilian score.  The AJ Puks were played by Mark Fass.

Robert Mirshak, Warner Lewis and Mark Fass will be receiving a collection of baseball annuals and online memberships this winter to help their preparation for 2019. But that isn’t why we play, is it?

You can see final standings and point totals for all three leagues by clicking here.

Congratulations to all the winners.



Steve Gardner Wins Tout Wars NL 2018!

In an up and down race, which saw 2017 champ Grey Albright take an early lead, lose it in May to eventual champ Steve Gardner, take it back again and open it up again through August, only to be pushed aside by Gardner in early September, and then be passed by Tristan Cockcroft, too. Whew.

Here are the final standings.

Gardner may have been challenged by three-time champ Cockcroft in the end, but he was able to hold on. And his victory was foretold by the draft day standings. He had the best auction in the league.

The closeness of the final standings may be because Gardner had a comfortable hand all season. he made no trades, and only one big FAAB pickup. That would be 707 samoleons for Eduardo Escobar, which helped, it may have made the difference, but wasn’t a difference maker.

Steve Gardner last won Tout Wars NL in 2011.

Colton and the Wolfman Win Tout Wars AL!

Colton and the Wolfman, with Stacie Stern

It wasn’t until the first week of June that Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton passed Seth Trachtman for the lead in Tout Wars AL, but once ahead they never looked back.

One week later they had a 17 point lead, by the end of June it was a 29 point lead, and they eventually won by 21.

Lawr Michaels, Seth Trachtman and Jeff Erickson round out the top four, but none threatened the famed radio duo the rest of the way.

Glenn and Rick won the AL title in 2014, too.

They didn’t win it on auction day. Here is the Draft Day Stadings for Tout Wars AL. (These are the stats the team’s opening day roster put up, as if they made no moves all season.)

It wasn’t trades that made the difference either. They made two, acquiring Eduardo Rodriguez in May and Melky Cabrera in June. So we have to look at their FA adds.

The big ones: Brad Hand, Jake Cave, Wily Peralta.

Big, but not huge. It is hard to see how this squad swung from 77.5 points to 100 in season. You can check out the standings and rosters here. I think we’re going to have hear from about how this title came about.

Tout: The Half Week in FAAB

Todd is traveling and will post this week’s FAAB charts on Friday, but here is the raw data, in case you’re interested.



Patrick Davitt:

  1. res KGiles Hou:
    1. pur JPazos Sea 15
    2. pur WHarris Hou 0
    3. pur TRogers Min 0

Rob Leibowitz:

Doug Dennis:

  1. res KMcCarthy KC:
    1. pur WHarris Hou 0

Conditional Releases

  1. rel EPagan Oak

Vlad Sedler:

  1. res WRamos TB:
    1. pur ARomine NYY 3
    2. pur JSucre TB 2
  2. rel LGurriel Tor:
    1. pur RRua Tex 12
    2. pur MPerez Tex 9
    3. pur YRamirez Bal 4

Larry Schechter:

  1. res CSisco Bal:
    1. pur ARomine NYY 13
    2. pur JSucre TB 6

Jason Collette:

  1. dis GRichards LAA:
    1. pur CPoche TB 6
  2. dis JAlvarado TB:
    1. pur JoeSmith Hou 2

Jeff Erickson:

Lawr Michaels:

Seth Trachtman:

  1. rel TFederowicz Hou:
    1. pur JSucre TB 6
    2. pur ARomine NYY 3
    3. pur DFreitas Sea 0
  2. res TWhite Hou:
    1. pur DSmithJr Tor 8
    2. pur RLaMarre CWS 0
    3. pur RRua Tex 0

Chris Liss:

  1. res CBassitt Oak:
    1. pur SOhtaniP LAA 0

Mike Podhorzer:

  1. dis IKennedy KC:
    1. pur JJames Hou 1
    2. pur SReidFoley Tor 1
  2. res MAndriese TB:
    1. pur SReidFoley Tor 1

Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton:

  1. res EAdrianza Min:
    1. pur SOhtaniP LAA 2
    2. pur JSheffield NYY 1
    3. pur AReed Hou 1
  2. res JAdduci Det:
    1. pur JSheffield NYY 1
    2. pur AReed Hou 1


