Tout FAAB Remarks for the Week of August 29th!

Mastersball hits on four cylinders (Rotoman skipped out on H2H comments, but Todd wades in gracefully) about this week’s FAAB moves right here!

If Rotoman had remembered to send Todd Zola copy, he would have said: Stephania Bell grabs the only prize that mattered this week: Gary Sanchez, the greatest catcher of all time. Rotoman is terrified of not making his innings and decided to load up on starters this week, in hopes he can get back to running out relievers in the two two-week H2H contests coming up in September.

Mike Gianella’s comments on Tout NL and AL (plus LABR Mixed) at Baseball Prospectus may blow your mind.

Tout Wars Head 2 Head Halfway Report! It’s all Hershey and Zimmerman!

Tout Wars Head 2 Head is different than the other Tout leagues.

In those other leagues, scored Rotisserie style, you look at the standings and you see who is winning and losing.

In Tout Head 2 Head, you have to look at the Head to Head records, in which Brent Hershey is tied with Jeff Zimmerman.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 11.30.50

Then, since we’ve reached the halfway point in the season, you need to look at the first half roto standings, which determine the outcome of 12 additional games. (You can see the complete first-half standings here.)

Screenshot 2016-07-05 11.33.36

Hershey finished ahead of Zimmerman in the roto standings, so he earns a first-half record of 12-0, while Zimmerman adds an 11-1 mark to his head to head score. Do this for all 12 teams and you have the combined first-half records.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 11.36.05

Hershey has a slim lead over Zimmerman, with Peter Kreutzer and Jake Ciely close enough to challenge. Then Michael Beller and Jeff Boggis have room enough to dream.

How many second-division teams will be able to move up? That’s why they’ll play the second half, while Brent Hershey and Jeff Zimmerman battle to win. All teams will be affected by 12 games awarded based on second half stats and another 12 games awarded based on the overall season roto standings.

How do our Tout Wars teams’ records compare to their major league counterparts? In other words, how are they doing?

The Leader
The Leader

Brent Hershey equals the Chicago Cubs, and then some.

Jeff Zimmerman is a supercharged San Francisco Giants.

Peter Kreutzer is the Cleveland Indians.

Jake Ciely is the Washington Nationals.

Michael Beller is the Boston Red Sox.

Jeff Boggis is the Houston Astros.

Stephania Bell is the New York Yankees.

Jeff Mans is the New York Mets.

Howard Bender is the Oakland As.

Paul Sporer is the Tampa Bay Rays.

Doug Anderson is the Atlanta Braves.

Andrea LaMont is the Minnesota Twins.

Good luck in the second half everyone!



Tout H2H: Approaching the End of the First Half

As we approach the major league halfway point, so too do we approach the halfway mark of Tout H2H. Ten of the season’s 22 contests are on the books, and Brent Hershey has a four-game lead over Jeff Zimmerman.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 16.06.54Tout H2H contests are each worth six games. Most run one week, though four (at the start of the season, midway, All Star break and the week following, and the end of the season) are two weeks long.

The winner in hitting in each contest earns two wins, and the winner in pitching earns two wins.

Ties split the two games.

The winner in overall points for the week, the WPF (for) and WPA (against) columns above, wins another two games, and the loser loses two. Ties, again, split the two games.

So, a dominant week means a 6-0 record, a terrible week is 0-6, but any record in between is possible.

But this isn’t all the scoring in Tout H2H. The league also adopted roto scoring, which would determine 36 games worth of the standings. Teams would be ranked in the 10 categories as they are in a traditional roto league, and the first place team would earn a 12-0 records, while the last place team would earn a 0-12 record. These, and those of all the teams in between, would be added to their H2H record.

There are three roto contests: First half, Second Half, and Full Season.

The first half won’t close until July 3, halfway through the season’s 11th H2H contest, but we thought it might be fun to take a look at the roto standings with two weeks to go.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 16.18.43 You can click on the graphic to see it larger. Click this link for the full standings, with category detail.

