Who’s Winning Tout Wars NL, Midseason 2019 Edition

Phil Hertz holds a small lead over Brian Walton as we start the season’s second half. How did the league line up in June?

June 2019 standings for Tout NL

Phil and Brian were neck and neck last month, and for the whole season.

July 1 standings.

Scott Wilderman and Derek Carty have worked their way almost into contention, and this could be a mess when we revisit next month.

The Tout Wars NL Auction Chatroom, March 17.

Justin Mason and his crew will be manning the chat.

You can see the draft room here.

Tout NL Chat Transcript 2019 is here.

Who’s playing in the NL this year?

Andy Behrens, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports
Brian Walton, CreativeSports2
Lenny Melnick, Lenny Melnick Fantasy Sports
Justin Mason, Friends w/ Fantasy Benefits, Fangraphs, Fantasy Alarm
Grey Albright, Razzball
Phil Hertz, BaseballHQ
Todd Zola, Mastersball
Craig Mish, SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio
Tristan Cockcroft, ESPN
Scott Wilderman, onRoto
Steve Gardner, USA Today Fantasy Sports
Derek Carty, RotoGrinders

Steve Gardner Wins Tout Wars NL 2018!

In an up and down race, which saw 2017 champ Grey Albright take an early lead, lose it in May to eventual champ Steve Gardner, take it back again and open it up again through August, only to be pushed aside by Gardner in early September, and then be passed by Tristan Cockcroft, too. Whew.

Here are the final standings.

Gardner may have been challenged by three-time champ Cockcroft in the end, but he was able to hold on. And his victory was foretold by the draft day standings. He had the best auction in the league.

The closeness of the final standings may be because Gardner had a comfortable hand all season. he made no trades, and only one big FAAB pickup. That would be 707 samoleons for Eduardo Escobar, which helped, it may have made the difference, but wasn’t a difference maker.

Steve Gardner last won Tout Wars NL in 2011.

Coming Up! Tout Weekend 2018

Tout Weekend is fast approaching. This year teams competing in the four Tout Wars auction leagues will need the luck of the Irish, as all four auctions are taking place on March 17. Yes, St. Patrick’s Day.

The location is Richmond County Bank Ballpark, home of the Staten Island Yankees. In the home dressing and exercise rooms, particularly.

The schedule:

Tout Wars Party: Friday March 16, 2018. 7pm at Foleys NY, at 18 West 33rd Street. Come one, come all.

Tout Mixed Auction: Saturday March 17, 2018. 9am at RCBB. Auctioneer: Jeff Erickson

Tout NL: Saturday March 17, 2018. 10am at RCBB. Auctioneer: Brian Feldman

Tout AL: Saturday March 17, 2018. 3pm at RCBB. Auctioneer: Joe Pisapia

Tout H2H: Saturday March 17, 2018. 4pm at RCBB. Auctioneer: Todd Zola

SiriusXM Fantasy Sports will be carrying live coverage of the four auctions, which can also be followed live on the auction spreadsheet (link to come), and Twitter (@toutwars).

The event will be open to a limited number of guests. If you’re interested in attending, let a Tout know. Only people on the guest list will be admitted to the park. There will be food and drinks available for purchase by guests.

Thanks to the Yankees for inviting us, and Andrea LaMont and Lenny Melnick for working out the details.

Mike Gianella Wins Tout Wars NL for the Second Time in Three Years!

That could be the headline if the final Tout NL standings at the end of the season are the same as the projected standings heading into the season. The projected standings are based on the players taken in the Tout NL auction using baseballHQ.com‘s projections.

onRoto.com, the Tout Wars stat service, offers projected standings based on rest of the year stats from two sources. In the other standings, based on Clay Davenport’s projections, onRoto owner Scott Wilderman is projected to finish first, with Gianella in second, but we should disregard those. Wilderman uses the Davenport projections to make up his bidding list.

Jonathan Pierce Wins Doubt Wars NL!

doubtwarslogoJonathan Pierce has edged out If You Build It They Will Come for the 2016 Doubt Wars NL championship.

Doubt Wars players put together dream rosters after the Tout
Wars auctions are done, pricing players at $1 more than their Tout Wars price. Draft day rosters are held all season long, and then combined with the Tout Wars draft day roster to form one big roto standings.

The team with the highest average rank in the TW 5×5 categories is the champion.

This year’s highest finishing Tout NL owner was champion Todd Zola, who finished fifth overall in Doubt Wars.

See the whole standings here.

Pierce’s team was built around big seasons from Wil Myers, Gregory Polanco, Wilson Ramos and Trevor Story, plus Tanner Roark, Noah Syndergaard and Anthony DiSclafani. (Update: This story was originally and incorrectly published with the roster from Pierce’s Doubt Mixed team. Sorry about that.)


Congratulations Jonathan Pierce!

Look for the Doubt Wars Mixed results in the next day or so.


Going into the final three days of the 2016 season, three Touts are battling for first place in Tout NL, separated by just three and a half points. The Standings:


We took a look at how many points were in play for the three teams this weekend.

On the hitting side:

Zola could gain a point in Runs, Home Runs, and On Base Percentage, and has one point to lose in OBP. (+3/-1)

Carty can gain a point in Runs, Home Runs and OBP, and gain half a point in Stolen Bases, while losing a point in Runs and half a point in SB. (+3.5/-1.5).

Wilderman can gain half a point in SB, lose two points in OBP, lose one point in Runs and HR, and half a point in SB. (+.5/-4.5)

On the pitching side:

Zola can gain one point in WHIP and can lose one point in Wins and Strikeouts, and perhaps lose half a point in Saves. He has three starts left, and the guy who is chasing him in strikeouts, Steve Gardner, has only two. (+1/-2.5)

Carty can gain one point in Strikeouts, and can lose one point in WHIP and Strikeouts and a half point in Wins. He has five starts left and is five strikeouts behind Wilderman and eight Ks behind Phil Hertz, who has only three starts left. (+2/-2.5)

Wilderman can gain one point in Wins and one in Strikeouts, and could lose points in ERA, WHIP, and Strikeouts. He has five starts left and is three Strikeouts behind Phil Hertz, who has only three starts left. (+2/-3)

Put it all together:

Zola has 92 points. If everything went right he could end up with 96. If everything went wrong he could end up with 89.5.

Carty has 89 points. Right? 95. Wrong? 85.5.

Wilderman has 88.5 points. Right? 91.5. Wrong? 81.

While anything can happen the final weekend, games can be cancelled and not made up because of the weather, or a scheduled starter might no make a start (or make an abbreviated start) because of the coming playoffs, it appears that Zola doesn’t have a big lead but is in a strong position. Still, if he falters he is vulnerable if either Carty or Wilderman has a good final weekend.