Patrick Davitt: res KGiles Hou, pur JPazos Sea 15
Doug Dennis: res KMcCarthy KC, pur WHarris Hou 0
Vlad Sedler: rel LGurriel Tor, pur RRua Tex 12
Larry Schechter: res CSisco Bal, pur ARomine NYY 13
Jason Collette: dis GRichards LAA, pur CPoche TB 6
Jason Collette: dis JAlvarado TB, pur JoeSmith Hou 2
Seth Trachtman: rel TFederowicz Hou, pur JSucre TB 6
Seth Trachtman: res TWhite Hou, pur DSmithJr Tor 8
Mike Podhorzer: dis IKennedy KC, pur JJames Hou 1
Mike Podhorzer: res MAndriese TB, pur SReidFoley Tor 1
Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton: res EAdrianza Min, pur SOhtaniP LAA 2
Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton: res JAdduci Det, pur JSheffield NYY 1
Seth Trachtman: mov DSmithJr Tor SW
Doug Dennis: rel EPagan Oak



Lenny Melnick :

  1. dis TFrazier NYM:
    1. pur JMcNeil NYM 1
  2. rel PSeverino Was:
    1. pur BHoladay Mia 1
    2. pur EKratz Mil 0

Todd Zola:

  1. res CFerguson LAD:
    1. pur CBurnes Mil 17
    2. pur RMadson Was 7
    3. pur RRosario ChC 0
    4. pur BDuensing ChC 0
    5. pur TLyons StL 0
    6. pur STuivailala StL 0
  2. dis MPina Mil:
    1. pur VCaratini ChC 3
    2. pur SKieboom Was 0
    3. pur EKratz Mil 0
    4. pur RLopez SD 0

Derek Carty:

Tristan H. Cockcroft:

  1. res JHellickson Was:
    1. pur VRobles Was 1
    2. pur FReyes SD 0
    3. pur PAlonso NYM 1

Andy Behrens:

  1. res AEllis SD:
    1. pur AToles LAD 49
    2. pur JReyes NYM 21
    3. pur FReyes SD 11

Brian Walton:

  1. res JValentin Phi:
    1. pur AToles LAD 80
    2. pur JLuplow Pit 12
  2. res JPirela SD:
    1. pur FReyes SD 50
    2. pur JLuplow Pit 12

Scott Wilderman:

  1. res CSpangenberg SD:
    1. pur JReyes NYM 3
    2. pur MMoroff Pit 1
    3. pur NOrf Mil 0
    4. pur KTomlinson SF 0
    5. pur TKelly NYM 0
  2. rel JMathis Ari:
    1. pur VCaratini ChC 0

Conditional Releases

  1. rel AGarrett Cin

Phil Hertz:

  1. res CAsuaje SD:
    1. pur AToles LAD 67
    2. pur JMcNeil NYM 5
    3. pur JLuplow Pit 9
    4. pur RErlin SD 0
    5. pur ESantana Pit 0
    6. pur AConley Mia 0
    7. pur JWilson ChC 0
    8. pur RBlack SF 0
    9. pur CBurnes Mil 2
    10. pur SKelley Was 0
  2. res TomHunter Phi:
    1. pur ESantana Pit 0
    2. pur RErlin SD 0
    3. pur AConley Mia 0
    4. pur JWilson ChC 0
    5. pur RBlack SF 0
    6. pur SKelley Was 0
    7. pur CBurnes Mil 0
    8. pur COswalt NYM 0

Craig Mish:

  1. rel JPatterson Col:
    1. pur AToles LAD 11
  2. rel SCarle Atl:
    1. pur MKeller Pit 1

Mike Gianella:

Steve Gardner:

Grey Albright:

  1. dis JSamardzija SF:
    1. pur AConley Mia 11
    2. pur NCuevas Col 1
    3. pur MDenDekker NYM 1


Lenny Melnick : rel PSeverino Was, pur BHoladay Mia 1
Todd Zola: res CFerguson LAD, pur CBurnes Mil 17
Todd Zola: dis MPina Mil, pur VCaratini ChC 3
Tristan H. Cockcroft: res JHellickson Was, pur VRobles Was 1
Brian Walton: res JValentin Phi, pur AToles LAD 80
Brian Walton: res JPirela SD, pur FReyes SD 50
Phil Hertz: res CAsuaje SD, pur JMcNeil NYM 5
Phil Hertz: res TomHunter Phi, pur ESantana Pit 0
Craig Mish: rel SCarle Atl, pur MKeller Pit 1
Grey Albright: dis JSamardzija SF, pur AConley Mia 11
Andy Behrens: res AEllis SD, pur JReyes NYM 21
Scott Wilderman: res CSpangenberg SD, pur MMoroff Pit 1
Andy Behrens: mov JReyes NYM UT
Scott Wilderman: mov MMoroff Pit MI
Scott Wilderman: rel AGarrett Cin



