Tout Owners Write (and sometimes talk) About Their Teams

AL: Matthew Berry and Nate Ravitz talk about Berry’s Team, Lawr Michaels recap, Jeff Erickson’s recap, Chris Liss’s recap, Mike Siano’s recap, Andy Behrens’ recap, Jason Collette’s recap, Jason Collette compares his LABR and Tout Wars teams, Rob Leibowitz’s recap, Ron Shandler’s fanalytic recap,  Lawr Michaels on strategy,

MIXED: Corey Schwartz recap, Fred Zinkie recap, Derek Van Riper’s recap, Zach Steinhorn’s recap, Lawr Michaels offers mixed league players some advice, Nando Di Fino’s notes, Eric Mack’s recap, David Gonos’s recap, Nick Minnix recap, Tim Heaney recap (strategy), Tim Heaney draft reactions, Paul Singman’s recap, New York doesn’t stay open late enough for Ray Flowers,  Ray Flowers recap,

NL: Derek Carty recap, Peter Kreutzer Recap, Peter Kreutzer Precap, Scott Pianowski recap, Steve Gardner writes a NL survey with some AL bits, and reviews his own NL team, Mike Gianella’s recap, Nate Ravitz and Matthew Berry talk about Nate’s team, Todd Zola’s recap,

Tout Warriors Toot About Their Teams

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Tout Mixed Draft 2011--Defending champ Andy Behrens and contenders at work

The perspectives of others

Tout vet Mike Salfino looks at how Yankee and Met players fared for

Enjoy some photos from the drafts

This year’s Tout NL spreadsheet keeper John Toczydlowski shares some thoughts about Tout Weekend.

The crew at made a video.

Eric Mack wishes he’d followed his own draft advice at Tout Wars.


Mike Gianella concedes Tout NL title, almost

Despite a strong push out of the basement, thanks to the revival of Alfonso Soriano and Hanley Ramirez, Mike doesn’t think he has enough horses to win Tout NL. He’ll surely be happy to be wrong, too.

What’s Not to Like?

As we pass the first month pole, Jason Grey is running away with Tout AL, Tristan Cockcroft and Larry Schechter sit atop Tout NL (with Scott Pianowski, Brian Walton and Phil Hertz within striking distance), while Andy Behrens has a commanding lead in Tout Mixed.

Perry Van Hook is in fourth place in Tout Mixed, and likes his chances of moving up.

Fantasyland, the Tout Wars Movie, Available March 19th.

fantasyland home pageThe wait is nearly over, with the announcement that Fantasyland, the movie based on Sam Walker’s bestselling book about Tout Wars, will premiere at on March 19th, just in time for the 2010 Tout Wars drafts. So get the word out. Jed Latkin stars in Fantasyland.

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