What it shows is that the two top teams and the last place team in H2H contests (so far), are atop and beneath in the roto standings, but in between there is a jumble.

Jake Ciely loses four places, Stefania Bell gains five. And so on and so on. Certainly all of this will change some in the next two weeks. The big question is whether teams will try to stack their squads, to make up points in the roto standings.

Given the six-man benches of each team, that might prove harder to do than improving one’s team’s record in H2H play. What is for sure is that each team has options.

Hershey and Zimmerman Continue to Open Head 2 Head Leads!

Screenshot 2016-06-06 09.03.09Tout Wars Head 2 Head standings are in for the week ending June 5, and Brent Hershey and Jeff Zimmerman each went 4-2 for the week, increasing their leads over an increasingly jumbled middle-of-the-pack.

You can check out all the action and see this week’s matchups at

Scoring rules: Each week teams face off with six wins/losses at stake in 10 categories. The team that wins the most hitting categories earns two wins, the team that wins the most pitching categories earns two wins, and the team that wins the most overall categories earns two wins. Ties split the two wins one and one.

Tout Wars H2H Standings Explained!

New standings are out for Tout Wars H2H. Brent Hershey, Jeff Zimmerman and Peter Kreutzer are tied for first, with 15-3 records.

This is a new league with a new scoring system, so this seems like a good time to review how games are won and lost.

Screenshot 2016-05-02 11.50.12

Last week, after the first two H2H matchups, Hershey and Zimmerman were tied at 12-0. This meant that both had won more hitting categories than both their opponents, won more pitching categories than both their opponents, and won more overall categories than both their opponents.

Hitting, pitching and overall categories won in each week are worth two “games” each.

For instance, this past week, you can see in the HIT column, that Hershey won three hitting categories and Zimmerman won two. That means Hershey won two Games for the week, while Zimmerman lost two.

In the PIT column, you can see that Zimmerman won three categories, while Hershey won two. That means Zimmerman won two Games for the week, while Hershey lost two.

In the TOT column, you can see that both Zimmerman and Hershey won five categories each, and lost five categories each, so each receives one win and one loss for that week’s games, making their records for the week 3-3.

Add that to their 12-0 records and they go into contest four at 15-3.

Here’s how the week’s other contests went:

Doug Anderson beat Jeff Mans 4-2.

rotomanisthebest-benderPeter Kreutzer beat Howard Bender 6-0. (Bender and Kreutzer had a bet on this one. Payoff was photo in front of Cafe Society in Half Moon Bay, where Howard lives.)

Jake Ciely beat Paul Sporer 4-2.

Stephania Bell beat Andrea LaMont 5-1.

Michael Beller beat Jeff Boggis 4-2.

New contests begin tonight! Here’s the schedule:

Screenshot 2016-05-02 13.58.30



Tout Wars Head 2 Head, the first games are ending!

Today are the last games of the first period of Tout Head 2 Head. Teams can win or lose six games during each of the season’s 22 periods.

  • Teams win 2 games in a period by winning more of the five hitting categories than its opponent.
  • Teams win 2 games in a period by winning more of the five pitching categories.
  • Teams win 2 games in a period by winning more categories overall.
  • Ties split the two games.

Here are the state of the current contests. The HIT and PIT categories show how many categories each team is ahead in.

A new period starts tomorrow and lasts one week.

Screenshot 2016-04-17 13.45.37











Head to Head War Breaks Out!

Howard Bender started it with an email to the league.

Screenshot 2016-04-12 11.01.23

The only problem? The first “week” of Tout Wars H2H doesn’t end until April 17th! Jake has time to recover.

So do all the other losers. Here are the standings though Monday’s games. Scoring is two wins for three or more hitting categories, two wins for three or more pitching categories, and two wins for six or more overall categories. Ties split the two wins.

You can follow the results here all week long.

Screenshot 2016-04-12 10.58.19

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