Ron Shandler:

  1. res AMeadows Pit:
    1. pur JMcNeil NYM 8

Scott Pianowski:

Scott Swanay:

  1. res AHeaney LAA:
    1. pur CFrazier NYY 24
    2. pur AToles LAD 24
    3. pur ERamos Phi 3
    4. pur RMoronta SF 3
    5. pur SCishek ChC 2
    6. pur JJeffress Mil 1
    7. pur DRobertson NYY 0
    8. pur RStanek TB 0
    9. pur MBarnes Bos 0
  2. res WLeBlanc Sea:
    1. pur AToles LAD 13
    2. pur ERamos Phi 3
    3. pur RMoronta SF 3
    4. pur SCishek ChC 2
    5. pur JJeffress Mil 1
    6. pur DRobertson NYY 0
    7. pur RStanek TB 0
    8. pur MBarnes Bos 0
  3. res CRodon CWS:
    1. pur ERamos Phi 3
    2. pur RMoronta SF 3
    3. pur SCishek ChC 2
    4. pur JJeffress Mil 1
    5. pur DRobertson NYY 0
    6. pur RStanek TB 0
    7. pur MBarnes Bos 0

Tim McLeod:

  1. res SBieber Cle:
    1. pur LGiolito CWS 15
    2. pur DStraily Mia 6
  2. rel WAdames TB:
    1. pur ARosario NYM 6
  3. res WRamos TB:
    1. pur EDiaz Pit 5

Al Melchior:

  1. rel JIglesias Det:
    1. pur JHellickson Was 6
    2. pur CMaybin Mia 6
    3. pur TKemp Hou 6

Ray Flowers:

  1. rel RYarbrough TB:
    1. pur ARosario NYM 46
    2. pur FHernandez Sea 9
    3. pur EJackson Oak 9

Brent Hershey:

Bret Sayre:

  1. dis AVizcaino Atl:
    1. pur KCrick Pit 1
    2. pur MBarnes Bos 1
  2. res JJay Ari:
    1. pur PAlonso NYM 6
    2. pur JKang Pit 6
  3. res NWilliams Phi:
    1. pur ARosario NYM 18
    2. pur PAlonso NYM 6
    3. pur JKang Pit 6

Scott Engel:

  1. dis FCervelli Pit:
    1. pur ONarvaez CWS 3
    2. pur KSmith CWS 0
  2. dis EThames Mil:
    1. pur JBonifacio KC 5
    2. pur LGarcia CWS 3
    3. pur JWendle TB 3
    4. pur SDuggar SF 1
  3. rel MarkReynolds Was:
    1. pur JCave Min 8
    2. pur JWendle TB 4
    3. pur SDuggar SF 1
    4. pur LGarcia CWS 1

Zach Steinhorn:

  1. res CSabathia NYY:
    1. pur DStraily Mia 33
    2. pur FHernandez Sea 28
  2. res TClippard Tor:
    1. pur JJeffress Mil 13
    2. pur DRobertson NYY 8
  3. res ZWheeler NYM:
    1. pur YDarvish ChC 12

Joe Pisapia:

Derek VanRiper:

Jeff Zimmerman:

Fred Zinkie:

  1. res DMesoraco NYM:
    1. pur EDiaz Pit 6
    2. pur DRobertson NYY 2
    3. pur RStanek TB 2
  2. res GParra Col:
    1. pur RBraun Mil 2
    2. pur JWendle TB 2
    3. pur LGarcia CWS 2
    4. pur TKemp Hou 2
    5. pur DRobertson NYY 2
  3. res CMorton Hou:
    1. pur YDarvish ChC 174
    2. pur DRobertson NYY 2
    3. pur RStanek TB 2

Tim Heaney:

  1. res YMoncada CWS:
    1. pur CMaybin Mia 7
    2. pur ARosario NYM 7
    3. pur KWong StL 1
    4. pur CGomez TB 1
  2. res BSnell TB:
    1. pur LGiolito CWS 3
    2. pur JUrias LAD 1
    3. pur JAnderson LAA 0


