Tout Wars Mixed Draft Champion 2017: Rudy Gamble

He was in contention all year, in fourth at the end of April, in second behind Charlie Wiegert at the end of May, and in second behind Ray Murphy at the end of June, but by the All Star break Rudy Gamble was in first place all by his lonesome. By the end of July there was only dust in his rear view mirror.

After finishing in second the preceding two years, behind Adam Ronis, Gamble finally ended a season in Tout Wars in the driver’s seat.

The result was a bit of draft day magic (he finished first in the Draft Day Roster standings, slightly ahead of Corey Parson, behind a team that featured Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton, Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel. But it was some breakout years, from Mike Moustakas and Keon Broxton, plus late May trade for Dee Gordon that bumped Gambles team to slight favorite to monster.

Tout Mixed Draft Winners! Preseason Style.

Our stat provider,, has a feature that allows us to apply two sets of projections to the current rosters, and see the year’s “final” standings before the season even starts.

Gary Davenport’s projections like Greg Ambrosius and Anthony Perri:

While the BaseballHQ projections tip to Anthony Perri and Greg Ambrosius, with a helping of Ray Murphy:

It’s probably a comfort to two-time defending champ Adam Ronis (and everyone other than Ambrosius, Perri and Murphy, that last year’s projected standings had him finishing 10th and ninth respectively. That’s why we let them play.

See you on Opening Day!

THE FINAL WEEKEND: The Tout Wars Mixed Draft Race

Entering the season’s final week, Adam Ronis led the Tout Mixed Draft league with 106.5 points. Rudy Gamble was a half point back, at 106, and Tom Kessenich had 104.5 points. Heading to the final weekend Ronis has opened up his lead, but Rudy Gamble has tried to keep pace. The Standings:


On the hitting side, these leaders are mostly set. There are no hitting points for Ronis to easily win or lose.

Gamble could gain half a point in homers, or lose up to two and a half points, while he could gain a point in OBP, or lose two. Clearly a good weekend with the bat is important to him.

Kessenich has no offensive downside, and has the chance to pick up two points in OBP.

Things are considerably more complicated with the pitching.

Ronis and Kessenich are tied in wins, so either could gain half a point (or lose half), but they are just one win ahead of Tim McCullough, who has four starts this weekend. Ronis and Kessenich both have four likely starters, too, but one of Ronis’s is Noah Syndergaard, whose Sunday start will be limited to 25 pitches if the Mets have clinched the wild card slot.

Ronis can also earn a point in Saves and another in WHIP, but could lose have a point in Saves, three big points in ERA and another in Strikeouts. He’s up eight strikeouts over Tim McLeod, but McLeod is making five starts this week, so Thor’s short stint on Sunday could come into play here, too.

Gamble and Kessenich are fighting in Saves, tied with 69, and can gain or lose half a point, and within .0004 in WHIP. Gamble is the trailing team, and can add a point while costing Kessenich one.

Finally, Gamble could gain or lose one point in ERA, while Kessenich has a point to lose there. It looks like good pitching could be the differencemaker this weekend.

Where we stand going into the Final Weekend:

Adam Ronis, last year’s champ, has 110.5 points. With his best weekend he could end up with 113 points. With is worst? 104.5.

Rudy Gamble, last year’s runner up, has 108 points. His best? 112. His worst? 102 points.

Tom Kessenich, who finished near the bottom last year, has 104 points. Best? 107 points. Worst? 98 points. He’s got a tough job to pass two teams ahead of him.


THIS is Tout Weekend!

A scene from the Tout NL 2015 auction.
A scene from the Tout NL 2015 auction.

Where will the best and brightest fantasy baseball writers and broadcasters be this weekend?

Many will be in New York City, for the annual Tout Wars weekend of drafts and parties.

This year’s drafts are being held in the studio at SiriusXM and aren’t open for the public, but you can follow along live on the SiriusXM fantasy sports channel, and on the live blog and spreadsheet at

When are the drafts? Where and when are the parties?


Tout H2H: March 18, 7pm. Doors open at 6pm. Ron Shandler is auctioneer. Joe Pisapia has the spreadsheet. Mike Gianella is on chat.

Tout AL: March 19, 9am. Doors open at 8am. Brian Feldman is auctioneer. Paul Sporer is on spreadsheet. Al Melchior is doing chat.

Tout Mix Auction: March 19, 3pm. Doors open at 2pm. Jeff Erickson is auctioneer. Ray Murphy has the spreadsheet. Jason Collette is on chat.

Foley’s NY Party: March 19, 8pm. 18 West 33rd Street. Party with the pros!

Tout NL Auction: March 20, 10am. Doors open at 9am. Brian Feldman is the auctioneer. Steve Moyer is on spreadsheet. Jason Collette will chat.

The live blog for each auction will be available at, where there will also be a link to the live spreadsheet. You can access the live spreadsheet now at Until the weekend comes, nothing is happening.

Here’s the Menu of Champions at Foleys on Saturday night:



Tout Wars Mixed Draft: We have winners!

The stat service Tout Wars uses has a Toy Box, a place league member can go to mess around with different data. Like, whose team was the best over the past two weeks? Five weeks? Two and a half months.

It also allows you to create projected standings based on Clay Davenport’s and BaseballHQ’s projections and current rosters.

Tout Mixed Draft drafted last night, and here are the projected standings (click to enlarge):

Clay Davenport’s projections, good for Wilton, bad for Murphy:

Screenshot 2016-03-09 23.37.44

While BaseballHQ’s projections have a different look, especially for Murphy:

Screenshot 2016-03-09 23.39.39

Tout Wars Mixed Draft Live 2016 Live Blog! March 8 at 8pm!

You can follow along watching the Draft Room at

Announcing the 2016 Tout Wars Mixed Draft Lineup

Adam Ronis returns to defend his 2015 crown, with Rudy Gamble champing at the bit for a rematch. They are joined by Tout Wars newcomer Stacie Stern, who is general manager of Head to Head sports and a regular on SiriusXM radio (SiriusXM will carry the Draft live on Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton’s March 8 show at 8pm), and three Touts from last year’s inaugural Tout X league, Patrick Mayo, Craig Mish, and Tim McCullough.

2016 Tout Wars MIXED DRAFT

Tout Wars mandates that each year’s draft order is determined by last year’s finish. Since draft picks are not necessarily valued in the order they come, owners are polled for their preferences of pick. The draft order is not yet set, players are listed in the selection order of picks:

Adam Ronis (1000) 2015 Mixed Draft Champion
Rudy Gamble (1000)
Patrick Mayo (1000) Transfer from Tout X
Perry Van Hook (1000)
Tim McLeod (1000) 2014 Mixed Draft Champion
Craig Mish (1000) Transfer from Tout X
Greg Ambrosius (1000)
Eno Sarris (1000)
Ray Murphy (990)
Tom Kessenich (910)
Charlie Wiegert (790)
Tim McCullough (1000) Transfer from Tout X
Anthony Perri (740)
Rick Wilton (490)
Stacie Stern (1000) New to Tout Wars