Tout Wars Mixed Draft: We have winners!

The stat service Tout Wars uses has a Toy Box, a place league member can go to mess around with different data. Like, whose team was the best over the past two weeks? Five weeks? Two and a half months.

It also allows you to create projected standings based on Clay Davenport’s and BaseballHQ’s projections and current rosters.

Tout Mixed Draft drafted last night, and here are the projected standings (click to enlarge):

Clay Davenport’s projections, good for Wilton, bad for Murphy:

Screenshot 2016-03-09 23.37.44

While BaseballHQ’s projections have a different look, especially for Murphy:

Screenshot 2016-03-09 23.39.39

Tout Wars Mixed Draft Live 2016 Live Blog! March 8 at 8pm!

You can follow along watching the Draft Room at

Announcing the 2016 Tout Wars Mixed Draft Lineup

Adam Ronis returns to defend his 2015 crown, with Rudy Gamble champing at the bit for a rematch. They are joined by Tout Wars newcomer Stacie Stern, who is general manager of Head to Head sports and a regular on SiriusXM radio (SiriusXM will carry the Draft live on Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton’s March 8 show at 8pm), and three Touts from last year’s inaugural Tout X league, Patrick Mayo, Craig Mish, and Tim McCullough.

2016 Tout Wars MIXED DRAFT

Tout Wars mandates that each year’s draft order is determined by last year’s finish. Since draft picks are not necessarily valued in the order they come, owners are polled for their preferences of pick. The draft order is not yet set, players are listed in the selection order of picks:

Adam Ronis (1000) 2015 Mixed Draft Champion
Rudy Gamble (1000)
Patrick Mayo (1000) Transfer from Tout X
Perry Van Hook (1000)
Tim McLeod (1000) 2014 Mixed Draft Champion
Craig Mish (1000) Transfer from Tout X
Greg Ambrosius (1000)
Eno Sarris (1000)
Ray Murphy (990)
Tom Kessenich (910)
Charlie Wiegert (790)
Tim McCullough (1000) Transfer from Tout X
Anthony Perri (740)
Rick Wilton (490)
Stacie Stern (1000) New to Tout Wars

Who Is Winning Tout Wars? An Overview

With a month left in the season we’ve crowned one Tout Wars Champion for 2015: Charlie Wiegert is Tout Wars Daily champion. But what about the other leagues? While you can alway check in on the standings and transactions by using the links in the right nav at, at this point it might be a good time to check in on the pennant races.


Chris Liss is having a classic Liss season, young pitching, lots of hitting, lots of risk, and is seven points ahead of Jeff Erickson and nine points ahead of Mike Podhorzer. The three have bubbled up and down around the top of the standings all season, but Liss has benefited from Chris Davis’s spectacular season, and Carlos Correa’s emergence after being called up earlier in the year. There are plenty of points in play for all three teams, up and down, for this to turn any which way at any time, but Liss is clearly the fave.

Screenshot 2015-09-06 15.02.22


Mike Gianella is seven points ahead of standing three-time champ Tristan Cockcroft, but just two weeks ago his edge was only two points. For Cockcroft, the problem has been a freefalling pitching staff, which has won just a single game in the last 13 days, allowing Gianella to pass him. These teams have lots of points in play, too, so while you have to prefer to have the lead, there is no sitting comfortably at this point. Still, Gianella has to appreciate that he was the best team in the first half and has been the best team in the second half. Now he just has to bring it home.

Screenshot 2015-09-06 15.12.23


At the halfway mark on the season Zach Steinhorn had a commanding lead, but that was before Fred Zinkie went to work. Zinkie was in 12th place on June 28, 39.5 points behind Steinhorn. From that point to the August 31 trading deadline he made 19 trades, and has taken a slim lead ahead of Scott Swanay and Steinhorn. Swanay was in 10th place on June 28th, and has nearly matched Zinkie in the second half. Meanwhile, Tim Heaney is just five points behind Zinkie, in fourth place. There’s a lot of pennant race to come in this one.