Ron Shandler: res AMeadows Pit, pur JMcNeil NYM 8
Scott Swanay: res AHeaney LAA, pur CFrazier NYY 24
Scott Swanay: res WLeBlanc Sea, pur AToles LAD 13
Scott Swanay: res CRodon CWS, pur ERamos Phi 3
Tim McLeod: res SBieber Cle, pur LGiolito CWS 15
Al Melchior: rel JIglesias Det, pur JHellickson Was 6
Ray Flowers: rel RYarbrough TB, pur ARosario NYM 46
Bret Sayre: dis AVizcaino Atl, pur KCrick Pit 1
Bret Sayre: res JJay Ari, pur PAlonso NYM 6
Bret Sayre: res NWilliams Phi, pur JKang Pit 6
Scott Engel: dis FCervelli Pit, pur ONarvaez CWS 3
Scott Engel: dis EThames Mil, pur JBonifacio KC 5
Scott Engel: rel MarkReynolds Was, pur JCave Min 8
Zach Steinhorn: res CSabathia NYY, pur DStraily Mia 33
Zach Steinhorn: res TClippard Tor, pur JJeffress Mil 13
Fred Zinkie: res DMesoraco NYM, pur EDiaz Pit 6
Fred Zinkie: res GParra Col, pur RBraun Mil 2
Fred Zinkie: res CMorton Hou, pur YDarvish ChC 174
Tim Heaney: res YMoncada CWS, pur CMaybin Mia 7
Tim Heaney: res BSnell TB, pur JUrias LAD 1
Scott Engel: mov JCave Min UT



Anthony Perri:

Tim McCullough:

Tom Kessenich:

Ray Murphy:

Jeff Boggis:

  1. rel ACashner Bal:
    1. pur TRoss SD 12

Perry Van Hook:

  1. dis EThames Mil:
    1. pur SDuggar SF 0
    2. pur JCave Min 0
  2. rel EDiaz Pit:
    1. pur VCaratini ChC 0
    2. pur CaJoseph Bal 0
    3. pur CIannetta Col 0
  3. dis JuGuerra Mil:
    1. pur JUrias LAD 0
    2. pur RGsellman NYM 0
    3. pur LTrivino Oak 0
    4. pur CFerguson LAD 0

Charlie Wiegert:

  1. dis ABenintendi Bos:
    1. pur SKingery Phi 122

Corey Parson:

Gene McCaffrey:

  1. rel GRichards LAA:
    1. pur TRoss SD 27
    2. pur ELauer SD 1
    3. pur RBorucki Tor 1
    4. pur MStrahm SD 0
  2. dis JPaxton Sea:
    1. pur ELauer SD 3
    2. pur RBorucki Tor 3
    3. pur MStrahm SD 0
    4. pur TClippard Tor 0
    5. pur FLiriano Det 0

Greg Ambrosius:

Scott White:

Michael Beller:

D.J. Short:

Adam Ronis:

Rudy Gamble:

  1. res NGoodrum Det:
    1. pur JGyorko StL 6

Conditional Releases

  1. rel DMengden Oak



Perry Van Hook: dis EThames Mil, pur SDuggar SF 0
Perry Van Hook: rel EDiaz Pit, pur VCaratini ChC 0
Perry Van Hook: dis JuGuerra Mil, pur JUrias LAD 0
Charlie Wiegert: dis ABenintendi Bos, pur SKingery Phi 122
Gene McCaffrey: rel GRichards LAA, pur TRoss SD 27
Gene McCaffrey: dis JPaxton Sea, pur ELauer SD 3
Rudy Gamble: res NGoodrum Det, pur JGyorko StL 6
Charlie Wiegert: mov SKingery Phi OF
Rudy Gamble: mov JGyorko StL 2B



Jeff Mans:

Stephania Bell:

  1. rel TBlach SF:
    1. pur KCalhoun LAA 16
  2. rel RFlaherty Atl:
    1. pur JBell Pit 27
  3. rel HPence SF:
    1. pur JGray Col 47

Andrea LaMont:

  1. dis MZunino Sea:
    1. pur ONarvaez CWS 0
    2. pur AHedges SD 1
    3. pur SLeon Bos 0
  2. dis EThames Mil:
    1. pur KCalhoun LAA 14
    2. pur MFranco Phi 4
    3. pur WFlores NYM 2
    4. pur JBradley Bos 2
  3. dis AVizcaino Atl:
    1. pur JGray Col 13
    2. pur EJackson Oak 12
    3. pur LTrivino Oak 6
    4. pur FRodney Min 0
  4. res BNimmo NYM:
    1. pur MKepler Min 0
    2. pur KMorales Tor 0
    3. pur MFranco Phi 0
    4. pur IHapp ChC 0
    5. pur WFlores NYM 0

Howard Bender:

Paul Sporer:

  1. res TomMurphy Col:
    1. pur DMesoraco NYM 2
    2. pur KSuzuki Atl 2
    3. pur RChirinos Tex 2
  2. res MLeake Sea:
    1. pur JGray Col 58
    2. pur NKingham Pit 44
    3. pur LTrivino Oak 7
    4. pur MHarvey Cin 6
    5. pur WSmith SF 8
  3. res JOdorizzi Min:
    1. pur JGray Col 61
    2. pur NKingham Pit 44
    3. pur WSmith SF 8
    4. pur MHarvey Cin 7
    5. pur LTrivino Oak 7
    6. pur DStraily Mia 5

Michael Rathburn:

  1. dis MPina Mil:
    1. pur AHedges SD 6
    2. pur AKnapp Phi 3
    3. pur AKnapp Phi 3
    4. pur ARomine NYY 3
    5. pur ARomine NYY 3

Peter Kreutzer:

  1. dis ASlegers Min:
    1. pur MHarvey Cin 7
    2. pur EJackson Oak 7
    3. pur NKingham Pit 7
    4. pur CRichard SD 1
  2. res FLiriano Det:
    1. pur EJackson Oak 7
    2. pur NKingham Pit 7
    3. pur CRichard SD 1
  3. res BZobrist ChC:
    1. pur JBradley Bos 5
    2. pur MCanha Oak 4

Kyle Elfrink:

  1. rel KGiles Hou:
    1. pur JGray Col 99
    2. pur EJackson Oak 21
  2. dis RDevers Bos:
    1. pur SCastro Mia 57
  3. rel JBarria LAA:
    1. pur EJackson Oak 21
    2. pur RGsellman NYM 33

Justin Mason:

  1. dis FHernandez Sea:
    1. pur SGaviglio Tor 1
    2. pur TRichards Mia 0
  2. dis JSamardzija SF:
    1. pur ADeSclafani Cin 1
    2. pur TRichards Mia 0
  3. rel SRomano Cin:
    1. pur MHarvey Cin 2
    2. pur TRichards Mia 0
  4. rel DCovey CWS:
    1. pur CRichard SD 1
    2. pur TRichards Mia 0

Dr. Roto:

  1. dis KPillar Tor:
    1. pur AHedges SD 12
    2. pur MGarver Min 1
    3. pur AKnapp Phi 1
  2. rel JJimenez Det:
    1. pur JGray Col 108
    2. pur NKingham Pit 19
    3. pur TRichards Mia 5
  3. rel AHanson SF:
    1. pur IHapp ChC 14
    2. pur MKepler Min 9

Clay Link:

Jake Ciely:

  1. res TRoss SD:
    1. pur JGray Col 23
    2. pur NKingham Pit 13
    3. pur DStraily Mia 3
  2. dis FCervelli Pit:
    1. pur AHedges SD 10
    2. pur ONarvaez CWS 0
    3. pur MGarver Min 0


