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Live Blog Tout Daily by Fanduel May 15, 2015

Jason Collette’s NL Live Blog is Here! About 9:00am.

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Tout Wars Mixed Auction Live Blog, with Jason Collette!

You’ll find the live spreadsheet here.
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Live Blog Tout Wars Mixed Draft: March 10 at 8pm, Done!

Results spreadsheet from is here.

Live Blog Tout Wars Mixed Draft 2015

AL Chat Transcript

Jason Collette: The auction will begin at 10:15 ET

Comment From Doug Dennis
Good luck!

Comment From Doug Dennis
I like what Derk Van Riper did in the mixed last night.

    Jason Collette: Yep – definitely threw a few people for a loop 

Comment From Guest
Beachy for 61$ in mixed, that wierd

    Jason Collette: The league rules allow you to reclaim money from the auction on FAAB $$ when a guy is placed on a DL. It was the best way he could salvage a bad draft. 

Comment From Doug Dennis
Let’s see who does what!

NY Mets:

Like if you're going to opening day! #mets #baseball #likeforlike #follow #sports #lgm #letsgomets @metshotcorner @itseyjr

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NL Auction Chat Transcript

Jason Collette: Had some technical issues in here, but we should be good to go now.

Jason Collette: Billy Hamilton goes $22 to Gianella

Jason Collette: Reminder, this is an OBP league now and batting average has been killed!

Comment From Tim McLeod
Morning Jason.

Comment From Brian
Does Hamilton’s price vs LABR reflect that change?

   Jason Collette: I think his performance in the spring is more reflective


Comment From KeeperNewb
How are you this morning Jason?

   Jason Collette: Not hungover for a change, so that’s a start!


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