Screenshot 2015-09-06 15.21.40


Adam Ronis and Paul Greco have been near the top of the standings all year long, but their weak second half performances have given Rudy Gamble a chance to open up some space ahead of them and Eno Sarris (whose had the best second half of them all). Gambles position is pretty strong, but he’s vulnerable in Wins and the pitching qualitatives,

Screenshot 2015-09-06 15.24.53


Bret Sayre entered the last four-week contest 14.5 points ahead of Patrick Mayo and 31 points ahead of Doug Anderson. As we approach the halfway point, Sayre is 15 points behind Mayo, who has moved into a tiny lead. What looked like it might be a blowout has ended up a a nail-biter, if you’re Sayre and Mayo.

Screenshot 2015-09-06 15.34.09


Who Is Winning Tout Wars Mixed Draft on June 28, 2015?

Adam Ronis has a 12.5 point lead over Rudy Gamble, which is a big lead except for one thing: Ronis just lost Giancarlo Stanton for 4-6 weeks.

That’s a big blow, but Ronis’s team might be able to handle it. Thanks to Stanton and Bryce Harper, as well as Kyle Seager, Brian Dozier and Pedro Alvarez, all with double digit home runs, Ronis has 13 more homers than Paul Greco’s team, and 24 more than Paul Sporer’s, which is third in the category.

If there is a place Ronis is really vulnerable it just might be in starting pitching. He has two surprise closers, in Jeurys Familia and AJ Cole, but his starting staff is Wacha and Cole, then pray for Tsuyoshi Wada, Bartolo Colon, and Roenis Elias.

But so far that’s been enough to get it done. To see the rosters and transactions in Tout Mixed Draft visit the league’s home page.

The current standings;

Screenshot 2015-06-28 16.34.49

June 8 Tout Wars FAAB Reports!

The crew welcomes Mark Trumbo to the American League and and Joey Gallo to the majors. Big bidding ensued this week!

Mike Gianella’s BP report for Tout AL and NL is here.

Tout Wars Mixed Draft Final: Tim McLeod the Winner!

The official results are not official until the official stats update tomorrow morning, but the unofficial results are that Tim McLeod prevailed, moving from a Friday tie to a 111.5 to 109 victory over Perry Van Hook at season’s end.

We’ll have more when the results are official!

The Tout Wars Mixed Draft Horse Race!

Screenshot 2014-09-20 12.16.11It’s a match race. And it couldn’t be closer.

Tim McLeod has been the best Tout Mixed Draft team in September, while Perry Van Hook has been fifth best. Curiously, on September 1 Tim was in first place with 107 points, while Perry was in second with 105. Brent Hershey had a puncher’s chance back the, with 102.5 points.

Here’s what you need to know as we approach the last week (Likely possible gain/Likely possible loss):

Van Hook (+1/0)
McLeod (0/0) Tim is only nine runs ahead of Kessenich, but both have been equally productive this month.

Van Hook (0/0)
McLeod (+2/-1)

Van Hook (0/0)
McLeod (+1/0)

Van Hook (0/0)
McLeod (+1/0)

Van Hook (0/0)
McLeod (0/0)

Van Hook (+1/0)
McLeod (+5/-1)

Van Hook (+.5/-.5)
McLeod (+2/-1.5)

Van Hook (+2/-1)
McLeod (+.5/0)

Van Hook (0/-1)
McLeod (0/0)

Van Hook (+1/-2)
McLeod (0/-1)

Van Hook (0/0)
McLeod (+1/0)

Van Hook (+3.5/-4.5)
McLeod (+3.5/-2.5)

Van Hook (+4.5/-4.5)
McLeod (+8.5/-3.5)

In no category are the two leaders competing against each other. Based on his current lead and his larger potential upside, McLeod has a slim edge, but this promises to be a nailbiter.