Stephania Bell: rel TBlach SF, pur KCalhoun LAA 16
Stephania Bell: rel RFlaherty Atl, pur JBell Pit 27
Andrea LaMont: dis MZunino Sea, pur ONarvaez CWS 0
Andrea LaMont: dis EThames Mil, pur MFranco Phi 4
Paul Sporer: res TomMurphy Col, pur DMesoraco NYM 2
Peter Kreutzer: res BZobrist ChC, pur JBradley Bos 5
Kyle Elfrink: dis RDevers Bos, pur SCastro Mia 57
Justin Mason: dis FHernandez Sea, pur SGaviglio Tor 1
Justin Mason: dis JSamardzija SF, pur ADeSclafani Cin 1
Dr. Roto: dis KPillar Tor, pur AHedges SD 12
Dr. Roto: rel JJimenez Det, pur JGray Col 108
Dr. Roto: rel AHanson SF, pur IHapp ChC 14
Jake Ciely: dis FCervelli Pit, pur MGarver Min 0
Andrea LaMont: res BNimmo NYM, pur MKepler Min 0
Paul Sporer: res MLeake Sea, pur NKingham Pit 44
Paul Sporer: res JOdorizzi Min, pur WSmith SF 8
Michael Rathburn: dis MPina Mil, pur AKnapp Phi 3
Peter Kreutzer: dis ASlegers Min, pur MHarvey Cin 7
Kyle Elfrink: rel KGiles Hou, pur EJackson Oak 21
Kyle Elfrink: rel JBarria LAA, pur RGsellman NYM 33
Justin Mason: rel SRomano Cin, pur TRichards Mia 0
Jake Ciely: res TRoss SD, pur DStraily Mia 3
Andrea LaMont: dis AVizcaino Atl, pur LTrivino Oak 6
Peter Kreutzer: res FLiriano Det, pur CRichard SD 1
Andrea LaMont: mov MFranco Phi UT
Dr. Roto: mov IHapp ChC MI

LINK: Jeff Zimmerman, two-time Tout Champ, looks at the stats teams can buy on waivers

We missed this FanGraphs’ piece from February, which uses Tout Wars 2017 stats to ask and answer the question of how many stats do teams find in their original rosters, and how much is added later?

It’s well worth a read.


Tout Wars Mixed Draft 2018 is Finished!

It was a super fast draft, completed in less than three hours. Four hundred and thirty five players were selected. Todd Zola barely had time to spell the names right in the spreadsheet.

You can see the spreadsheet, by round and by position, here.

Round ups by: DJ Short | Scott White | Adam Ronis (podcast) and part 2 | Rudy Gamble |

Projected standings are in:



Fantasy Pros

Read all the comments @toutwars on Twitter.

The Tout Wars Leaderboard is Updated!

Fred Zinkie has won the most (imaginary) money the last five years, finishing in the money for the seventh straight year! (This post originally said Zinkie finished out of the money in 2017, but that was in error.)

But Fred’s remarkable dominance is being challenged by Rudy Gamble, who has finished second, second and first in his first three seasons in Tout, and Jeff Zimmerman, who has finished first twice in his two years. They both have a long way to go however, and Zinkie keeps on ticking.

You can see and peruse all of the results, and Tout Wars history, on the newly updated Tout Wars Leaderboard.

Finally! Doubt Wars 2017 Results Are Here!

It took some time. Data had to be collected and collated and, in some cases, entered.

Rankings needed to be made.

And finally, a blog post written. All done? We now have final results for Doubt Wars 2017.

For those who don’t know, Doubt Wars is the game in which contestants choose their own fantasy teams based on the prices paid in the Tout Wars Auctions, before the season starts. For the price a player went for, plus $1, teams roster 23 player squads with a $260 budget and compete all season long in the 10 Tout Wars categories (5×5 with OBP instead of BA) using the same rosters. There are no substitutions.

When it comes to collating, the multiple leagues are joined and compared to the draft day results of the actual Tout Wars teams. For the first time this year, all three Doubt Wars leagues were won by Tout Wars owners, not surprising in a year in which Tout Wars winning owners set records for most points and biggest margin of victory.

The winners are:

Doubt Wars NL:

  1. Grey Albright, Tout Champ
  2. LynchMob, civilian
  3. Witty Puns, civilian
  4. Team 19, civilian
  5. Phil Hertz, Tout

Doubt Wars AL

  1. Jason Collette, Tout
  2. Jon Pierce, civilian and two league champion in 2016 Doubt
  3. Mike Podhorzer, Tout Champ
  4. Jeff Erickson, Tout
  5. Staff Ace Trevor Bauer, civilian

Doubt Wars Mixed

  1. Jeff Zimmerman, Tout Champ
  2. Ron Shandler, Tout
  3. Mixed Strategies, civilian
  4. Jason Reyes, civilian
  5. The Laser Show, civilian

You can see the entire results here.

Civilian winners will receive some fantasy products from our sponsors Shandler Park, Rotowire, Mastersball, Pattonandco.com,  BaseballHQ and The Fantasy Baseball Guide.

Thanks to onRoto for supporting Doubt Wars.